Escape Room Downtown

Escape Room Downtown(坎顿)

Escape Room Downtown
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Chris S
俄亥俄1 条分享
Must go!!!
2021年10月 • 好友
Had a wonderful time, the room was super challenging yet very fun navigate. Lots of clothes getting in plain sight with many different rooms and hidden entrances
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Edward A.
2 条分享
The building needs a bit of fixing up and is quite worn down, but it was a fun experience nonetheless! I do recommend at least 4 people for the Edison experience though, but it's still fun regardless of how many you have.
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1 条分享
Fun for the whole family!!
2020年12月 • 家庭
After doing an escape room while on vacation a few months back the kids have been begging to do another. We decided to have a fun day and go to another escape room here close to the house which I'm glad we did! The whole family had a good time and we actually made it out with 7 minutes to spare!! We are already talking about going back to do another one!
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Brannan schoonover
佛罗里达维罗海滩1 条分享
2020年6月 • 家庭
Edison room was horrible boxes didnt open assistant/ guide couldnt even get it to work with her cheat sheet asked for money back got an offer to come play again today for free in another room from out of town no time 4 that never again
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I’m sorry to learn of the experience you had with us. Edison’s Lost Invention is an adventure game - NOT an escape room, and the website points this out in multiple places during the booking process. One of the crates did not open like it should have during your game (the batteries ran low - we had just returned after being closed for 6 weeks due to COVID-19.). This was unfortunate that it happened during your game. If you are ever back in town, please do not hesitate to contact me, and you will have a free game on us. - Chuck
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Douglas P
1 条分享
This was my wife and I first time any of us tried an escape room. We did the Edison Lost Invention room.We really didn’t know what to expect. We did not escape but had a lot of fun trying. We had Kelly in our room and she helped us when we asked for it and made the experience more enjoyable. Don't wait to long before asking for help.
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Thank you for your review, Douglas, and for coming to play! We’re glad to know you had a fun experience with us and Edison’s Lost Invention. It’s a challenging game with a surprise ending as you know. Kelli is a super person, very helpful and kind - thank you for mentioning her. And you provided a great tip for others: do not be too hesitant to ask for hints if needed! Hope to see you back - cheers!
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Carl C
俄亥俄Massillon1 条分享
Yes. Nice challenge
Lots of fun. We worked together as a team. Lots of information to put together in a short time. Great if you love a challenge. We didn't get all the way through but getting half way was still fun. After there is several nice restaurants with in walking distance. Arrive early to make sure you get parking. Enjoy
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Thank you for coming to play and for your review. Glad you enjoyed your game! The ability to walk to nearby downtown restaurants, taverns and shops allows our guests to continue the fun (and share their Escape Room Downtown experiences) after their game. We appreciate you mentioning this! 🕵🏻‍♂️
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Sara K
俄亥俄代顿7 条分享
Not quite like any other
This was my 4th escape room. While most I have done had obvious puzzles and locks and putting them together, this setting was different making it more challenging. Group had a great time in the Missing Dective, but personally I prefer the other style. Beyond that, the person working the desk was quick with the hints when we needed them. The reason for the lower rating was for the style, the clues we kept solving seem to keep pointing back to things we already solved. Other rooms I've done give you an hour, where this was 45 minutes. And the equipment we needed made it more challenging as they were not the best quality. So once we opted to adapt from the items it moved a bit faster.
Also our other group was in the Bootlegger room, they said the person who walked them down did not seem to explain that they could ask for clues leaving many first time players scratching their heads when they were stuck wondering around the room. But again, overall the group had a great time, I just personally don't believe I will be going back.
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Thank you for your review and for coming to play! What you describe with other escape rooms is definitely a style difference, what we could call a “linear” style of puzzling. (Unlock one lock, then move to the next lock, etc.) While many escape rooms use linear puzzling, we prefer a more immersive experience that requires participants to work on different puzzles at the same time. It does produce a bit of what I would describe as “planned chaos” at times that requires the team to have a plan on how to work together. The advantage? Everyone gets involved, the game doesn’t get stalled and the scenario feels more like real life. In other words, we feel there needs to be a reason that something is locked or hidden; people in real life do not have a series of locks that, if you unlock one, you can get to the next one and so forth. Linear puzzling is actually a much easier game design and that is why we see it used more in the escape room industry. That said, I appreciate that not everyone will agree on what the best puzzling style may be as it relates to puzzle flow. And everyone has different likes and dislikes. That’s the way it should be! Yes - 3 out of 4 games are 45 minute games, with one game being a 60 minute game. The 45 minute games work well, we feel, as guests are with us about an hour in total from arrival to finish. This also allows us to keep our costs down for our guests, especially first timers who have never played before. Regarding the group not being told they could ask for hints, and that they were left wandering around, that is not the norm and something that will be addressed with our staff. We work hard to provide a fun experience for guests, so I am stymied and disappointed to learn that this could have happened. Hope to see you back to try a different game. All of our games have some very unique puzzling and experiences; none of them have been copied from other escape rooms. (We were one of the first in the area, having opened in 2015.) Cheers!
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Valerie R
3 条分享
Great for adults and kids
I have done two of the rooms at Escape Room Downtown. The first wast just with family of both adults and kids between ages 10 and 12 (The Missing Detective); the second was for my 11-year-old's birthday party (The Moonlight Gallery). Both were great experiences. The staff give instructions and background before starting, and you're never actually locked in a room. For The Moonlight Gallery, we had to ask for several clues but still managed to solve it. The kids definitely would not have been able to without the clues, and it likely would have been challenging for all adults, too. I believe the room capacity is 8 people--double check the site--but speaking from two experiences now, I would recommend not having more than 4 or 5 in your group unless you're really good communicators. Otherwise, people are off doing their own thing and it makes it harder to piece it together.
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Thank you for coming back to play, Valerie, and for your review! I greatly appreciate the details of your experience for others to read. I hope we see you and another team back to take on The Bootlegger’s Lair in the future. It’s a big, fun game that I think you’ll enjoy. Cheers!
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Ariel C
8 条分享
Birthday party
2019年9月 • 好友
My friends and I did the bootlegger's lair and we had a lot of fun. The clues and the room setup is very well done. There was 8 of us and we all enjoyed ourselves. Definitely a fun idea for families or group outings. We definitely plan on going again.
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Katy H
俄亥俄Copley2 条分享
A Real Challenge
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This was the first time any of us tried an escape room. We really didn’t know what to expect. We did not escape but had a lot of fun trying. It’s a very interesting concept.
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Thanks for giving it a go, Katy! There’s a learning curve, so come back and try another escape room game. Your team will improve and have fun! :)
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