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21 Lounge Cleveland(克利夫兰)

21 Lounge Cleveland
"Sports bar" that wouldn't play the World Series!
我最后写这篇评论... 说实话,我通常都会Stick的正面评论。 但这仍然还在我的心中几乎一年后; 很明显,我必须要说。 去年秋天我在城里的攻略/ Browns Game(2014)。 整个酒吧已经为我们预留Rally Party周六晚上在此住宿。 风扇,所以大概有150左右Raider很Travel我们。 首先,员工很明显很多人看了。 公平地讲,每次我们都保留的空间在当地一家酒吧(在几乎任何一个城市去过的一个游戏),而且我们告诉他们要200人; 他们总是认为,我们的工作人员估计也不正确。 所以这是第一部分。 他们并没有准备那么多人。 更大的问题是在5左右的"运动酒吧"的电视(是的,它不是一个大空间); 他们不会把一个电视World Series; 因为Ohio State演奏。 平时的季节,这是一个游戏College! 而World Series! 真的? 在一个房间里的风扇和海湾地区Giants里World Series TV必须在所有5 Ohio State? 我知道我们Ohio; 但为了迎合大部分人群! 而且,如果你不想在cctv World Series ,然后就打电话叫自己Ohio State Bar ,而不是一个体育酒吧。 我们最后离开,前往酒店附近的拐角处Professionals Bar。 开放的厨房,我们实际上Bar Feed(10下午的时候),还有几台电视在播放World Series以及电视显示Ohio Game State。 所以很明显这是可能的。 基于这家酒店的其他评论,这听起来像是我们很糟糕的一天。 很明显,这是一个当地的地方,他们只是还没有准备好的攻略/ Sports Fan入侵。 真的太遗憾; 因为一般情况下,我很喜欢,真的很喜欢Supporting ,当地景点。 我知道,他们也不用担心有人会从这一篇可能永远不会回到Cleveland; 但不得不说。

区域: Tower City District
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加利福尼亚旧金山77 条分享
"Sports bar" that wouldn't play the World Series!
2014年12月 • 好友
I'm finally writing this review... I generally try to stick to positive reviews honestly. But as this is still weighing on my mind nearly a year later; it obviously must be said.

I was in town last fall (2014) for the Raiders/Browns game. The bar had been reserved for our Saturday night Raiders rally party. Raider fans really travel and so there were about 150 or so of us there. First off, the staff was obviously overwhelmed by the number of people who showed. And to be fair, every time we have reserved space at a local pub (in almost any city we've traveled to for a game), and we tell them to expect 200 people; they always think we are over estimating and don't staff up appropriately. So that's the first part. They just weren't prepared for that many people.

The bigger problem though was that at a "sports bar" with 5 or so tv's (so yes, it wasn't a huge space); they would NOT put a single tv on the WORLD SERIES; because Ohio State was playing. And it was a regular season college game!! Vs the THE WORLD SERIES! Really?!? In a room full of Bay Area fans and the Giants are in the World Series and all 5 tvs had to be on Ohio State?!? I get that we are in Ohio; but cater to the majority of your crowd! And, if you don't want to televise the World Series, then just call yourself an Ohio State bar, and not a sports bar.

We ended up leaving and heading around the corner to Leader Bar near our hotel. THAT bar actually reopened their kitchen to feed us (at 10pm) and had several tvs showing the World Series as well as tvs showing the Ohio State game. So it's obviously possible.

Based on the other reviews for this place, it just sounds like we caught them on a bad day. It's obviously a locals type place and they just weren't ready for a Raiders/sports fan invasion. Really too bad too; because generally I'm a big fan of, and really like supporting, locals spots. And I know they aren't worried about this one review from someone who will likely never be back in Cleveland; but it had to be said.
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Jim S
Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States18 条分享
A Little Gem I'd like to Keep to Myself
2015年11月 • 好友
I have been going to 21 Lounge for the past few years before and after events at The Q and Progressive Field. It's tucked away but close to bothplaces and Casino. Much better than normal Bar Fare. Friendly service. Good prices and just a nice feel. Hesitant to say too many good things because I dont want it to get too crowded.
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加拿大伦敦3,453 条分享
Great little bar for our party
2015年9月 • 好友
Was in town for a Browns game, us Raider fans gathered at this bar and had a great time! Staff was excellent, lots different beers to choose from, didn't have any food so can't comment on it, but seemed like others enjoyed what they ate.
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Glendale, AZ159 条分享
Ready and Waiting for Us with a Buffet
2014年9月 • 商务型
Attending a large conference at the Quicken Loans Arena, a group of 6 of us were looking for a restaurant to grab a bite to eat that was within a few minutes walking distance since it was drizzling rain and we were under time constraints. We also wanted quick service, decent food, and a decent price. I found 21 Lounge on another website that starts with Y, and it had good reviews, so we thought what the heck. 21 Lounge fit the bill perfectly. As soon as we walked in, we saw that they were ready for a crowd, as they had a nice buffet set up. They only offered the buffet, which was fine with us. For $10, the variety was good, as was the food. Salad with 2 choices of dressing, quesadillas, baked chicken in sauce (very tender and juicy), mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken fingers, and 2 types of penne pasta (lemon and capers and marina). Even though the sign said Cash Only, they actually accepted credit cards for payment. We were all quite satisfied, and since the buffet was waiting for us, were able to eat right away and sit and visit comfortably. More groups of people came in, and they never ran out of food, constantly replenishing the buffet. Good job, 21 Lounge! Thanks for accommodating us!
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