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Put in Bay Golf Carts(克利夫兰)

Put in Bay Golf Carts

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Sean Donovan
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2021年8月 • 好友
Reserved a cart online took payment and confirmation. Thinking cool I got a cart for the weekend. I called them to double check and they said no carts available. So I canceled obviously. Well they ended up taking my money. I called back to complain 5 times. Finally they said through email that they will reimburse. Welp next day I find I've been charged twice with no golf cart mind you. I call back for the last time and they tried telling I canceled my reservation to late and to bad. I made and canceled my reservation on Friday within a half hour of booking. Long story short this place should not be in business.Thank God for credit protection. If they are the last carts on the island walk or taxi
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Robert S
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Do not expect decent customer service
I wanted to rent a 6-seat golf cart for the day with my family of four and my in-laws. I made the (online-only) reservation the evening below. My mother-in-law unexpectedly fell ill this morning and could not risk going. Since we wanted to make this a family trip, I requested to cancel the reservation. I was told per policy that since it wasn't 24-hours in advance, they will not cancel. My family wanted to go on the following Friday instead, so I asked if they can just move the reservation to Friday, regardless if my mother-in-law goes. They wouldn't budge and are attempting to charge my card for a day's rental. So now they are "double-dipping" from both me and another person that they will rent the cart out to today. I was also told from a phone call that I cannot speak to management and they would only reply to emails. In these times, one would expect that a business would be more flexible when dealing with ill customers, but this one is not the case. This is very unacceptable and I strongly suggest not doing business with this company.
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Art T
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Very frustrating
2021年7月 • 好友
This place charged us twice on our credit cards and you can’t get any person to help you they say you have to email for a refund. Well after two different emails address and 3 days later still no response. Just find somewhere else to rent this place will rip you off.
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Susanne L
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Watch your credit card statement for double charges
2021年6月 • 好友
I booked online to reserve a golf cart. When I went to pick up the cart - which was not close to the ferry- they asked for my credit card again. I got charged twice and they refuse to refund me the duplicate amount. No call backs and no emails.
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Helen A
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Bad bad bad experience
2021年6月 • 好友
These people's website is totally misleading. They lie. The golf cart they tried to give us was old and filthy. When we said that was unacceptable they offered us a 6-person golf cart for another $10 but that cart's parking brake did not work. They would not let us rent it by the hour. The 4 person cart was $60 + $25 tax. They never mentioned about the tax which is over 40% of the hourly rate. Plus when we upgraded to this 6-person cart it was more tax so it came out to be $70 plus more than $25 tax for 3 hours use. Also, they said they were near the ferry which is not true they are near the jet express because they are located in downtown Put-in-Bay. Since we took Miller's Ferry we had to pay an additional $9 going to the cart rental and $9 coming from the rental for a taxi. So it cost us over $100 for 3 hours use of a cart. P..S. they have a sign saying and I quote nice matters but it does not with them. When we wanted a refund after we saw the filthy cart and we had not even moved from the spot they refused us. Bad bad bad all the way around
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Renee H
威斯康星麦迪逊166 条分享
What a fun experience!
The inconsistency between advertising that says #1 recommended golf cart rentals from the Put In Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau and the poor ratings on their Trip Advisor page, I called and spoke directly to Mark and the Visitor's Bureau who told me they get the least number of complaints from this company. Armed with that info, I went ahead with my booking. It was easy to book online (look for the $5 coupon from the Visitors Bureau and be sure to read the cancellation policies.)

Strengths: Good golf carts in good working condition, reasonable price for the full day, easy location on the main downtown street.

Opportunity: Given that we're still in the midst of Covid, I was surprised to find that the cart had not been cleaned from the previous user. In fact, there was a cup of coffee that had spilled down the cup holder and left a puddle on the floor of the cart. When I asked for wipe to clean it up myself, was told that they didn't have any.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you plan for golf cart rental related to the location of your ferry landing. We used Miller's Ferry and had to spend $18 more in taxi services to get us downtown to Put In Bay Golf Carts while there were 2 locations right next to the ferry dock that had full lots when we arrived!
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俄亥俄Etna179 条分享
2020年6月 • 好友
This place has awful customer service and by far the oldest and most run down golf carts on the island. I would never rent here again. The golf carts are cracked, old, and drive half the speed of other golf carts on the island. We literally had other rented golf carts passing us. Golf cart constantly backfired and tires were completely bare with no tread. Upon returning to turn the golf cart back in there was a huge line of people and instead of waiting on ANY people wanting to return they pushed us all aside and waited on all of their new customers since they already had our money. Customer service here is pathetic and carts are raggedy. Do your self a favor and rent elsewhere. I’m sorry I wasted my money on renting here. I’ll make sure to go elsewhere next time.
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俄亥俄Harrison124 条分享
Short stay vacation
2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited put in bay golf cart depot wow in put in bay. They came highly recommended from the anchor in and boutique hotel we also received a discount the gentleman who signed us in and out was extremely professional and very courteous
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2019年7月 • 家庭
I booked online. I was sent no confirmation email or anything of any sort. I had to cancel the day before due to unforeseen circumstances. I cancelled about 12 hours prior to my reservation (which was for 4 days). They charged me for the full 4 days and absolutely refused any sort of refund. Apparently you have to cancel 24 hours in advance. I also argued that 3 of the 4 days were cancelled more than 24 hours in advance and they still charged me for all 4. They were INSANELY rude about it and said I should have read the contract better when I signed for it. THE CONTRACT IS ONLY VISIBLE ONLINE WHEN YOU SIGN AND THEN YOU NEVER GET A COPY OF IT AND NO RECEIPT OR CONFIRMATION OR ANYTHING REFERENCING YOUR RESERVATION. They provide no receipt, confirmation email, nothing!! This is the worst company I have ever had to do business with in my entire life.
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怀俄明州科迪96 条分享
the best way to see the island
2019年6月 • 家庭
even though it rained we had so much fun driving this cart around the area. able to stop and go where ever we wanted. so simple to rent and lots of available of carts around the island. was able to stop at wineries, shops, restaurants parking available throught the island.
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