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New England2,739 条分享
Amazing bookstore - so much character, so many anti-vaxxers!
I can’t remember how many different rooms were in the Book Loft of German Village, but Cherry Wonderdog had a hard time finding the exit when it was time to leave. There are so many fantastic things about this place beyond the vast collection of books, games, bookmarks, puzzles, socks, and other Knick Knacks for sale. It’s reminiscent of the old traditional bookstores of yesteryear, where folks would get lost in time searching or skimming periodicals or specialty books at literary havens like Harvard Square until it was ultimately time to decide which one to buy.

If you want a quirky place with character, this is it. You constantly go upstairs and downstairs to follow signs leading to specific sections of this amazing house. In truth, it’s a literary labyrinth that retains you in the same way as a Las Vegas casino.It’s hard to get out even if you want to leave. There are plenty of tourists but students and regulars as well. Sadly, it’s located in a state where masks aren’t always in use, and it can be a bit disconcerting to be in close quarters with so many people who don’t seem to have read the news about COVID prevention. There is a sign in the front of the store either requiring or strongly encouraging masks, but it’s ignored by at least half the folks inside. Cherry Wonderdog suspects that these same people who refuse to wear masks inside a building of 100 tiny rooms are also the ones who believe vaccines infringe upon their liberty to spread disease. I digress.

I might also recommend that the store owners do a better job posting exit signs and/or providing explicit markings to help folks leave in case of an emergency. I shudder to think what might happen in the event of a fire.

On this Monday afternoon, we ended up purchasing a good quality, hard-to-find, 1000 piece puzzle from the Bookloft at a perfectly reasonable price. It was hard to leave, always finding one more reason to return. Oh, and for those with urinary contention concerns, there is a bathroom. Ask for the key at the front desk.
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俄亥俄克利夫兰625 条分享
Bookworms' Delight
It's a beautiful shop and fun to explore. The prices are on par with Amazon. However, while the layout of the store makes it quirky and fun to explore, it also means that each of the tiny rooms and passageways are absolutely stuffed with people. My entire party is fully vaccinated, but the sheer press of bodies here made us nervous so we cut our browsing short. I would return once the pandemic is better controlled. There are useful coupons on their website, and the employees we encountered were very nice.
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stephanie b
俄亥俄代顿97 条分享
My favorite book store
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Had our 2nd visit here and my husband and we love it. So much to see. I could spend all day here. I love that they have different music playing in some of the rooms. Lots of different books and we got a bunch at a discount this week. Definitely worth a visit. Nothing else like it
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Martha M
加利福尼亚洛杉矶76 条分享
You could spend all day here easily
such a wonderful book's not just the millions of books, it's the layout - it's just fun to walk around and explore the many levels. Love coming here everytime we are in Columbus.
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俄亥俄哥伦布24 条分享
Immerse yourself in a house full of books!
I love winding around in this book store, looking at anything that catches my eye, I love the built in shelves, the CD's playing in many of the rooms, and the wonderful helpful people that work there. There are tables of marked down books out front, Lots of author autographed copies throughout the store, & if you can't find what you're looking for they will order it right away.When I order online I always order through the book loft instead of Amazon so I can support a great independent book store.
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Cora D
俄亥俄格罗夫城213 条分享
2020年10月 • 好友
I’m not sure why so many people love this place. It’s stuffy, cramped and not priced well. We did not find it cozy. The advertised 32 rooms don’t exactly qualify as real rooms. They more resemble large closets, small offices or hallways. It’s not as large as everyone claims. We actually didn’t think it was very big at all. We were bored.

The selection was very poor. There were few new books and the old ones weren’t anything special. More like 20-30 year old books that never sold. At so many points I felt as if I were walking through the 90’s. There were too many similarities to an overpriced garage sale. I’m all for supporting local business but even their discount books were expensive. We price-checked on Amazon and Barnes & Noble; the Book Loft was overpriced.

The location is not convenient but obviously pretty. The exterior of the building is interesting. If you have poor joints or a bad back it is very difficult to navigate. A few friends of mine have bad knees and they were uncomfortable getting around.

Unfortunately, we do not feel the need to return. It had a pretentious feeling.
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俄亥俄Brewster8 条分享
A book nerds dream spot
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
I was expecting a little book store but its a whole entire building filled to the brim with books, tarot cards, and more. We planned to just stop fir a minute but ended up spending a few hours there to really get through every room and find some books to take home. There's such a cozy atmosphere, highly recommend if you've got the time to stop by!
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259 条分享
Eccentric book shop with huge selection
My daughter wanted me to take her to the Book Loft. It was a good thing I went with her because she was able to wrestle the winding paths and various nooks. She even helped me get to the bathroom and back again ! I'd recommend requesting the map. The store is a block of connected buildings. It was definitely an interesting experience. Oh and she found a few books she wanted too.
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Amber Salutric
伊利诺伊州Lockport74 条分享
2020年8月 • 好友
This place has 32 rooms FULL of books!!! So many great options, most likely has what you’re looking for! Wide range of books from kids to adult and old to new. Would recommend to anybody who stops in German Village, even if you’re not a big reader! Prices were quite reasonable too; there were lots of sales going on. The staff was also quite friendly & helpful!
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爱达荷博伊西112 条分享
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Books and games and socks and everything! It was amazing and practically all the books were discounted!
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