Gorge Metro Park

Gorge Metro Park(Cuyahoga Falls)

Gorge Metro Park
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俄亥俄Green267 条分享
This is a great, scenic hike close to downtown. The trails are well-worn and a little steep in some places but most people should be able to find a trail that suits their adventure threshold.
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俄亥俄克利夫兰200 条分享
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侣
The Gorge Metropark’s Highbridge Trail is fine for a winter hike, since the river view that makes it worthwhile is unimpeded by foliage then. Since there are two entrances to the park separated by a bridge across the Cuyahoga River, make sure to pick the right one (with a small unpaved parking lot and without bathrooms). The entire three-mile out-and-back trail skirts the Cuyahoga River. For the first five or ten minutes, the river is high, wide and placid, since it’s dammed into a reservoir, but once one reaches the dam, one is treated to an artificial waterfall that is particularly dramatic when the reservoir is swollen from a major snow melt and the water flow is particularly heavy. From then on, the river lies much further below the trail and its flow is boisterous and enchanting. The trail had light to moderate traffic when we visited and is just wide enough (in most places) for the social distancing required by the current pandemic. The view on the other side of the trail opposite the river is uninspiring, to be sure — a high cliff/bank topped by the backs of nondescript houses— and most of the trail passes under power lines, but the “gorge-ous” river view MORE THAN makes up for those blemishes. WARNING! There is a narrow wooden stepped footbridge hugging the cliff over a chasm about halfway through that is very slippery, that lists alarmingly and has a wobbly handrail in places. The mud and water typical after a snow melt are not excessive but the dirt and gravel trail can be unexpectedly slippery in places. All in all, a good spot for a brisk winter walk.
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Sarasota21 条分享
The entire walk provided tons of beauty including a group of four deer who decided to hike with us. The dam falls were so pretty and the water is so clear with fish jumping. The park has done a great job of staggering the staircases to make for a much easier descent and ascent.
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俄亥俄Hudson15 条分享
This is a great park is our own backyard, clean trails and powerful waterfall! Many updates to bathrooms and trail. Lovely walk with moderate elevations and rock formations.
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俄亥俄Tallmadge22 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Great hiking! Great view of falls. Can make them as tough or easy as you like. Just beware, there are a ton of steps to get to the falls.
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karen c
俄亥俄Mogadore4 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
Trail to cave was closed. Had to climb hill. Paved in areas. Good for dog walking. Very pretty no matter the time of year.
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俄亥俄韦斯特维尔1,414 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We walked on the west side, Highbridge Trail, under the electric towers and lines. Not sure where other reviewers were hiking.
Our views of the waterfall by the dam were blocked by thick trees. Once we were past the high bridge the wires were gone leaving a nice easy walk with the sound of water over rapids.
It was a 1.5 mile walk to the stairways leading to the lower path by the water. Very pretty.
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俄亥俄Madison19 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
After visiting once before with the grandchildren they asked if we could do a cook out there. We had an awesome time again the kids love walking the paths climbing on the rocks I'm going down on the dock by the river
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169 条分享
We enjoyed this beautiful metro park, well maintained trails, with some vigorous elements, but overall easy to traverse. More than a walk, but less than a hike. Perfect. Check out Mary Campbell's Cave & the Dam Falls.
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Paul S
Marion1,565 条分享
Cuyahoga Falls, the city's namesake falls, are now mostly missing. The remaining undammed portion of the upper falls is blocked by an expressway on one one side and a hotel on the other. The lower falls are dammed and drowned except for a 15 foot or so section that still flows free just below the dam in Gorge Metro Park. The loop Gorge trail is currently closed at the cave where a young Irish girl was held captive by the Delaware Indians so you have to either turn around there and go back or go down the hill to other side ot the loop below the dam and falls. You can follow that portion of the loop trail until you reach the other end of the closed section at the rock passes where you have to retrace your steps. The parking lot and trails were crowded on a weekend afternoon but eceryone behaved themselves except for one moron who had two dogs off leash that were running all over the place. The upper (cave) portion of the trail is not paved but is level and smoooth and fine for strollers or wheelchairs. The lower portion is paved as far as the fishing dock.so also accessible that far. Beyond that point, there are about a hundred wood steps down to the base of the dam/falls and the trail from there is rough dirt with rocks and roots.
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