The Lakehouse Inn Winery
The Lakehouse Inn Winery
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John C
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2023年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Wine tasting is closed due to staff shortage! Geneva on the Lake is a great place to visit. The State Park has a great walking path and beaches.
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俄亥俄阿克伦10 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We were supposed to stay there for 1 day however the room had no amenities at all . We paid $300 per night which is the same price for a night in a fancy hotel in NYC. We checked out 1 hour after we checked in and the guy on the front desk said we will talk to expedia and they will refund us which is of course not the case. For $300 a night , please invest more in your rooms like locks on the doors on the inside and more basic amenities. The front desk guy offered us a suite for more money which is ridiculous.
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Our room was small, but we didn't spend much time there. King size bed, looks like recently renovated bathroom.. shower very nice, small sink but for a day or two, it was all we needed. Breakfast was delivered in a basket , which we took to the multi-leveled patio,.overlooking the lake.. Coffee is available in the reception area or your room. Very clean! Would recommend a second floor room if you don't want to hear footsteps above you in the morning. We sat on the patio to watch the sunset and lounge in the afternoon. Relaxing!
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Lynn Y
俄亥俄Napoleon34 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We chose to stay in a cabin and we enjoyed having the extra space. The kitchen was fine for snacking and reheating leftovers. We really loved breakfast being brought to us in a basket. (Maybe that will stay post Covid!) The bed was comfortable and the sheets were silky and of good quality. We also went to the spa which was conveniently across the street and loved doing a couples facials.
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Diana L
俄亥俄Howard1 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Can’t recommend enough! Staff bends over backwards to make your stay perfection… And with fun personalities as a bonus! So much attention to detail! The restaurant is wonderful and even catered to my vegan and gluten-free needs. Can’t say enough about the location… The view and landscaping are magical! Looking forward to another visit soon!
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俄亥俄54 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We arrived at Indian Creek RV and camping resort and started looking for wineries to visit. This one came up on my phone as a very nice winery. Their website said they were open so my husband and I made the trek down there. We entered the building and were told this winery was only for guests of the Inn due to COVID. Really??? Why was this not listed on their website? Shame on them. Beware when you go to Geneva on the Lake. The wineries are not what they seem.
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Hello and thank you for your review and our apologies on the late response. We see your review was left in October. Since COVID protocols and closures were put in place in 2020 we have decided to close our Great Room/Tasting Room to the public so that our guests who are staying in the Inn rooms don't feel crowded or overwhelmed. We wanted to respect those who have decided to travel while following the social distancing suggestions put into place. We do have listed on our site that our wine tastings are closed to the public. It's not our intention to communicate clearly with our guests and it seems we have not posted this closure in enough places so that it was discovered by you easily. Our winery is very untraditional to our area and our property is complex. We host a locally sourced restaurant, a 13 room Inn, a spa, and a "winery". We make our own wine but do not have a building that is designated as a winery. We do produce our own wines but we only produce small batch wines. It's difficult for us to house a separate facility on our bustling property to taste wines. Many wineries in the area are built for guest who want to only taste wine: Ferrantes, Debonne, or Laurello, and many many more in the area host traditional tastings. We hope next time in the area you will consider visiting them for their award winning wines. Thank you for sharing.
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新泽西8 条分享
Based on pictures, I booked the Lake Erie Suite, a birthday treat for my husband. It’s a quaint b&b. It’s old, with little touches to make it welcoming. Staff was very friendly. But it was disappointing, for the price I paid. The windows were very small to get a good view of the lake. No view sitting in the jacuzzi. Most disappointing was the breakfast delivered to the room. There was no toast with the omelette, no muffins, nothing. Just the omelette with a hash brown (the standard frozen ones).
I understand that the virus has decimated many businesses and this place may be recovering. I appreciate the many little touches made to the suite to decorate, but not worth what I paid.
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Karen Y
俄亥俄Pemberville178 条分享
2020年7月 • 家庭
I think in a non-Covid atmosphere this is probably a 5 but no wine flights available, you can only purchase individual glasses & only one service area for food & drinks at the entrance, no table service & clean up after yourselves. We got the peach, apple, reisling & roseta which were all good. The views on the lake are relaxing & the landscape is beautiful a wonderful atmosphere for wine tasting.
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Jennifer G
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Normally The Lakeside Inn is one of our favorite places to go...amazing atmosphere, food is good...for this reason I will still give it a 3/5....but the professionalism of the staff needs to be addressed. This restaurant is somewhat expensive. I expect quality service if I'm paying $18 for a burger. I called in advance to make sure their outdoor restaurant was open as usual and was assured it was--even though I felt like my call was an annoyance and the employee was short with me on the phone. Upon arriving with 4 children, two employees asked if I needed to order since I was walking down to the restaurant and I mentioned we were going to eat at the restaurant by the water. They explained that you needed to order at the top and then come back up to get your food when paged. I was annoyed because I called to ask that very question. While I was ordering, the two employees were clearly talking about me WHILE I WAS STANDING THERE. Very unprofessional. In addition, as I was paying with my credit card, one lady had the nerve to ask if I wanted to put the tip on my card. There was a huge basket with a big sign that said TIPS. I replied that I would pay cash for the tip. First, I understand tips are a necessary part of their income and had planned to contribute, but asking someone for a tip is unprofessional, awkward, and rude. Also, this type of ordering is no different from McDonalds. I order at a counter, then come back to pick up my food. Not sure what I was tipping for. To the owners of this fine establishment, please take the time to talk to your employees about being kind, respectful, and professional. Luckily I was just there with children, because if I had come with my girlfriends like usual, I would be mortified at the service I received. NOT acceptable.
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俄亥俄397 条分享
Gorgeous setting on the lake, surrounded by colorful, lush flower plantings. Staff are friendly, and it's a great spot to walk to from the lodge. Unfortunately, the food is average at best, and the parking lot can get very crowded particularly on summer weekends. Best time to come is early afternoons on weekdays, have a drink, and enjoy the serene (unless it's jammed) decks and views. Then move on.
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