Panorama Point

Panorama Point(马泰兰)

Panorama Point

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印度浦那60 条分享
A decent view point
This point does not offer something very different. Its pretty much like all the other points and you can skip this one.
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印度孟买20 条分享
must visit even if horse or cart people discourage
2019年5月 • 家庭
u must visit for sunrise or otherwise, horse wala say it is closed or discourage and sell out nearby points,
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Vivek Dhadha
印度孟买3,936 条分享
Amazing view
2018年12月 • 家庭
As the place itself says Panorama, of course it has a beautiful panoramic view. One thing one should be careful about this point is there are a lot of monkeys over here. PS- One should take care fo their belongings
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Chintan m
印度艾哈迈达巴德374 条分享
Breathtaking views...
2018年11月 • 好友
Panorama point is a good place to see some hills and to click some selfies as well. You have to walk a bit to explore the views
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Rahul S Khatri
印度海德拉巴252 条分享
Must Visit
2018年12月 • 好友
Around 5KMs from Matheran Railway Station eother by Walk or horse Ride.
U will see Vikatgarh Fort from here and the Toy Train railway track as well.
Will be awesome in monsoons.
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Ayushi Chandra
189 条分享
Okay - not so panoramic outside monsoons
2018年2月 • 好友
We went to Matheran at a time when the landscape was quite barren. While yes, we could see a lot of the valley and it was a nice walk / horse ride to this point but we were expecting nice green mountains. Sadly, that only happens in monsoon.
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印度2,622 条分享
Panoramic ... when it isn't cloudy !
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We usually do day trips to Matheran from Mumbai, and Panorama Point is a favourite hike. Went there recently after a two year gap, the previous trip in 2016 was to enjoy the mass blooming of pretty purple Karvi wildflowers.

To beat the city traffic we left Mumbai by car around 6 in the morning. The road is not very good after Chowk and that, along with a breakfast break at the Karjat junction, took up a fair bit of time. Karjat is a must stop for deliciously fresh and piping hot Vada Pav. They are deep fried, loaded with carbs and cholesterol, in short perfectly unhealthy but why do they taste so much better here than in Mumbai ? I binged on an extra serving too.

The paid car park at Dasturi Naka was abysmal as usual. The Matheran taxi mafia had hogged all the better parking spots, leaving other vehicles with no choice but to park further down the messy muddy path where hapless horses heavily overloaded with goods, were being coaxed to ply their way up the mountain to Matheran town. It's pathetic the way the horses are treated so cruelly.

The path to Panorama Point begins from this messy parking area where you will be approached by guides and ghodawallas. You also need to watch out here for mischievous monkeys who are waiting to relieve you of anything that remotely resembles food.

After a short stretch of garbage strewn area, the trail through the forest becomes beautiful and clean, just what a forest should be. A few small landslides during the rains had not yet been cleared out and at several parts, the karvi undergrowth had taken over the path completely. We had to tread warily through these sections as Matheran is full of snakes. We made our way through safely enough without disturbing any!

It was overcast that morning and the clouds came in, so the panoramic views of Panorama Point were missing. Not the wildflowers though, and it was a lovely walk all to ourselves with not another human in sight to and fro.

The trail to Panorama Point is an easy ~5km to and fro walk on a level path, though it is very rubbly indeed in several sections so good walking shoes are a must. You can also hire a horse from the parking area at negotiable rates, no idea how much as we prefer to walk. When the skies are clear, the view is fantastic from the trail as well as from the Point. We did not get much of a view this time but it was fresh and a lovely change from the city.

Young children may find this trail tiresome and it is most definitely not a disabled friendly activity.
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印度浦那308 条分享
Best point in Matheran
2018年7月 • 家庭
This is one of best point in Matheran. This point has very big view and is extermly good. You will need to walk lot to reach to this place but result would be best after reaching there. Must must visit.
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印度孟买6 条分享
a easy trail in matheran
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
panorama point is an easy trail in matheran for those people who dont want to go to the other crowded points in matheran

panorama point is located outside the main entry point to matheran .u have to walk towards the parking lot and follow the path.

its a straight path and anyone can easily do it .it will take you approx 45 minutes to reach there .

from this point you an see the ganesh idol and also the peb time to visit is during monsoon
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印度孟买5,010 条分享
Panoramic View
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a great point in Matheran which provides a wonderful view. You have a walk little more to reach this place. But its worth taking a walk. Nice place.
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