Dr Graham’s Home

Dr Graham’s Home(噶伦堡)

Dr Graham’s Home
上午8:30 - 下午2:30
上午8:30 - 下午2:30
上午8:30 - 下午2:30
上午8:30 - 下午2:30
上午8:30 - 下午2:30

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印度2 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
Scenic beauty - tranquility - the movie Kahani was shot here- it's a large area good to have a walk around enjoying natural beauty
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印度新德里104 条分享
My self being an ex-student of this school. I do carry the pride of being a Grahamite. From standard 6th to 9th I was a boarder here. My hostel/cottage was named as Calcutta. The local language spoke it up as Kalkatta Kothi. So much to learn. The best thing I learned here is the satisfaction of forgiveness and giving. The institution speaks itself. We do have a hostel in Kolkata also, named Birkmyre Hostel, in Park Street, just near to Loretto College. My school was a small town of its own. I always share the experience with my family, friends, colleagues to cherish. I am also thankful to my late parents who sacrificed staying without me for that period for being a man today what I am. Lots of friends from Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and also other states of India. Always feel blessed & Loved.
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德国莱昂贝格57 条分享
Großzügige Anlage mit vielen historischen Gebäuden, die heute noch als Schule für Kinder aus ganz Indien genutzt wird.
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英国Arthog300 条分享
Although its glory is somewhat faded now, the scale and facilities of this educational institution and orphanage are very impressive. It is clear that the wellfare of children is at the heart of Dr Graham's Home, and, as with all of India, education is seen as the key to the students' future. We were lucky to be allowed to go inside the strangely 'English' church that is on a small hill in the middle of the campus. It is currently being renovated but even now, while the building work is going on, the stained glass windows are very impressive.
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英国克利夫罗581 条分享
We were fortunate enough to visit during school hours and were struck by the happiness of the children, perhaps unsurprising given the wonderful surroundings. How polite they were too, such a contrast from our own country.

Although the church is showing signs of the last earthquake, and cannot be entered, the main areas of the school are attractive and there are abundant plants around the site. The sense of peace was overwhelming.

It really is worth coming here.
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Kolkata118 条分享
This extraordinary educational hub is situated on Deolo Hills on the eastern fringes of Kalimpong town and is more than hugred years old..Sprawl over nearly 500 acres of land. and has its own farmland, dairy, bakery, hospital and other departments of need. The area is calm, quite and beautiful for all.It is nearly 10Kms. from town and one can get a private transport to reach the place.A charitable institute get sponsorship from all over the world.
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Bulbul R
印度加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”)28 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
I have visited the Graham’s Home in Kalimpong on several occasions and every time I came back with awe and heartfelt respect for this saintly human being. The school is situated right below eDello hill and spreader across 400 acres. It was founded way back in 1900 by Dr Graham , a Scottish missionary specially for the Anglo Saxon kids born out of British army mem, planters and administrative personnel and local Khashi, Bhutia or woman from othe local sects. These children were neglected and abandoned by their father and the society. Dr Graham felt their pain and gave them shelter and education. Gradually it turned into almost a self-contained village with its own hostels, class rooms, bakery, carpentry, vegetable farm, and a chapel too.
It’s a wonderful place to visit. I really felt very very inspired and peaceful.
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Aloke Ganguly
44 条分享
This a heritage spot near kalimpong. Basically an oerphange and school mamaged by resident monks. The church is picturesque. The residents make authentic handicrafts which may be collected as mementos. A must visit for all.
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Tanveerul Haque
孟加拉国达卡市170 条分享
2019年7月 • 好友
Was great to visit this place which a friend’s brother had attended in the 80’s. Picturesque educational institution with a fine tradition. Nice and spacious. The Headmaster’s bungalow is imposing.
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印度Farakka1,247 条分享
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We were taken to this place while returning from Deolo hills. Its a school, a very old school which is also a tourist destination which is quite strange actually. The school kids were playing in the fields and were not bothered by the tourists at all which was quite strange as maybe they are accustomed to it. The school campus is really wonderful. I wonder if my school had such lush greenery along with state of the art infrastructure.
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