Happisburgh Beach
Happisburgh Beach


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Ann H
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2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a beautiful part of the coast which is falling away at an alarming rate. There is a road closed sign then the road stops....literally. The beach is vast and clean with plenty of space to go for a walk. There is a large car park with views to a very photogenic lighthouse.
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2023年4月 • 家庭
Happisburgh beach is a little gem , ever since our first visit some 8 years ago we always venture over . The beach is sadly forever changing with its eroding coastline however still is beautiful in its changing landscape .

Definitely worth a visit , and after a walk along the coast why not stop at Sarnies by the Sea for hot beverage or cold with the most delicious cakes on offer ( we highly recommend the coffee walnut and Devil’s Chocolate cake) or even a spot of lunch .

Sarnies by the sea offer a wide choice of cakes / drinks and of course sandwiches as I’ve said a welcomed relief after a cold but beautiful walk along the beach . We will certainly be visiting again in the summer .
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2023年2月 • 夫妻情侣
A lovely hidden beach to explore with the dog fabulous views and beautiful sandy beach lovely walk for a dog. So sad that it slowly disappearing to the sea other bad thing is £3.50 for parking a bit expensive. Still worth a visit
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Charlotte C
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Popped down to see the seal, while they were in pup, and was not disappointed. Even with it being a January afternoon, it was lovely to be out in the sun!
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2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
A lovely clean beach that is so typical of this coast. So very sad to see the horrific effects of the sea erosion, really awful.
The lighthouse is very photogenic.
Please do beware of incoming tides that can easily cause problems if walking any distance along the beach.
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英国莱切斯特121 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Nice walk on this year round dog friendly cart gap beach walking to happisburgh Parked at the car park which you can pay by card or cash. Toilets were open and available to use even though it was out of season. Beach was pretty empty except other dog walkers. Approx 1.5km to happisburgh where the beach appears to end. Walked back towards Eccles it was then I noticed quite a bit of dog poo not picked up. As a dog owner this is so annoying and gives us all a bad name. Dogs enjoyed the walk and the beach is mainly sand but is pebbly in some areas.
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2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We last visited Happisburgh this July and right in the middle of the hottest week and this years heat wave.
The coastal erosion on this bit of the Norfolk coast is especially shocking to see.
Since July over a meter or more a month has eroded away and fallen into the sea.
My photo shows where a local has put the meters lost on the 'ROAD CLOSED' sign.
Soon the car park, near the lighthouse, and that leads to the ramp to the beach, won't safe to access by car. The Beach Road, going by today's inspection 21st October 2022 and in our opinion, could sadly be even nearer the last row of still occupied houses there. Not long till the road ends near these houses. A few months or a year or two at the most going by the look of it and the present rate of erosion.
Even the old church and lighthouse are under threat according to surveys and research.
More inland is the local village shop that sells wonderful speciality breads. The Fair Maiden shellfish sea food shop, just along and down from the church, sells wonderfully fresh local crab. Get there early so as not to miss either of these food treats. We would recommend to phone them or check online to make sure they are open and have supplies in.
St Mary the Virgin Church and theold part of the churchyard are well worth a visit. A much enjoyed dry but windy autumn 🍂 days two hour visit to Happisburgh this morning.

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London96 条分享
Good sized car park (take coins) with toilets (didn’t use), Beach Road very quaint. Quite steep ramp up and down beach, not good for poor mobility. Beautiful view of lighthouse. Clean, dog friendly, seal friendly (swimming off shore late afternoon. Just a lovely quiet beach.
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Janet H
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So glad we had the time to visit today. Road to car park very narrow. Have to pay to use car park. We had our lunch sat on one of the picnic tables at the top of the cliff by the play area. Took our dogs down the sandy walkway to the beach. Really worrying to see all the cracks in the cliffs etc. Beach is glorious and we walked along for a long way. Saw some seals swimming just off the shore. Also cormorants (or similar birds) sitting on posts drying their wings. Lovely time spent walking and enjoying the area.
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We stayed in Happisburgh from Sat-Monday and weren't disappointed. The house we rented was literally 3 mins walk away from the beach and also overlooked fields and the beautiful lighthouse. We were a little disappointed that on the day we hoped to swim, the sea was really a bit too rough for the likes of us; neither of us being strong swimmers, or youthful enough to withstand the strength of the waves that day (there was actually a storm that night, which might explain why the sea was so rough). There seemed to be a very strong undercurrent and the shingle seemed to give way under our feet. Consequently, we just sat in the water and got a 'power wash'!! I would say it definitely would not be a safe place to let children into the water, unless v.closely supervised. However, the beach itself was a lovely, long, sandy one and there was a little outside beach cafe, where you could get snacks and coffee, ice cream etc. The village was also v.pretty and un-spoilt. If however, its swimming you want, apparently nearby Mundesley, is the safer place to go to. Happisburgh church is also worth a visit. There is a mass grave there for the victims of a shipwreck that occurred during Napoleonic times - hence the need for a light house and perhaps the need to be careful if/when swimming! We would definitely like to return to this village and it's also very handy for visiting North Norfolk - Holkham of course is great for safe swimming.
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