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Just returned from a fantastic day at Clacton Pier.
6 adults and 4 children had a fabulous day thanks mainly to the value for money of the wrist bands.
Unlimited rides, 1 go on the go carts,1 game of crazy golf and 5 video game credits all for 19.99 (pre booked) .
7 hours of non stop fun.
Thank you from six happy adults and 4 shattered kids.
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Hi Mark, lovely to hear your feedback and we are delighted we have made six adults and four children happy. Clacton Pier is all about making memories for life. We also like to make these memories affordable so we are equally pleased you found it "unbelievable value for money." We really appreciate your comments and five stars and we look forward to welcoming you again soon.
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英国Walthamstow39 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Loved it!! So fun and so much to do!!! The whole family loves it so much and so many choices of games and rides
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Hello Miss Honest and thank you so much for your feedback and five stars which are really appreciated by all at Clacton Pier. You have kept your comments short and to the point but they are everything we like to hear. Glad you had a good time and lots of fun and hope to see you again soon.
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英国Burwell59 条分享
Didn’t really enjoy our visit to the pier. It was looking very tired and sad. I really hope things get better before Summer hits.
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Hi Gregory, very sorry to hear that. We are carrying out some work at the moment as the upkeep of the 150-year-old structure is a never ending process. We are also making a number of improvements on site. It is impossible to do all of this in the winter when we are less busy. We can assure you that a great deal of time and money is going into a number of projects - some of which have been completed over the past couple of years to help make the pier an all year round attraction. Thank you for your feedback.
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David G
英国Ingatestone24 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Last year (2021) i purchased a fun card which when i visited today still had £30 on it. Last year it was no problem to tap the card twice on the reader for the two of us to ride the log flume.

Not so this year, was told I had to buy another card for my son which is a minimum spend of £10.

There is no reasonable reason to force me into buying another card when the one i already had has more than enough money on it to cover the cost of our ride. The only reason for a policy like this is to maximise revenue and anyone taking a few kids is going to find this very expensive.

In addition most of the arcade machines are pay by card and there are a lot of machines that dont work. These machines should have an out of order sign on them and they should be unplugged. Management leave them turned on knowing the card readers will continue to take your money leaving you endlesdly searching for someone to sort it ot. This practice is disgraceful and I will be notifying trading standards who really should inspect the place.

Its not hard to see why it wasnt busy, people are getting wise to how this place is run, its all about the money and my message to the pier managent team is jog on, we won't be going back.
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Hi David, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry you did not have a good experience with us. The policy of one card per person is not about making money but it is because that is the way our system works. You did not have to spend a minimum of £10. All you had to do was to buy a card for £1 (which is refundable at the end of the day) and it could have been linked to the other card and you would been ok. Perhaps that was not explained properly to you and if that is the case we apologise. We do not have double tapping with one card and it should not have been possible last year. We would like to try and sort this matter out for you and as a gesture of goodwill are happy to do so if you email We appreciate you say you will not be coming back and obviously your decision to make but we would like the opportunity to resolve this matter with you.
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Wild T
英国滨海克拉克顿607 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Wow.New attractions Nice arcades,bowling facilities rides for the kids.Even grown up will enjoy themselves.Theres few foods stand that sell hotdogs and burgers to eat and drinks.Theres also Broadwalks restaurants and some fish and chips stalls.Jolly Rogers restaurant at end of the pier.theres Toilets by the hill and toilets at the end of the pier.Theres snacks and tea restaurant inside the arcades.The aquarium centre even not big ,stocked some good fish and maritime creatures. Enjoyable time that's theirs entertainment even for small can be busy during children holiday.
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Hi there, you are quite right that it can be busy in the school holidays and bank holidays which is how we like it! Glad you had a good time and enjoyed all our various attractions with the children. We do our best to provide something for all ages and tastes. We have recently heavily invested in new rides and other indoor facilities and we continue to up our offer for our customers. Thank you for the feedback and five stars. Hopefully see you again soon.
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英国33 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
What a brilliant day out!!! The big day out bands were perfect. The kids got to play golf, go to the seaquarium, unlimited rides, some arcade play and of course the beach! We easily spent 9 hours here and it flew by!!!! Staff were all helpful and cannot complain besides more seating would have been nice for lunch. Did not spoil our day and kids had smiles from start to finish!
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Hi NatePeanut, really appreciate your positive feedback, review and five stars. Our Big Day out Bands (£24.99 on the day, £19.99 in advance online) are meant to offer great value for money and give you the full Clacton Pier experience. Nine hours - wow! You certainly got your money's worth and we are glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Particularly appreciate the comment about staff which will be passed on. We do have plans which include more seats in the future. Come and see us again soon.
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Dan B
英国Pershore168 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
As piers go then Clacton as a bit of everything. Rides, amusements, crazy golf, bowling, dodgems, cafés/restaurants. We had an enjoyable few hours here. Did cost me quite a bit but the kids enjoyed themselves.
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Hi Dan, sorry that your wallet took a bit of a hit but delighted that your kids had a great time! We have added a number of attractions in recent years which means we are truly an all year round attraction catering for all ages. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
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英国St Osyth106 条分享
enjoyed our day and days at clacton pier live here so visit often great food has fish and chips has a sea food stall arcades and lots more adults and kids will love there visit here
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Hi and thanks for your review and five stars. Nice to get feedback from a local resident who visits the pier regularly. We do try to cater for all ages and tastes and we are glad that you enjoy your visits. Hope to see you again soon.
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英国Little Clacton95 条分享
Great Day out for the family. Alway improving. Annual cards are a bonus and worth a buy.
Staff helpful too, especially Lilly on the ticket desk.
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Hi and thanks for the review, four stars and feedback. We are pleased that you and your family had a good time with us and you are quite right, the annual pass is fantastic value for money - especially if you visit on a regular basis. We appreciate the comments about our staff - it's always nice to receive positive feedback and this will be passed on to the team. We will also tell Lilly that she got a mention by name! Thanks again and hope to see you back again soon.
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sarah williams
2 条分享
2022年3月 • 家庭
First time at clacton and my 3 kids loved the pier! What an amazing fun for all the family! We cant wait to visit again in july
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Hi Sarah, thank you very much for the five star review which we really appreciate. It is great to know that you enjoyed your first visit to Clacton and your children had a great time on the pier. It's good to hear all the family had fun as we try our best to cater for all ages. Hope you have a really good time when you come back in July - look forward to seeing you then.
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