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Dan Jimenez
4 条分享
I love this pub. My mate lives in Petersfield and we pay it a visit just about every time I visit. Every time I go in I love it a little bit more.
We sat in the bar last night and the locals and their dogs made us feel really welcome and invited us to join in with their conversation. The landlord pulled a great pint, in my favourite keg shaped pint pot and the conversation was lively and the laughter genuine.
We arrived at 18.00 and expected to leave at 19.30 to get home to watch the football but enjoyed ourselves so much that we stayed until 21.00 when the pub closed.
I cannot imagine going to Petersfield and not popping into this absolute gem.
Just remember to bring your cash. It won't be for everyone but it does just fine by me.
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Catherine M
英国艾尔沃斯15 条分享
2020年7月 • 家庭
We’ve just enjoyed a delicious simple ploughman’s and marvellous ham sandwich, and done very well kept ale. Friendly staff. Beautiful idyllic cottage garden.
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英国Liphook10 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
One of those pubs everyone should experience, a bit like stepping back in time.

This is a completely unique pub. It's small, the best things often are, with alot more seating in the beautiful gardens. The menu doesn't have as much variety as chain pubs because what it does it does very well. Yes the menus are handwritten on the wall by the bar, personally I quite like that. It doesn't accept cards at all and the drinks are limited which at the end of the day is part of its charm. If you want a wide selection of every day drinks then go to a Fullers or a Wetherspoon's. This is a proudly independent piece of history in a pub and it deserves every one of the 5 stars.

I've read alot of the reviews on here and have to say I've never experienced rudeness or anything other than a warm welcome. Sometimes the staff are a bit eccentric, it's not rudeness it's part of the charm. The ploughman's has always been exceptional (I've had enough of them to know a good one when I see it) frankly the people calling it low quality don't know what they are talking about. It's cheap for the portion size and delicious.

Keep it up, we will be back soon!
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bucks501 条分享
I was a bit concerned when 6 of us turned up on a Friday lunchtime with no booking as the outside seating at the front of the pub was heaving but luckily we found a table inside and we all had delicious, well cooked, simple food.
Staff all very pleasant the pub is traditional, very old and unspoilt with a delightful cottage style garden.

Definitely well worth a visit but possibly a good idea to book especially on a wet day as not many tables inside.
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Kirsty L
1 条分享
If I could leave no stars I would. I have just encountered the rudest member of staff I have EVER come across. He and a local (another male) belittled me so much, I cried when I got back to my other half.

It is a pub that only accepts cash (go figure in the 21st century?!) and I was 80p short for my two drinks... After a short conversation where his tone and manner were disgusting he told me to write down my details, and to come back and pay the 80p. Whilst doing this the local made some sexual remark to me, which I ignored as I was on the verge of tears and as I walked out the guy behind the bar sniggered "word of advice always bring cash to pub." Well word of advice to a man who is old enough to be my grandfather and should know better, have some respect.

After finishing our walk we got back to the car, retrieved a £1 and went back. My other half went in (who doesn't take any crap) and funnily enough the man who was rude to me, hid out of sight whilst my boyfriend made a complaint. The guy he dealt with was incredibly apologetic for his colleagues behaviour and for the way he made me feel. Unfortunately the damage had already been done.

So please steer clear!! Yes the pub is set within a beautiful part of the Hampshire countryside, but there are plenty of other pubs in the area which are lovely and where you will be treated with respect and care. To add to it, the pint of cider we had each was warm and as one would say "tasted like piss".
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英国Waterlooville82 条分享
Having been to this pub for the first time some while ago in late winter we decided to go again as we wanted to experience the whole atmosphere yet again in the summer and the pub still more than met all our original experiences. The local beers were superb and far superior to those in other chain pubs. The food was just brilliant and I took a chance and had a ploughmans and it was absolutely superb. I am a meat lover but did not miss it one bit as the whole meal was more than I could ever have expected. The bread was chunky, rustic, tasty and had a really nice light crisp crust and served with lovely tasty butter on the side. The others in my group also said that their lunches were excellent. As the lunch was of such generous proportions that I just could not manage a dessert as well but they looked wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend this pub to anyone who wants to experience a genuine local pub atmosphere which has not changed over the years. We are going to line up another visit soon. A true gem.
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Norwich15 条分享
This pub is something different. I would think the only changes in the past 70 years are the addition of electricity and mains water, it's reminiscent of the many pubs I stood outside with a lemonade and a packet of crisps scrounging gum and candy from the americans. Scrubbed tables, stone floors, great atmosphere and very good beer out of barrels behind the bar. Food is basic but substantial, you need to be hungry or with someone to share with. This is not a pub for everyone, if you must have polished tables, food in a bun, chips with everything and loud music your not going to like it here, but I shall be going back, often.
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英国Four Marks221 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
The last reviewer (Honestreview60) is clearly from a different planet where McDonald's & Burger King are considered to be the main attraction. The Harrow at Steep is a wonderful little pub serving no frills, home-cooked food at decent prices. For me, the only let down was a side-salad with raw onion rings, which should be destined for the bin. Other than that superb food, great beer and a wonderful Hampshire countryside setting.
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2 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
Went with friends today for lunch the lack of friendly staff with a welcoming smile was blatantly obvious. Menu? Bits of paper stuck to the wall. Big parties get ready to queue up to read!! Flexibility no chance choice? Take it or leave it seemed to be the attitude because when it's gone it's gone and make sure you pay attention as you get called up to collect your own food from the hatch behind a fence and you pay too much for the privilege Ruturn? Recommend? no chance
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Maryann H
8 条分享
2019年4月 • 好友
Wow this place is wonderful. All food cooked on the return, huge portions, real ales out of a cask, wonderful feature open fireplace with bread oven, CASH ONLY, no calculators, lovely friendly staff, beautiful beer garden, plants for sale, dog and walker friendly, not overpriced, lovely atmosphere. Come along and meet David "Davey" a regular of 74 years who has folk songs on You Tube. It was 25 years since I last visited here and the only thing that has changed is the Daughter of the previous owners now runs the pub. A magical place and you definitely won't leave hungry!
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