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英国查塔姆178 条分享
I recently went to a concert at this venue and was pleasantly surprised. Although the entrance to the Winter Gardens isn't very promising, the actual venue inside, which is of Art Deco style, with chandeliers, is quite attractive. The venue is quite large and the views to the stage were very good (I was standing in a corner to one side). I would definitely return to this venue to see more concerts.
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Ann E
英国Sandbach16 条分享
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
First glance of the Winter Gardens left me shocked since the exterior is comprebable to a bomb site. Thankfully the interior restored my composure . An eye sore from all exterior aspects
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Adam R
1 条分享
The Margate Winter Gardens hosted the 2019 CCSU Sports Federation Dinner event. The staff were very friendly, helpful and accomodating whilst having to provide catering for 500+ people for an awards evening. The event ran very smoothly, especially given the high volume of people that needed to be accounted for. The planning process was clear and efficient, with any changes required being accomodated easily. Overall a great event, with the venue providing the platform for it's success.
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kent340 条分享
2019年11月 • 好友
Have seen a few groups here now. Love the fact you can park outside along sea wall. There’s a bar selling reasonably priced drinks before and during break. Staff are helpful. If you are able to sit downstairs near to the front you get brilliant views of band yiu are watching, sound good. Usually try to get within first 6 rows. Have not sat in the balcony but looks like a good view. Plenty of seating. There’s a small area in front of the stage where you might be able to get a dance in. Good for a nice night out. Ticket prices are dependent on the artist.
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英国坎特伯雷77 条分享
went to see odyssey and boney M .we did not stay to watch the end of the show as it was not viewable sitting down as the audience did not remain seated so missed out big time as unable to stand.There was a standing area but we chose not to go in that due to mobility issues. was not a great show anyway music and singing was pretty poor. security had no control over the audience whatso ever and could not make them stay seated they just gave up in the end,When being shown out we could only leave by the back way in the rain up flights of stairs and were soaked to the skin. a very poor venue all round. wont be going back there.Have made a formal complaint and 2 weeks on no reply. says it all really.
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Pete C
英国Hampshire237 条分享
Saw the Libertines here and they were very good. The venue was okay, but weak security let it down. Drunken idiots were abusing each other at the bar and security watched them until it got out of hand. Nip it in the bud before it gets silly and affects other customers.
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2 条分享
went tonight to see odyssey and boney m wish i had taken a ladder with me why you ask because you cant see anything they announce before the show please do not stand up if you are in the seats it stops people seeing the show some people take no notice and think its okay to ruin everyone elses night the so called security staff are about as usefull as an ashtray on a motorbike they were unable to keep the idiots under control so a free for all just stand up and block everyones view of the stage total joke and the icing on the cake at the end of the show they make you exit the long way round outside in the pouring rain did we enjoy the night you guessed it no we did not will this venue get any more of our money not a chance
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英国伦敦20 条分享
2019年12月 • 好友
Just been to WG to see Odyssey & Boney M. Both bands were great, however upon leaving no reason or explanation as to why!! When the event was over, WG told everyone to leave through the fire exit doors. OUTSIDE!! it was pouring down with rain, yet the indoor stairs/exit was not in use. We still had to go back inside to collect coats. When asked staff the reason as to why we had to walk outside in the rain and cold no one had an answer. It totally ruined a great night! So all in all the acts was great but the venue was poor. Very bad customer service. If you really love the act then go but be prepared to exit in all weathers with no reason why. I would not be recommending this venue
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Peter S
10 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
if you are in Blackpool before the 26th October make it a point to go here after 6pm to see the most gobsmackin free show you have got see it the Sun on a 7 meter 360 degree display my photos don't do justice
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英国博勒姆伍德382 条分享
Nice venue in need of some updating, must have been great in it's hey day. Staff friendly. Seats reasonable size and comfy... but at in groups and can tend to move when/if people in adjacent seats move about. Most of seats in stalls are also on same level and so you have to hope that someone tall doesn't sit in front of you.
Several bars and toilets, staff friendly and helpful. Some free parking behind venue, but need to be early to get this.
Great show by Russell Kane.
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