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Parkway Cinema(克利索普斯)

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brian f
英国格里姆斯比59 条分享
Still Flickering Faulty Bulb
This cinema is actually very good, except for number 8 screen. This screen has been faulty even before covid and lockdown,
In my opinion, the light projection 'bulb' needs to be changed, as I've mentioned to several staff in the past.
Visiting last week, I discovered that it still has the fault.
The problem is, you don't just see a ''yellow'' screen, but a fluctation in the brightness itself! This tells me that the 'bulb' needs replacing, as it's annoying when watching. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE IT PARKWAY?........
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2 条分享
great staff but not best experience
i love the staff and the place but i havent been going regular for many years and last night when watching dune i realised why. ever low noise moment in the movie some persons notification alert would go aff, after the 4th one i heard i could tell it was the same person. this spoiled the imersion of the movie for me and its a reson i tend to stay at home, its also a reason why i bought a projector and watch on a 100 inch screen. i love movies and i love the movie going experience but only in places where they come down hard on phone users, its anoyuing im paying for this privalage.
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英国Humberston27 条分享
James Bond
2021年10月 • 好友
Fit for purpose but not an amazing experience. This is in serious need to be updated and upgraded from the sound system to the decor.
Over all I watched a film in a cinema, that's about it. If I had the time in future I will travel further for a better experience.
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Beth S
12 条分享
Rude manager
2021年8月 • 家庭
I have been visiting this cinema since it opened and always found the staff extremely friendly and helpful until the most recent manager took over and found it has gone down hill. Most of the staff are friendly but find some of them very rude . On one particular occasion I went in to book my mother in law some tickets to a concert showing the following month as I had done several times before and never had an issue. She gave me the tickets and when I looked I see they were for a completely different thing for that day I went back to the desk and politely explained that it wasn't what I asked for instead of offering to change it as it was her mistake she began arguing with me and told me that I couldn't book in advance although I told her I had done it many times before. She simply didn't know what she was doing which I have no issue with, everyone has to learn somewhere but instead of apologising and asking for help she was very rude and refused to change it. She left me no choice but to ask for the manager and explained how rude she was but he didn't seem to care he changed the tickets but i found him very patronising .
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Wendy S
3 条分享
Prices at cinema
2021年7月 • 好友
I always go to this cinema because it my local one and i do enjoy going there.When I went to see a film today I thought I was going to pay about £7 because it was before 6pm. I payed about £8.60, when i commented on this to the lady at the till she said it had gone up for the summer Holidays. I think his is really disgusting they put prices up for summer. I'm sure they have never done it before.
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John C
英国格里姆斯比1 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
Have been coming to the parkway for years!The team working there are all friendly and helpful!Thanks
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Andrew R
英国兰开斯特61 条分享
Nice change from the big companies
2021年6月 • 家庭
What an amazing place.
Very clean and felt safe with the distancing enforced.
Staff were friendly and professional.
The autitorium was clean and comfortable too.
Lovely cinema.
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Iron F
2 条分享
Staff went out their way to make my kids happy
2021年6月 • 家庭
Took my 3 boys to see the new Peter rabbit film yesterday. So easy to pre order online, which made arriving easier. Despite being dead inside the staff were lovely when we arrived. After letting the boys use the loo before coming back to pick up our food. The lovely lady behind the counter then asked the kids themselves what they wanted out of the choices (this made there day as I normally get asked what my kids want) my 2 year old even got an empty box for his baby to sit in. Then a helpful young man helped carry the snacks to the screen for me and made sure we were all OK and told joys to enjoy the film. We all left very happy with the experience and they have already picked the next film they want to see. Definitly recommend.
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英国克利索普斯16 条分享
Horrible experience
2020年3月 • 家庭
I’d visited this cinema several times over the last few weeks with my disabled 21year old son with no problems had been an enjoyable experience as he has just started to enjoy the films. However on Monday when we arrived all excited to see the new Disney film we were told that we had to pay full price for both ( usually discounted rate for disabled and carer ) as I didn’t have a CEA card . I’d never heard of one and indeed never been told about one before . I had only brought enough cash to pay disability rate and to buy popcorn and a drink for my son . As the film was starting in 5 minutes I didn’t have enough time to go home and get a card .. I offered to grab disability badge out of car but apparently that wasn’t enough nor was speaking to My son . He has limited vocabulary and its obvious he has special needs. The ( jobsworth) girl on the desk got the manager but he was totally unhelpful or empathic to our needs .
We were refused entry and we left with my son totally confused and in tears .. that produced an episode outside with challenging behaviours as he didn’t understand why we weren’t going in the cinema .
I hope your pleased with yourselves ! I’m sure you could have taken my name and address and I could have dropped extra cash in at a later date .. or indeed let him in just that once on that occasion . The cinema was like a ghost town ( because of corona virus I’m assuming )
I’m guessing you have no idea how much disposable cash a special needs person has each week to live on ? Well I’ll tell you .. £18 per week and that has to pay for clothes activities etc .. maybe now you will understand why they get a discounted rate and how important that is to them ..
I’ve now ordered a CEA card and the lovely lady there said she was so upset to hear as most cinemas/venues don’t even bother with them ... especially if it’s visually apparent in the disabled person. Which it 100 per cent is in our case ..
Hope your really proud of yourselves !!
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Mike Smith
英国Rawmarsh5 条分享
Good Choice of pictures
Car park full at popular times. But further parking about 100 metres away. Snacks & drinks available.
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