Berwick-upon-Tweed Barracks and Main Guard

Berwick-upon-Tweed Barracks and Main Guard(特威德河畔贝里克)

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Berwick-upon-Tweed Barracks and Main Guard

Berwick-upon-Tweed Barracks and Main Guard
军事博物馆 • 历史景点 • 历史博物馆
暂停营业歇业至 Apr 1, 2022
1-2 小时
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Cliff J
英国伦敦2,100 条分享
A Good Half Day Out
Owned and administered by English Heritage, so entry is free to English Heritage members; including the four museums administered by Museums Northumberland located in The Clock Block (if you intend to visit Museums Northumberland again within a year you can buy an annual pass for £5). There are two museums on the ground floor and two in the 2nd floor. Coming through the main entrance to the Clock Block on the right is 'Northumberland Folk' and across the corridor is 'Window on Berwick' (Berwick's old town). Upstairs is 'Medieval Berwick(Berwick in the middle ages) and the 'Berwick Burrell Collection' a changing display of items donated to the town by Glasgow shipping millionaire Sir William Burrell). Expect to spend at least an hour here before moving across the parade ground to the ‘By Beat of Drum' Museum, charting the history of infantrymen in the British Army. This was by far the best museum but be warned of 'museum burn-out' as there is a lot to see over two floors but it is so interesting and very well done. We missed out The King's Own Scottish Borderers' Regimental Museum, so will have to visit again.

What is really missing is a proper cafe; tea/coffee is available via a vending machine in the English Heritage shop and toilets are available inside the Barracks;
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Kathleen P
英国敦提3 条分享
Fankled & Flummoxed
1. There was no indication at all at the time of booking online that only one museum was open.
2. We had parked in the staff car park (accidentally, but there was no signage to indicate staff only car park) We told the staff at reception and I explained that my Dad was disabled and had very limited ability to walk long distances. I didn't want him to have to walk all the way over the courtyard again to move his car to the official car park, which was still a fair wee walk away from the museum. We were told okay leave the cars there.
3. When we went to leave, the gate we had come through was pad locked! So my husband had to go back to the ticket office and ask staff to unlock the gate.
4. While he was in the ticket office he heard a couple complaining about the price of the ticket (no reduction, in spite of two of the museums being closed)
We were all looking forward to the visit. All of our party of 5 are interested in history. We were keen to learn about the history of Berwick Upon Tweed, The KOSB and the Barracks.
Suggestion - go and visit the Black Watch Museum in Perth. I think you will be inspired.
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英国哈罗盖特609 条分享
Kept us out of the rain for an hour and a half
A very comprehensive , and well illustrated , history of the British Army from the 17th century onwards . The presentation is excellent and you can really envisage what conditions were like through the series of tableaux . It was interesting too to see inside this impressive building and feel what life in the barracks was like ; a bit lacking on creature comforts . We planned to go there when there was a change in the otherwise inclement weather but it is somewhere that shouldn't be missed .
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英国Hove10 条分享
Very well presented
England’s first purpose-built barracks, to provide accommodation for soldiers, and designed by Hawksmoor, is also the story of the British army, from Cromwell to the present day. Well researched and well written, with a combination of captions and reconstruction. Amazing room from the 18th century with soldier’s candle smoked names still clearly visible on the ceiling. Also the location for Berwick’s museum and art gallery, including this English outpost of the Burrell Collection.
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Sarah N
英国Woodbridge8 条分享
A quick visit before we left
I loved the history of the army and could have spent longer here, but the kids were freaked out by the models of people! Lol! I thought they were quite interesting!
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Paul F
英国海威科姆89 条分享
Interesting Afternoon
2021年8月 • 家庭
On a rainy day in Berwick we popped in here and took the team to visit all 3 museums. Loads of information and detail that tells you many stories.
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英国牛顿艾克利夫1,188 条分享
This museum is very interesting and most certainly worth a visit.
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Can't really complain about our visit to this museum. Free parking but its disco parking so do remember your disc. They are available nearby if one is required.

The site has a small shop and your entrance fee gets you into three museums in the grounds. Which are the Kings own scottish border regiment, a museum on life at the barracks and the other is based on the town its self.

The barracks are impressive, with the parade ground in the middle, if walls could talk.

The KOSB was ok, i really wanted to know about the regiments second world war battle honors fighting with the 52 lowland and later at Arnhem. Unfortunately the museum gives a brief insight into its second world war battles but not in the detail i was hoping for. That said the displays are really good with various second world war weapons on display and other trinkets.

The second museum i was told give an insight into the history of the barracks but i found focused more on the story of the British army and its later empty. Which was interesting all the same.

The third museum we never got round to due to time.

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英国Bexhill-on-Sea1,388 条分享
Interesting three museums in one.
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited the military museums. They are done well in the old barracks. How you judge them depends on your interest, as always. We found the place moving and sad as we reflected on the loss of life over the years.
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英国Bishop Auckland1,166 条分享
Great history
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We were treated to some great buildings and the amazing history of the location and their place in the history of the area.
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英国多切斯特114 条分享
Historic Barracks
Good welcome on reception and easy to follow route through the Barracks,Unfortunately the KOSB museum was closed due to refurbishment the rest f the Barracks were well maintained
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