CMX Liberty Luxury 15 & CineBistro

CMX Liberty Luxury 15 & CineBistro(Liberty Township)

CMX Liberty Luxury 15 & CineBistro

CMX Liberty Luxury 15 & CineBistro
Dinner and a movie? If you liked being rushed, gouged for a tip and bad service - go for it!
感谢上帝我们有买一赠一我的主菜因为$27。 00支付给他的丈夫不到罕见的牛排是软骨头的感觉到胃稍微容易了(没说双关语)。 他们让我们觉得非常匆忙(像点击"您是否准备好要点菜"匆忙的脚趾头。 我在酒吧里面坐了10分钟 - 为什么你不让人等待的在酒吧里点他们的饭菜摔下来的那一刻他们这样你就可以坐下来而不是因为有人试图决定疗法/脚趾不耐烦的敲他们想要的东西。 牛排,因为上面提到的软骨头的感觉是比"超级罕见的"血腥和我老公要求它。中等熟。 他的芽甘蓝一侧都是凉的。 韩国鸡翅是足够的。 我的意大利面食"简约"是最好的 - 还有什么不是很热情。 我把我们的碟子都洗到一半的电影终于结束了自己因为没有一个人过来并通过"一次"拿的。 认真地说。 我看了一半的电影通过堆的一道菜。 我可以在家里做如果我想成为一个懒人。 谢谢! 我和我丈夫花了$6了。 一瓶啤酒。 他真的没时间意识到要花多少钱因为我们的脚趾点击服务员让我们感觉很尴尬/医骚扰我们试图想,,,, 电影还是不错的,但是我能看到就好了不用花很多钱的差的食物然后被收了小费18 。 75%点击蛇的脚趾头。 所以我很高兴有一张因为至少我们得到了$20关闭。 我绝不会再来桂林的小酒馆 - 完全不值得。 我可以找到更好的地方很容易更改运行此3 - 所以伤心的是这些钱grubbers不赞同他们。


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俄亥俄Liberty Township76 条分享
$5 Tuesdays and Birthdays!
We visit here often but this year by boys opted to celebrate their birthdays here as well! Movies are only $5 on Tuesdays which makes it very affordable and we were allowed to have a cake celebration in the cafe area prior to watching the movie. Seats are comfy & I was able to buy tickets ahead so everyone could sit together.
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俄亥俄19 条分享
Must see movie here!
Seats move. Can pick your own seat while paying. Can you fandango app to buy tickets-go to kiosk to print tickets. Food. Beer.
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俄亥俄Liberty Township3 条分享
Cobb review
2019年6月 • 家庭
Cobb is one of the best theaters to go to and eat while watching movie. I have enjoyed both and Tuesday is $5.00 .
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Mitchell O
俄亥俄Bryan206 条分享
Great Cinematic Experience
2019年5月 • 家庭
For the price you pay these days to see a movie in a theater, you want an experience that is much better than the one you could have at home. Cobb theaters do just that. They deliver a premium theater experience for under $10 (matinee) that you just can’t replicate at home.

The electric reclining seats are super comfortable with extra padding in the headrest area. The sight lines throughout the theater are superb as viewers in front of you are another level down near your feet.

If you’re into the “4-D” experience (seats move with the action of the movie - better utilized for action sequences) they have their D-Box seating in many of their theaters.

Finally, it you would like a date night sans kids, take advantage of their 21+ theaters where kids are not allowed.

This is a first-rate movie-going experience that will surely please everyone in the family.
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4 条分享
Great place for a date night or just to hang out with friends
2019年4月 • 好友
We went to the Cinebistro side. The service was excellent all the staff were great especially a young man named Sage Beermann. He is a manager there and he personally asked how our visit was and offered his services of we needed anything, he was extremely polite and made the visit even more enjoyable. I would recommend that everyone check this place out!
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俄亥俄Liberty Township12 条分享
Not Just A Theatre!
Food is so delicious! There are times we go to the theatre not just for the movies but for dinner at their restaurant!
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Terry L
俄亥俄Liberty Township243 条分享
Clueless Employee
2019年1月 • 好友
Went out to see a movie with my wife and daughter tonight. We frequent this place because we actually live in Liberty Center. I presented the tickets to the young girl working there as usual. She informs me that my daughter who is 23, looks 25 and certainly over the 21 year old age limit needed an ID to enter. When asked why, she couldn't give me ANY type of reasoning behind the request other than rudely saying "you have to be 21". No other explanation. I didn't have to show ID. Neither did my wife. Perhaps they taught her to be an "Age specialist"?? Needless to say, this made me just a little aggravated because I had to trek back to the other side of the property in 10" of snow to retrieve her ID. So not only do they overcharge for movies, they must have a HUGE issue of young women trying to sneak in with their parents????? C'mon!!! Either find a way to train them better, hire less rude employees or suffer from lack of attendance due to this type of ignorance.
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俄亥俄Trenton71 条分享
Great food, great staff, comfy movie seats
2018年12月 • 好友
Our group ordered food from the concession area. It was awesome, truly upscale for a concession area. The staff brought our food to us in the theater, that’s going the extra mile! The seats are comfy! It was truly a wonderful movie/dining experience!!!
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印第安那Batesville82 条分享
Wonderful Dinner & Movie Experience
We’ve been to the Cobb Liberty Luxury 15 & CineBistro twice in November and have thoroughly enjoyed the dining and movie experience. The movie seats are extremely comfortable – and the food has been excellent. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Overall, we highly recommend the CineBistro!
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Darien B
俄亥俄辛辛那提102 条分享
Great Movie experience
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We see movies all the time the Cobb. It’s a great theater in a primo location. They have a full bar and good food. The ICEEs are the best if you have to keep it family friendly. The bar is very nice. The seats are very comfortable. I love the capability to pick seats and then recline them. A great date place!!!
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