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MAPS Air Museum
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上午9:00 - 下午4:30
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Roy C
卡罗莱纳州Whispering Pines747 条分享
I would have given this museum five stars (Bubbles) if not for the fact that some of the airplanes had wooden ramps on both sides of them, making a decent photo impossible. There is no reason I can think of for people to climb both sides to look into the same cramped cockpit. As a matter of fact, some of the canopies were so discolored, there was nothing to be seen and photographed.

Other than that, this is a pretty good museum. One surprise was a gondola from one of the Goodyear blimps. They also had three different Soviet-designed MiG aircraft, but sadly no rare MiG-19. Their MiG-21 was unusual in that it had Chinese markings but the cockpit was in Czech (which I can read). A docent told me they did not know the province of the aircraft.

They have a decent Tuskegee exhibit, concentrating of course on an Ohio Tuskegee airman. There also is a lot of information about the contributions of women to the war effort during World War II. And do not miss the field hospital exhibit.

Upstairs in the hangar is the Ohio Military Museum.
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俄亥俄Medina51 条分享
2022年6月 • 独自旅游
If aviation or military buff it is worth the visit. Planes are mostly rejects from other museums. But a few you can enter. Military items are Ohio focused. Can cover in 2 hours.
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德克萨斯州休斯顿8 条分享
I took my wife and sister-in-law to visit this museum and their initial reluctance turned in amazement as the museum is not just planes on exhibit. The museum offers a variety of exhibits including a heroes room with stories and artifacts, an Ohio veterans room showcasing soldiers from Ohio who served in various periods of American history, and, yes, planes, engines, airplane memorabilia. They also have the gondola from the Blimp Akron. The folks there are friendly and engaging providing insight into the exhibits. It was a very enjoyable and educational museum.
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宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡18 条分享
Yes, I give this museum an Excellent rating but with one big question.. The day we were there, several volunteers were lovingly painting a few of the planes and performing maintenance. The love and respect for keeping this history alive shines through every exhibit. Before leaving I went to the ladies room (very clean) and much to my dismay, hanging on the inside walls were the beautifully designed glass plaques of female officers. I don’t remember all of them, but one was a Rear Admiral, I believe two were Three Star Generals and a few Two Star Generals. The plaques had their official military photo, a mini biography and several other pictures from their careers. As the spouse of a prior military member, I know how tough it was for these women to attain their rank and achievements. I’m sure they would be quite disappointed to know that these plaques are hanging right outside the stall doors in the BATHROOM!!
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俄亥俄Uniontown13 条分享
2021年7月 • 家庭
Born, raised & currently residing in Green, I never took the opportunity to visit the MAPS museum. Now, with my own family, I’m glad we took a day to do so. My wife and I took our daughter, who loves watching airplanes, so she could see some up close. We had a wonderful experience.

Literally, the museum itself consists of the open airplane hanger (weather permits whether or not the hanger doors are open to the outside) and a few small memorial hallways which are mainly dedicated to different battles/wars and their ties to the Ohio area.

We spent a good 2-3 hours at the museum, toured some really neat aircraft, and heard some great stories. Although we didn’t take an official tour, we did have the chance to hear stories from Dave, who was a tour guide and had some incredible tales to tell. The best part was all the guides were veterans. They weren’t necessarily the stories one would read in a text book, but rather their own personal experiences.

All in all, it was a great day. Our daughter absolutely loved the airplanes and I know we will definitely be back again in the future.

Bottom line: If you have a knack for history, enjoy airplanes, and want stories that you haven’t heard anywhere else, I suggest you take a few hours and visit this place.
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卡罗莱纳州戈尔兹伯勒88 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
Great way to pass some time while visiting family. Had aircraft that I worked with or around while I served in the Navy, and others that I enjoyed seeing the others as well. The addition of the Ohio Military Museum was great as well.
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1 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
Have been visiting MAPS museum for many years- great memories with my son. Recently decided to have my wedding there since it is such a unique and memorable place with a ton of meaningful history. Highly recommend this museum especially because everyone who works here can also share great information and are extremely knowledgeable and kind.
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俄亥俄212 条分享
I have been to many air plane museums but this has to be my favorite. There are many different types of exabits that are inside, outside or in the hanger and prices are very good for the size of the museum. It is also really cool how it is almost next door to the Akron-Canton airport because you can sometimes see some over head!
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Thank You for your review
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俄亥俄克利夫兰409 条分享
2020年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited the MAPS museum today! It was an awesome museum. The outdoor exhibit was very chilly! The tour guides were very knowledgeable! Highly recommend it!!!
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Thank You very much for your review
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Sue L
俄亥俄北坎顿4 条分享
2019年10月 • 独自旅游
MAPS is a great place to see many restored vintage military aircraft. The layout is very easy to walk around and get a very close-up look at all of the planes and jets. The folks who help with the visitors are all very welcoming and helpful. It's easy to spend one hour or many just walking around. And there are displays for the kids.
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Thank You for your review. Glad you had a good time
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