Laleure Winery
Laleure Winery
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密歇根兰辛3 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We arrived around noon on a Saturday and we were immediately greeted by the head of hospitality, Max. I was not only impressed by Max’s good looks, but also his personable demeanor and welcoming attitude. Unfortunately, Max is a dog and was unable to give us much information about the wine offerings. The man behind the counter, however was able to give us all of the information we needed. We didn’t catch this man’s name but he was extremely helpful and told us what wine to get based on our preferences. We tried both the Pinot noir and the Cabernet franc and both were delicious! We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the weather and watching the resident Amish child pick weeds out of the garden. He did a great job. Overall, we really enjoyed the experience and would recommend you stop by!
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The wine we had here was fantastic; server was knowledgeable & friendly. You do have to read the blackboard for detailed information. The outdoor portion was cute & nicely landscaped. However, bathrooms & indoor tasting room were just terrible - (Indoor port-a-johns & not even any running water in the men's room). The whole place had a damp, musty, moldy, old smell. For an entertainment venue that hosts bands & events, bathroom situation should be improved in order to compete with other wineries in the surrounding areas.

I have been to wineries all over the country, including those in Napa, Sonoma & the Russian River Valley. Never have I encountered a venue with an interior space that is this shoddy.
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俄亥俄Boardman409 条分享
2016年10月 • 好友
We went to this little winery becasue we knew the musician who was playing on a Friday night. There is live music on most weekends. My friend, my spouse, and I all arrived from different places, and all at different times due to schedules. I was the last to arrive as I had over an hour's drive. I had asked ahead about food since I knew we would be there without having dinner. They do not serve any food, not even a cheese plate which is a fairly common item in Ohio wineries. I guess they don't have the correct license for food. But you can carry-in whatever you want. I did make my own cheese plate with cheese, olives, pickles, and pretzels and it went well with the Chardonnay we drank.
This is a very friendly place, but if you don't like big dogs coming to your table begging for your food, this is not a place for you. There are two very large dogs that roam the room -- maybe this is why they don't want a food license; I think this could be against health code regulations. That said, the lady at the front where you order your wine was not very helpful. She did NOT explain that if you get a "taste" of wine, which she offered freely, there will be a charge for that. Or that if you don't specify which year you want your wine from, she will give you the most expensive one. I paid $18 for a bottle chardonnay and then noticed on the board that if I had asked for a different year, it could have been $13. By the time we all had "tastes" of 3-4 kinds of wine, our $18 bottle ended up costing $29. Yes this information is listed on a large board in the "tasting room," (which obviously none of us read -- being this was our first time we expected to have everything explained) but she could have asked to make sure we understood the rules
We chose the chardonnay even though 2 of us prefer red wine. But the reds all tasted the same and sort of like they had been cured in an old smokey bourbon barrel. Strange taste -- almost musty tasting. Not good.
We enjoy checking out some of the many Ohio small local wineries, but I'm pretty sure none of us will ever go back to this particular winery. Unfortunately, quantity does not make quality in Ohio. There are goods ones, yes, but there are more not-so-good ones, and Laleure falls into that catagory for us.
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