Beaver Marsh

Beaver Marsh(Peninsula)


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俄亥俄克利夫兰197 条分享
2021年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Entering via the Ira trailhead, turn
left to reach the pond. During warmer weather,one can espy ducks, frogs, cranes and other birds, snakes 🐍 ❤️, several species of turtles, and of course beavers. These weren’t in evidence during our recent winter hike of course, but a local resident told us of a trail off to the right across the entrance to a small park and residential area that is normally inaccessible in other seasons due to bugs and especially thorns. We took it as a detour for about half an hour and it was wild! 🙂 The trail followed a wending path toward the Cuyahoga River and revealed normally untouched wilderness that one usually would never see. We’d been to this general part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park many times and were entirely unaware of that trail. There ARE many thorn bushes to duck under and squeeze past, even in winter, so wear thick clothing. This was a new look at an otherwise familiar spot.
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田纳西Signal Mountain790 条分享
This is rated as one of the must-see attractions in the National Park. It's nothing special as far as such landscapes go but for urban dwellers who get excited about seeing turtles and herons, it's a big deal. Very crowded on weekends.
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Wise Woman Wanderer
俄亥俄Mount Orab700 条分享
Yep! I saw THREE beavers during my visit near dusk in late November 2019. I was ecstatic! I discovered from a local couple that this family normally arrives about 15 min apart swimming up the creek to the boardwalk observation area. They were hard to make out because it was dark, but I could definitely discern that they were three different sizes with one being much smaller which I assumed was the baby. I could easily see the water wave that they made as they swam. Zillions of geese and ducks were in the marsh, too. I wish that I had come every morning and evening during my trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but am glad that I made it at least once. Definitely in the top 5 of things to do/see in this park!
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Erica C
爱荷华得梅因573 条分享
We walked down the path to the Beaver March and while we were not rewarded with beavers we did see lots of wildlife. There were many turtles and birds out to see. Short walk but great overlook.
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俄亥俄Bluffton437 条分享
Imagine the amazing wildlife - beavers, otters, muskrats, fish, birds that will move in when great ecosystems are allowed to be reclaimed by the natural forces. This spot used to be a car salvage. When it was cleaned up, the beavers dammed it up, and with the quality water that moved in, it became the wildlife paradise it is today. See remnants of the Erie Canal here too. History AND wildlife.
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乔治亚Cartersville575 条分享
We saw little wildlife yesterday😕 Did see some geese😉The pure beauty of this place was enough on a breezy chilly late afternoon😉 Plenty of parking😃 The marsh is a 1/2 mile walk from the car, enjoyed the old water dock on the way😃The bridge over the marsh is a work of art, well done😃 Enjoyed this small hike, planning another trip in hopes of seeing beaver😃
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Gene E
俄亥俄Cuyahoga Falls292 条分享
Easy to access from Riverview Road in the Cuyahoga Valley. Park in the lot just north of Ira Road and walk a couple hundred yards north along the Towpath.

Although the open water is slowly being taken over by the Lily pads, the beaver are working to keep the level up. Several spots along the boardwalk give a view of the beaver lodges, plus fish, frogs and the Great Blue Heron that feed on them. The remnants of the Ohio Erie Canal that connects the open water are home to muskrats and otters ... always fun to watch.

Birds vary with the seasons and can be found in the woods along both sides of the Towpath north and south. It’s a popular birding spot and a photographer’s haven.
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弗吉尼亚Manassas628 条分享
My SIL dragged us to this location as one of the places she wanted to visit inside Cuyahoga National Park. Sure glad she did. This area has an amazing amount of wildlife that is accessible for all to see. This is along a bike path so beware! Keep a tight rein on small children as the bikes are on you before you know it. Bug spray also if you are prone to being food for the wee critters. We saw everything from swallows to snapping turtles to snakes.
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Paul S
Marion1,565 条分享
Looking across the beaver Marsh on the towpath trail, it's hard to believe it didn't always look like this. Instead of lush meadows and mrash, this was the site of a salvage yard for many years. Now beavers build and frolic with other wildlife off the boardwalk trail and provide many Kodak moments or selfies, depending on the photographer's generation. One of my pet peeves is cyclists who hurtle down a bike path like it's the last stage of the Tour de France and don't watch out for slower cyclsits, pedestrians, wheel chairs, etc. I am happy to report that at least during my visit all either slowed down for the the boardwalk or walked their bikes to take in the view. This section, and I believe the entire towpath, is accessible, dirt but hardpacked, mule team wide, level, and smooth. A parking lot is tucked away about a quarter mile from the marsh so it is to get to and less crowded than Peninsula and Boston Mills areas.
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英国大伦敦913 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Free parking . canal path is flat so allows easy walking. Be aware there are many cyclists. Loved all the lily pads - so beautiful! We were lucky to spot a snake and two types of turtle - snapper and red painted - both in and out of the water.
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