Trammel Fossil Park

Trammel Fossil Park(沙伦维尔)

Trammel Fossil Park

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纽约州纽约市8 条分享
Must hit destination while in town! This was great for kids who are interested in dinosaurs! With a half day trip!
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俄亥俄哥伦布35 条分享
Entertaining Day Trip - Small Interesting Fossils
There are a tone of small fossils. They are mostly of the types pictured in the images from other reviews. Don't expect beautiful surroundings or large fossils. check out a maps program to see the area.

We couldn't find any trilobite fossils... and we looked for a fair amount of time.

My son's are 15 and 16 and they both had a pretty good time, but I think younger kids and kid's that are really into paleontology would love it.

Bring eye protection, chisels and hammers if you want (some will probably break). However many fossils have already been freed from the rocks and can be found simply by looking.

There are some decent restaurants and parks close by too. Families can easily make a day trip to this location for fun.
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Jeff G
密歇根Battle Creek120 条分享
Interesting Geology Near Industrial Park
Educational spot to take kids but the amount of trash around detracted from the experience. Several of the informational signs were in rough shape but the ones you could read were insightful.
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亚利桑那马拉纳81 条分享
Cool place!
2020年9月 • 家庭
This place was really cool. Found several fossils for being there just a short time! Had fun with family hunting fossils.
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2 条分享
Informative fun
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I enjoy looking for fossils. The park is well laid out and explains the rock layers that are exposed. Wish I had kids to bring here.
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肯塔基Hagerhill123 条分享
Wonderful little gem
Stopped by this little park while in town visiting. So glad we did. Its a wonderful little treasure. Very well kept, CLEAN porta potty with hand washing station was a plus. Only there a few minutes with little effort and found several fossils, I'm sure we could have found lots more if we had stayed longer and looked harder. Some really large ones too. We opted to leave them for the next set of visitors. Really great spot. Next time we will pack a picnic lunch.
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印第安那印第安纳波利斯172 条分享
Visiting Sharonville
2019年7月 • 家庭
Interesting trip to Trammel Fossil Park. Small but quite interesting. Free admission and good information before going to the area where you can see small fossils embedded in the rocks. We spent 30 mins, saw interesting things and find small fossils to take home. Recommended if you are traveling around have young kids to show the fossils.
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俄亥俄Fairfield855 条分享
Excellent fossil site
2018年7月 • 独自旅游
Trammel Fossil Park is a little out of the way, but worth a visit for fossil buffs. There are excellent signs explaining the rock strata and the types of fossils that can be found in each layer. I would highly recommend wearing boots with a hard sole.
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印第安那拉斐特91 条分享
Little place, LOTS of fossils
2019年3月 • 家庭
This is a little place, just ten acres in the middle of an industrial park. It’s closer to Mason than Cincinnati but well worth it. My grandkids are teenagers who are usually more interested in how they look than searching for old stuff. Yet when they found out that the fossils were right on top of the ground, no digging and no real searching, well all that changed. We really enjoyed their faces light up when they realized that the rock they were holding was over 100 MILLION years old. These are Ordovician fossils. Climb up near the tree line away from the main groups of folks to find stuff or the extreme left bottom by the parking. There is really no trick here just have fun and be careful because of unstable ground. It’s a great way to cap a day with a few more hours to sap their energy.
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Yellow Springs50 条分享
Trilos, brachs, coral, etc
2018年9月 • 家庭
Great place to let kids explore. Avoid the cliffs over the adjacent buildings...very steep. Wonderful place to find trilobite fragments. Learn what to look for and head up the hill just past the sign indicating the trilobite area. We found about nine within 20 minutes! Also super areas to find double sided mini shells.
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