Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House

Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House

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So you grew up in a ranch house, a long horizontal box where rooms merged into each other without doors or stiff formality? Welcome to the original, Frank Lloyd Wright's 1908 Westcott House in the unlikely tourist town of Springfield, Ohio. Actually this is one of a dozen or so of Wright's "prairie houses" but it is one of the best. And after a $5 million renovation, one of the few that is accessible to gawkers. You have to make a reservation in advance for a group tour. There's an admission charge. The interior is even starker than it was in Wright's day as the foundation that did the restoration wisely stayed with pieces known to have been in the original. The starkness makes Wright's radical plan ever clearer. All of Wright's buildings had problems with materials. The restored Westcott House shows its age in places. That's because it's authentic, the real deal.
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Kate Illinois1
伊利诺伊州4,191 条分享
Built in 1908 and beautiful restoration. Learn about the Wescotts and be sure to ask about their ties to the Titanic if not mentioned on tour. I wish I could remember the docent's name; He (older gentleman) had a great knowledge base about the Wescott family, era and FLW. Our tour started with short film then an extensive tour of house and grounds. Pictures(no flash) are encouraged. This house has many interior similarities to the Oak Park house. I purchased tickets on-line to assure time availability as we travel through the state. Restroom on site in gift shop. Ample free parking on site.
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This is unique among the FLW homes I have visited in having skylights of leaded, colored glass, after Wright's design. I cannot remember whether our guide said the glass was original or had to be reproduced from Wright's drawings. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer questions.
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德克萨斯州达拉斯1,734 条分享
We arrived after tour hours. The home is definitely Frank Lloyd Wright’s low, prairie style home. It dates to 1908 and, unfortunately, from the outside time has not been kind to this sprawling home. The upkeep and maintenance must be a daunting undertaking.
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Becky R
俄亥俄Upper Arlington1 条分享
A wonderful way to spend a pleasant afternoon! Our guide shared many interesting details about the history of this home and FLW's life in general. There was plenty of time for pictures and questions. The tour included the building, grounds, and ended with the horse stalls. It lasted about 1.5 hours, but make sure to add time to browse the gift shop.
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Marybeth B
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2022年8月 • 好友
I just moved to town and this was one of the first places I visited. The tour was outstanding. Out tour guide was knowledge and passionate about the history. This is a must see both if you are a fan or novice! Highly recommend!
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宾夕法尼亚Waynesburg252 条分享
We often look for a Frank Lloyd Wright structure while traveling and came across this home while searching the internet. Not hard to find, street parking, with a nice little gift shop.

We made our tour reservations on-line for a 1 pm tour on Sunday. Tour was to be approx. 1:30, but lasted close to 2 hours. Our guide was a architect, so we were treated to a great deal of information and a professional perspective. A couple of the folks on our tour were also professionals so the questions and discussions were interesting to the remainder of us who were FLW fans.

We had a warm and sunny day, so it allowed us to see several "outside" perspectives on the house and the site.

It is amazing that this house has been saved after years of being an apartment building and neglect. The non-profit created to save the home has done a wonderful job of rebuilding.

Worth the visit.
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纽约州Malta136 条分享
An excellent example of the way FLW was influenced by his time in Japan. The organization carefully restored the building in just four years. A really amazing project. So much of the house and furnishings had to reconstructed so we see could what the property looked like 100 years ago.
Having seen many of the Prairie Style homes in IL and NY, it was a treat to find this unique home in Springfield Ohio.
The tour was comprehensive, inside and out. We got to see everything from the birdhouse to the pony stalls, the closets to the gardens.
Appreciated the history of the Westcott family and their neighborhood.
We were thrilled that the gift shop was so well-stocked and docents were helpful.
It is obvious that recent events have stopped any further restoration and maintenance.
We would encourage everyone to support the continuing projects with donations and purchases.

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Deby S
佛罗里达蓬塔戈尔达96 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
So thrilled that we had this opportunity to tour this house with our wonderful, enthusiastic docent Phyllis.
We learned more about Wright’s design ideas and concepts. By far this house was the most spacious we have visited. The design of the house has a really natural flow. My husband was surprised by how dark it is inside; despite all the windows. The restoration team did a fantastic job rebuilding this gem. We loved all the fixtures, stained glass and furniture. We highly recommend this exceptional site and it’s gift shop!
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9 条分享
2022年6月 • 独自旅游
This is an excellent example of the Prairie style home with a hint of pagoda inspiration. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and shared interesting stories to add to the tour. Definitely recommend for any Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast!
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