Cullen Park

Cullen Park(托莱多)

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印第安那南本德3,259 条分享
Very popular boat ramp.
I went to just sort of hang out and take boat photos. The cargo/freighters were pretty far away from the park, but I got a few. As far as the boat ramp goes, it was really busy. There is a lot of parking for boat trailers. The park was clean and even has a trail you can do to hike out to the end of the breakwater, but I did not due to time constraints.
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俄亥俄托莱多7 条分享
Great stopping place to view the Bay and to see the coal ships.
We've stopped at Cullen Park to walk the point, to see some water and to view the coal ships loading across the bay. I had worked security at the coal dock for a year or so and find the coaling process worth watching even from a distance. Its a good place to snuggle up during certain weather conditions just to enjoy the vibe.
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Rick P
俄亥俄托莱多53 条分享
GREAT Free boat ramp!
2018年9月 • 好友
Easy access to Lake Erie and the Maumee River. Nice boat ramp with plenty of lanes. Special launch area for kyakers. Always a group of retirees sitting on the bench crituque'ing your boat launching technique. They have some good stories. It's worth sitting and talking with them. You know they are the same guys that meet there everyday and have their morning coffee.
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Kiwi P
俄亥俄托莱多12 条分享
Pleasant nature area in the city
2018年7月 • 独自旅游
On the north side of the park is a small forest area, water pools with marsh plants, and native plant are with an interpretive trail for walking. There is a driftwood area on the north where it piles up and people come to collect it for art projects. A mile long causeway with a hiking trail, depends on how high the Lake Erie water level is, goes out to what used to be an island with small beaches. On the south side is a boat and kayak launch, fishing area with access to Maumee River and Lake Erie, park benches and a cookout grill. Its the only park in this side of Toledo that has all these things and activities. Many birds stop by the park during migration and during the winter people come to see water birds like ducks and gulls. In the spring and summer there are frogs, butterflies, and dragonflies to see in addition to flowering native plants. Saw families enjoying the park this spring with kids and small nets to scoop up tadpoles, bugs, and maybe snakes. Easy access to the nature areas.
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Toledo, Ohio27 条分享
Nice docks
2018年4月 • 家庭
This is a great place to put your boat in. Plenty of parking and the docks were brand new last year. Keep an eye on the water level though. IF the wind is right, it can be shallow
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Carol S
Sylvania139 条分享
Updated and Family Friendly
2017年6月 • 家庭
This is a great asset to Point Place. Cullen Park has always been a go to place to get your boat in the water but they've added walking trails and have really updated it nicely.
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俄亥俄托莱多120 条分享
The Recent Updates, Free Admission, New Docks, Our Favorite Place to Dock`
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We've been using Cullen Park since 2001 to launch our boat. They used to charge admission but now they have updated the park, put in new launching docks, added benches, better porta-potties, the whole place is better maintained - Our no.1 place to launch. Thank you Point Place, Toledo for keeping this water access open to the public!
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Ohio18 条分享
Nice Boat Launch and Walking Path
2017年5月 • 家庭
This public boat launch has been recently renovated, so it is nice and accommodates boats, kayaks, and canoes. There is a new walking path in a man-made wetland, and another path that leads to Pinkley Trail - an excellent bird-watching trail on Maumee Bay!
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Toledo, Ohio41 条分享
Free Boat Launch with wildlife refuge nearby.
2017年4月 • 好友
Point Place is an area in North Toledo. One of the gems within Point Place is Cullen Park.This multi use park has a little for everyone. If boating is your thing, there is a free boat launch with plenty of parking for trailers and access to Lake Erie If you like walking, there is a paved trail leading to adjacent Bay View Park Wildlife Area. If you look carefully you may see the resident bald eagle family. Bring your binoculars. Recently I've observed in the marsh many waterfowl including mallards and coots (sometimes called Mudhens). Factoid... The Toledo Mudhens professional baseball team was named after the coot/ mudhen.This is a great to place to do May Spring birding as they take rest here on their trek north.
There are also a number of areas to try your hand at fishing. Maybe youll be lucky enough to catch a walleye or some perch.
Nearby is Bay View Golf course for seniors and Detweiller Golf course for everyone else.
Be Aware, there are no restroom facilities at this location!
I recommend Cullen Park and surrounding area for all families.
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