Moonville Tunnel

Moonville Tunnel(Vinton)

Moonville Tunnel
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俄亥俄Poland28 条分享
Great history
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
It was a windy twisting gravel road to this tunnel. It is a short walk to tunnel. Also make sure to look for telegraph poles along the trail.
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Donovan C
俄亥俄Ashville390 条分享
No Ghosts today!
2020年12月 • 夫妻情侣
I have lived locally my whole life and have never made it here until today. The story of the place is intriguing and the drive in is extra picturesque!! The trails are pretty long and gonna be much longer and more branches soon. There is a chain link fence with padlocks all over it in memory of someone that perished on the tracks. The tunnel abounds with tales of spirits from the other side but alas none were seen today. Unfortunately people have graffitied the inside of the tunnel and it really takes away from it. It would be great in the summertime when all the foliage is in and people are playing and floating on Raccoon Creek. If you come to the Hocking Hills check it out!
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俄亥俄克利夫兰135 条分享
Cool, beautiful place
2020年8月 • 家庭
It is a little bit hard to find but it is quite beautiful when you get there! There's a small parking lot and then it's a short walk to the tunnel. You walk over a bridge and apparently it's a thing to bring a lock to put on the fence of the bridge. Some people put their initials or painted the lock. We did not see any ghosts but still very neat!
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俄亥俄哥伦布57 条分享
The Drive There is Scarier
We found this "meh" and it was relatively busy. Google maps took us a really back-road way from Athens,Ohio, which was far scarier than the actual tunnel (narrow, twisty-turning, gravel roads with little or no cell phone reception). We also visited King's Hollow Tunnel nearby, which was by far more desolate and felt "spookier". As a lot of reviews state here and other places, be sure to have directions before you go as cell reception is poor at best and you won't possibly be able to rely on a cell map apps.
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Steve B
俄亥俄Moraine129 条分享
It's Not the Destination , It's The Ride !
It was a Very Beautiful Ride Getting there ( If on a Motorcycle , PLEASE be Careful ) the Last few Miles are all Gravel with winding Curves and Steep drop offs , But well worth it , It was different and Better than Expected , I Highly Recomend seeing this Place !!
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259 条分享
Unfortunately Graffiti
We visited the tunnel on a warm, comfortable day. The view upon just coming to the tunnel entrance looking though to the other side is loveliness. We walked down to the creek and skipped rocks and watched a caterpillar cross the path.

This was the first time I'd seen a love lock bridge, interesting history. Hard to believe all the weight that locals can out on bridges.

Unfortunately all of the clean up efforts have been waylaid by graffiti.
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Richard J
俄亥俄哥伦布4 条分享
Moonville Tunnel
2019年5月 • 家庭
Very spooky feeling there visited many times night is best time to see it. Lots of history surrounding the tunnel ....many supposed ghosts
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俄亥俄Zanesville341 条分享
Much easier access since they built the foot bridge
2019年4月 • 家庭
I have been going to the Moonville Tunnel for many years and I always enjoy it. When I first started going you had to park your car near the one lane bridge and hike along the creek to get there~which could be a muddy mess if it had been raining recently. Now you go across the bridge, turn left into a small parking lot and walk across the foot bridge and you're there! As most people say there is lots of graffiti~seems like more every year and I was sorry to see they sprayed over the train that someone painted inside the tunnel. In all fairness I have never been there after dark nor do I want to visit at that time of night :) The history is interesting!
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Ronnie M
俄亥俄West Chester356 条分享
Rail history
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Moonviile tunnel is a great piece of railway history. Do yourself a favor and read about the history of this town from the 1800’s.
Great piece of history and the stone work even today is magnificent. Sad to see the graffiti all over it. Follow the RR rail trail signs to get there. Backroads for sure but it’s entertaining with the stories that go along with this place. Enjoyed walking through the tunnel and traveling down the trail on the other side.
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俄亥俄102 条分享
Take the insect repellent
2018年10月 • 家庭
This is an awesome easy hike for those who like history, nature and all things spooky. We have hiked this path near and through the tunnel twice this fall and really enjoy it. A little advice: Take insect repellent. The mosquitoes are plentiful and can ruin the entire hike. Also, print off a paper copy of directions. We thought we knew where we were going but lost cell service quickly once we got into the foothills. The Dining Lodge and Visitors Center at Lake Hope have area maps to purchase as well.

We didn't see ghosts but there is a distinctly different feel on the path on the far side of the tunnel. It's just a feeling of unease and being watched.
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