Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

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印第安那南本德3,432 条分享
I knew that the house would not be open when I went, but still wanted to visit and photograph the outside. I did pick up a NPS Pamphlet at a NPS location in Dayton, I I have that. To me, it was worth going an hour and a half out of my way to check it off my list, but scheduling a tour would be the way to go obviously.
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Divide, Colorado66 条分享
The recap of Charles Young military career reveals a dedicated man battling the prejudice of his age. His forced retirement before WWI to avoid his commanding white soldiers in France, then his restitution after the war when he could be returned to commanding colored troops was eye-opening. Thank god for his patience with the system and service.
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德克萨斯州Mansfield1,095 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
A few quick facts about the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers NPS site.

- Charles Young was the 1st African American superintendent of a US National Park (Sequoia)
- Commander of the 9th & 10th Buffalo Soldiers Army Calvary regiments.
- buried in Arlington National Cemetery
- Charles knee 7 different languages!
- house was used as a stop on the “Underground Railroad for escaping slaves.
- home appointed as a NPS site in 2013 by President Obama through the antiquities act.
- call ahead - the home & tour are not always open. Appointments may be required.
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Jennifer R
密歇根Brooklyn31 条分享
2019年6月 • 家庭
My family found this site to be a sad reminder that history can only be saved for generations if people are willing to put forth the effort.

This site does NOT serve Colonel Young justice for all he accomplished during his time. The house is sparely decorated with displays from his life. Not at all what I was expecting to walk into. I was hoping the house had more items from his life and that was not the case at all. The house is pretty much an empty shell on the inside. I would loved to seen items from the Buffalo Solider's or from Colonel Young's life displayed.

Worth the visit to stand in the home of a man that accomplished so much. But its also a stark reminder of how easily accomplishments of that magnitude can easily be dismissed because of the color of one's skin.
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佛罗里达那不勒斯325 条分享
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We make every effort to see all the NPS Monuments, Historical Sites and Parks when we travel. This is a nice find and somewhat isolated. We were lucky to that the site was open; we phoned ahead to make sure it was open. A diamond in the rough! Very historical with an intriguing story about Charles Young. The student interns did a fine job providing a guided tour of the site and telling the life story of Charles Young.
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Brandon Gerding
俄亥俄利马964 条分享
2018年6月 • 家庭
Before you attend you have to call to schedule a tour. We visited the Charles young home and read the historical markers and seen the house from the outside. Good quick stop if you enjoy history or are a national park nut like me.
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乔治亚Cartersville590 条分享
2017年7月 • 夫妻情侣
I knew this before I made the trip, but the home is seldom open without an appointment:( It seems few people really care about history in today's world:( and this park is probably off ones radar completely. For me, I love history and what I read on Mr. Young life:) It was an honor for me to just stand on his land and look at what his eyes once saw:) My wife did find a Charles Young gift pen in the parking lot that someone lost, what a find:):)
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卡罗莱纳州索尔兹伯里996 条分享
2017年6月 • 家庭
I have visited the house twice, the first time about 2 years ago and then this year. Although some minor additions have been made to the pictures, the site is still in a similar state to the initial visit.

We arrived before the site was open so my niece could get a picture of the house and then we would get the passport stamp at one of the other southern NPS sites.

Early in the morning we arrived at this site near Xenia, Ohio. Since this site is quite new and doesn’t have normal operating hours, we were just going to take pictures of the house and then go onward to our next location. Upon arrival, it was sprinkling a bit, so we ran out and got our pictures, then returned to the car. While trying to figure out how to get to Huffman Prairie Airfield, part of the Dayton Aviation National Site, on my GPS, the park ranger showed up while we were sitting in the car. He came over, and I mentioned that we had just stopped to get the pictures of the house, since I knew it wasn’t operating under normal hours, however he invited us in to see the interior of the house.

We went in and I noticed a few more pictures were on the walls this time compared to a previous visit, yet most of the rooms were still fairly empty. He played the site video for us and was willing to answer any questions we had. Although I thought it was a bit interesting, my niece didn’t think very much of the site because of the lack of furnishings.

The Ranger noted a potential target date of 2020 when he thought the park service would have the house interior looking like it would have during Young's residency.
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宾夕法尼亚Elizabethtown342 条分享
2016年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Even though this site was declared a national historic site in 2013, it still has a ways to go before it is fully developed. At least it has a brochure. We went to another site that was designated earlier and they were still working on their brochure. It does not have regular hours. On the website, it tells you to call this number to see when the house will be open for tours. Luckily, when we called on the Saturday we were planning to be there, someone answered the phone and said that she would be there that day for tours!! yay!
Apparently, they can't open for tours full-time until the sprinklers and other life safety issues are taken care of. We got a personal tour by the person in charge of this site. They had a movie which was very informative and details the life of Charles Young. There were 10 posters on the 2nd floor which chronicles his life. Otherwise, there really aren't many memorabilia or artifacts attributable to Charles Young. They are also in the process of developing the Junior Ranger program for this site.
It's worth a visit if they are often. It should take <1 hour at this point. We were glad to be able to get our park stamps!
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伊利诺伊州埃文斯顿3 条分享
2016年6月 • 好友
The house itself has many modern updates. You do not feel as if you are entering a national historic landmark. There is not a lot of detail on the man that lived there. There is limited information listed on a few out of order posters. The trip through the whole house will take less than 10 minutes. The only reason to go is to get a national park stamp. The house really should not be part of the national park system.
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