Wheelock Academy
Wheelock Academy
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Go and visit for an afternoon and learn about the Choctaw nation and history.
Fantastic setting, excellent displays celebrating the Choctaw history an culture. Take a walk down to the tribal lake and sit by the peaceful waters.
We were made to feel very welcome, we are Irish and spent several hours exchanging stories and histories between our cultures.
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2018年5月 • 好友
I don’t live that far from Wheelock Academy (I’d driven by the turnoff many times), but had never actually stopped until recently. For some reason, I had this vision of an abandoned old building in the middle of nowhere with nothing around it and I was nervous in the past about going down there by myself. Absolutely none of that was true. The grounds are a couple of miles off the main highway, and there’s actually a really nice historic site maintained by the Choctaw Nation. There’s an interesting museum with pictures and artifacts from the school (though please note they do play an audio of kids occasionally laughing which no other sounds which is a little creepy and initially surprising considering the rumors of the place being extremely haunted. At least I assume they were purposely playing the audio, since it was identical each time and went off several times while we were in the building. Plus the museum curator didn’t seem alarmed.). And there’s several buildings and a pond to walk around. The buildings consist of the bell pavilion, the main dormitory, the schoolhouse, remains of the art cabin, home arts building, and the laundry. There’s also a water tower and a pond a several picnic tables. The grounds are immaculately kept. It’s a beautiful place to stop and walk around. Most of the buildings cannot be entered. It takes about an hour to two hours to look around depending on your level of interest. And if you’re a would be ghost hunter (or not), the grounds are extremely peaceful but there’s definitely an interesting atmosphere at the back of the buildings and around the pond.
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Wheelock Academy was a school for Native American girls that functioned until the mid-1950's. The main building is endangered and is in need of funding for renovation. The building that was once the teachers' housing has been renovated and is now the office and a small museum. The displays do a good job of explaining life at the school. They also make you ponder the wisdom (or lack thereof) of the how our government dealt with Native Americans. If you are visiting southeastern Oklahoma this site is worth an hour or so of your time.
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2015年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We have been through this area many times and did not know this place existed. This once impressive place is falling into ruins but they are trying to renovate the buildings. They have a small museum and that is where you will spend most of your time. The museum has many photos and some artifacts from when this was a thriving place. Rumor has it some of the buildings are haunted but we didn't see anything.

It's a little off the beaten path but if you are passing through, it's worth an hour or so to see.
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2015年7月 • 家庭
Grounds were well kept. Museum was self guided. Lots of pictures of students of the boarding school. The main building cannot be entered because it's not safe. The restored teachers dorm is where the museum and gift shop are housed in air conditioned comflort. The question to restore the other buildings is in a survey there. Even though it is a historical.site, the Oklahoma Historical.Society does not maintain it, the Choctaw Nation does. Choctaw artist beadwork and other things are available at the gift ahop.
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2014年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Who has heard of Wheelock Academy, much less know where Millerton, Oklahoma is? I didn't until we visited Beaver's Bend and saw the sign for Wheelock. Wheelock Academy is a female boarding school founded in 1832 by the Choctaws who were removed to Oklahoma via the Trail of Tears. There are surviving buildings from the original academy. In the most recently built part of the academy, there are many, many pictures of the former residents of the academy. Seeing the life of these girls and reading the letters from family, requesting admission of their children brought tears to my eyes. The last Native American girls were moved in 1955. Since 1993, Wheelock has appeared on the list of Oklahoma's Most Endangered Historic properties. In 2000, the Academy was lised as one of America's Eleven most endangered historic places.
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