Five Civilized Tribes Museum

Five Civilized Tribes Museum(马斯科吉)

Five Civilized Tribes Museum
专业博物馆 • 历史博物馆
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Zaakirah M
14 条分享
Insightful Historic Tour Stop
We stopped by the book store on our road trip and purchased books and magnets. The man in the book store was very knowledgeable about the Native American tribes and even recommended a website where we could purchase the tribal maps that were for sale in the store.
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Thomas S
Muskogee, United States2 条分享
Bad experience
Was going to visit and was told I couldn't park in their parking lot. I assume it was because my wife works at the VA or maybe its because I'm a disabled veteran. Not sure but in any case I wont be back. Guessing maybe why their parking lot is empty!
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Vince G
德克萨斯州Pottsville90 条分享
Nice place
By now, you know that there are a lot If you are interested in the history and culture, you will find this museum another piece of the puzzle. There is an art display by local artist, and all the art is for sale. There are some interesting things outside to look at, also. On the second floor, there is a video explaining some history that is interesting.
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德克萨斯州阿比林156 条分享
Small, but nice.
2020年3月 • 好友
Very small, but informative museum regarding the true trail of tears which involved the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Seminole, and Creek Indians. There’s some nice art on the second floor, as well. I recommend it, and it won’t take long to view.
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Bixby, OK49 条分享
Small Museum with a lot of history!
This is a small museum packed with a lot of history, artifacts, art, and a gift shop. The best part of this museum was "Loraine". She is so excited to tell you the history of the museum and the Oklahoma Native American experience. Every part of the museum has a story and she is delight to tell you about it. She really makes this small museum come alive. Learned that Oklahoma is the Iodine provider for the world. The cost is only $3 per person. You will receive a brochure and a list of the most interesting points in the museum. The restrooms are clean and an elevator is available for second floor access. Afterwards you can visit the Honor Heights Park and then hit "My Place West" for some excellent BBQ.
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3 条分享
roll number books for the five civilized tribes
this is a native American museum, not too big so it's a good fit for a nice pleasant museum visit without a lot of walking, it has a nice collection of artifacts plus displays of native American artwork, some old and some done in modern times, some for sale. it is a wonderful source of original enrollee numbers to track down your Indian ancestry in the five civilized tribes. the folks there are very helpful with information about the museum and Native American history, they have a very large collection of artifacts but a small area to display them so artifacts and art are rotated in and out from the warehouse, the building is the original council house and i think well worth your time to stop in and visit. the museum adjoins honor heights park, another stop for well worth your time. happy trails, tumbleweed216
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俄克拉何马州俄克拉何马城146 条分享
Thought the Art was arresting!
Though the collection is small, the art is amazing. The museum is quite small, but the story of the Indian is worth knowing. Our guide was knowledgeable, however, she had a strong political bias that she felt strongly presenting was her right. It hadn't to do with the terrible way the Indians were treated, but our current President. I gently explained that a certain assumption she expressed was incorrect, and she said, "I know", guess she just wanted to vent.. But that didn't dampen the experience of the museum.
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Kayes, MALI, West Africa76 条分享
Opened my Eyes to US History
2018年10月 • 好友
Lots of wonderful artifacts, and explanations of the Five Civilized Tribes (civilized = having their own alphabet), including all the betrayals they experienced. There was an excellent movie which explained the history of the Oklahoma territory. Also a beautiful Art Exhibit on the second floor by Native American artists. I wish my kids could have seen this when they were young.
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Patrick C
纽约州Hudson Falls311 条分享
A look back
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Being from upstate New York we are familiar with the Iroquois and have some additional knowledge of plains Indians this museum while small had a nice selection of artifacts and artwork on display it is definitely worth the time and small addnision fee for this venue
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Mo S
威斯康星威斯康星峡谷14 条分享
Very interesting
Enjoyed the museum. Too bad it wasn't bigger but is housed in a historical building. Enjoyed all the information provided.
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