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2023年10月 • 好友
The venue is my least favorite, so I will only go for certain shows. Standing, with hardly a view most of the time, I'd rather drive to Dallas than go to this venue.
Nothing else about it was notable in any good way either, really... OKC deserves better.
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tristian m
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went here for motionless and white and I got to say they were amazing in concert. but the criterion sucked they have little no understanding for diabetics and their need for sugar in case of low blood sugar. on top of that they make you throw away bottles of water to make you buy their 5$ bottles of water just to stay hydrated in a hot building which is ridiculous. I would recommend a different venue in the future to anyone wanting to come here.
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Buck B
俄克拉何马州俄克拉何马城2 条分享
I have been to a few shows here now. I would consider it the worst venue in OKC. It was built to be a concert venue and is the true definition of lower bidder. There is a U-Shaped Balcony. If your under it at any point the sound is dead. They put the bar in the sweet spot of the sound. The ceilings are so high the sound gets lost. It generally takes the headline bands 3-4 songs before they can get the sound dialed in. This is even with a pre show sound check. They have good concerts, but its not worth paying the overpriced tickets, over priced service fees, and over priced bar menu to attend.
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德克萨斯州沃思堡122 条分享
with 15 minutes before the show started it started Raining and we were kept outside then an hour and half into the show they were still seating ticket holders it is older venue but the fence around the balcony and poles are right in your view of the show
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俄克拉何马州Noble14 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
They have tried to cram too many seats into a back area that literally has NO VIEW of the stage. And they slapped a 46 inch tv up on the wall so “people can see” in that whole back area… it’s absolutely ridiculous! Look at the seating chart people!! If you aren’t in the 3 sections right in front of the stage….DONT BUY THE TICKETS!!! Don’t waste your money! More than likely won’t come to another event at this place.
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Trisha B
DC area8 条分享
I've attended this venue for concerts and for private events. I have always enjoyed my experiences, but, and I cannot stress this enough, if you buy tickets to a seated show, DO NOT GET SEATS UNDER THE BALCONY OR YOU WILL HAVE THE WORST SOUND EXPERIENCE EVER. Seriously, it is a dead zone under the balcony.
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The Criterion is the best mid-size live music venue in Oklahoma. Great place to see shows, and always feels intimate regardless of where your tickets are. The bookings are diverse. Definitely suggest coming here to see your favorites.
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美国6 条分享
Lindsey Stirling was Amazing. Criterion venue … not so much. 75 for a seat. that was behind a pole support for the upstairs balcony. Very grateful that Lindsey moved around so much else it would have been a disaster.

So beware of section A. the pole is seats 7 or 8 of row 9. make sure to triangulate from there else you are going to spend the night like a pendulum rocking side to side.
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俄克拉何马州塔尔萨1 条分享
2021年8月 • 好友
The venue setup is decent enough, however I went to see Kesha last night and saw a disturbing encounter. A trans woman went into the women’s restroom as I was walking out. No patron was bothered or walked up to complain, but as I was walking out a “security” guard was walking to the bathroom very loudly exclaiming “I don’t care what HE is wearing HE can’t go into the women’s bathroom”.. at this point I was nosy and went back in the restroom.. the security guard proceeded to have the womens bathroom attendant POUND ON ALL THE STALL DOORS and kicked this poor woman out for no reason. Disgusting. Not an inclusive environment and I won’t be returning to this venue again. This “security guard” went out of his way to single out a trans woman that most people wouldn’t have even had a second thought about. Maybe do an actual security job instead of policing bathroom stalls from a threat that doesn’t exist.

I complained to one security guard who referred me to the “supervisor” who very clearly did not care since his response was a sarcastic “yeah I’ll make a note of it”.
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Ray C
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2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Third time to The Criterion, and the last time. The other experiences, were ok to not to bad. Last night to see Granger Smith was my last. From the get go, standing in line outside the venue, petition person going up and down the line trying to get people to sign a petition on Oklahoma's prison judicial system. I barked back do the crime do the time. I say build more prisons, put people to work, or start executing them that need to be gone. Then Criterion staff going up and down the line barking rules while we're standing outside on a cold night. To the ridiculous way of people getting through the doors. Four lines of people merging into two lines just inside the door through security to a standing only event. Nice thing I will say they did provide us with chairs because of my bad knees.

Then for drinks, one beer, one bottle of water, $12!!! I asked the guy, are your freaking kidding me?!!! I felt like the people running this place should be in prison for robbing people without a mask!

The concert was pretty good. Then upon leaving getting stopped at the door. We couldn't leave with an open freaking bottle of water. What a stupid rule or law. So I threw the rest of that high dollar water in the trash while letting them know what I thought of their rule.

No worries, we will not be back. That venue is a joke. Worst place ever. Yes we know venues, going to 2-3 concerts a month.
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