Purple Glaze Studio
Purple Glaze Studio

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Tara E
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2023年9月 • 好友
Our girl scout Brownie troop had a BLAST and I cannot say enough amazing things about the owner AND staff at purple glaze! They took such great care of us, went above and beyond & we are extremely grateful they allowed our scouts to finish off earning their pottery badge with them!
If you're looking for an amazing paint & glaze pottery place, I HIGHLY recommend them!
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俄克拉何马州Henryetta4 条分享
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A group of our ladies from church went for a day trip.
The young man working there was very helpful.
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Gary B Gomez
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2020年2月 • 家庭
Took my Granddaughters on a cold Feb. day. 5 year old and 10 yr. old. Great fun had by all. Really inspires creativity. Personal attention was excellent. Plan time to get fired before pick up. They will ship.
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俄克拉何马州巴特尔斯维尔1,091 条分享
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During a recent girls weekend with two of my closest friends we decided on the spur of the moment to try our hands at ceramics. We arrived right after lunch and were able to immediately select our pieces and start the process of painting. There are a wide variety of pieces to choose from as well as paints; therefore, you can be as simplistic or artistic as you want. We found the staff to be fairly helpful but I think they could have offered more assistance for a group that had never painted ceramics. In addition, some of the base pieces were pretty expensive and when we checked out we were charged a higher price than what was originally marked on the items so that was a bit frustrating. Overall this was a fun experience and I would highly recommend it for families.
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Susan M
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2018年4月 • 好友
My children admire my ceramic Christmas tree that was handed down to me by my grandmother. A friend suggested checking out Purple Glaze. I was very excited to be able to make such a sentimental handmade gift for my children to treasure for years to come. My plan was to give them before Christmas so they can enjoy them, therefore, I planned ahead because I've never worked with ceramics before and didn't know how much time would be involved in each one. I began this project in early Spring and after putting in the orders, waiting, painting and waiting some more, I finally have 3 trees. Sad to say I still have no lights for my tree because every associate would tell me they were being ordered. Seems that there is a communication breakdown between workers/managers. They had a huge supply of small lights that they told me went with the tree, but they were obviously too small. I was told that the holes for the lights are hand drilled, so maybe that was the problem, but they wouldn't admit that they did anything wrong. I've never received an apology for the inconvenience of having to wait and at this point, I've got almost $200 into product with not one finished tree.
Sure this is a fun place to bring your child and paint one little piggy bank or puppy and take it home, but for anyone considering on doing a large project such as myself, you might want to consider elsewhere They just don't have that type of customer in mind.
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俄克拉何马州Claremore57 条分享
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We've been here several times and my husband loves taking the grandkids.
One even had her birthday party here. You get to pick the pieces you want to paint
They have all the supplies. Parties are welcomed. Lots of fun finishes. When done set a date to pick up your fired, finished product! Enjoyable outing
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Sarah O
俄克拉何马州Sapulpa18 条分享
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2015年6月 • 家庭
I want to stress that this is for the 91st St location, have not visited the Peoria one, but can't find a separate TA listing. Visited with son over the weekend. We were steered toward the option of staining and glazing instead of painting and firing, but I did not protest much because it made my son happy to leave with his piece. I pointed out that the non-fired option was not as shiny but was corrected by an employee (the owner?!) that it was glossy. I later overheard an employee help customers choose between the options by describing them as "shiny" or not. Hmm. Our expensive glazed finished ceramics were only glazed on the top anyway.
A cool shop concept, but I left feeling like I spent way too much for very little. I imagine they have to straddle the line between "hovering" and abandoning. I'm not a total idiot but also am not a painter, so would have been happier if our assistant person had not disappeared as we picked out paint. I simply read the directions on the bottles. I also irritated another customer by asking, to make sure, that we weren't supposed to put more than one coat of our stain-type paint on pieces not to be fired. Sorry, lady. Allow about $20 per person and be clear with what you want. Not glossy, not shiny, but clear, ha!
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俄克拉何马州奥瓦索92 条分享
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2014年11月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I went there tonight. We loved it. Great atmosphere. Friendly staff! Good place to go!

Some say it is a bit high priced but you have to think about the fact it is a business to run plus you can't find any place like this around town!
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Sherri F
俄克拉何马州奥瓦索218 条分享
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There is something therapeutic about painting pottery. We visit a few times a year and always love it it is expensive bit worth it.
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tulsa1 条分享
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This studio is by far the best in tulsa. We have visit a couple of other pottery shops around town that are now going out of business and purple glaze has the best selection, customer service, and almost identical prices. The staff there is remarkably attentive and they have what seems like thousands of projects. Best of all their ceramic is all locally made.
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