Trapped in a Room With a Zombie

Trapped in a Room With a Zombie(塔尔萨)

Trapped in a Room With a Zombie
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1-2 小时

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Dawn C
Muskogee7 条分享
Too Crowded
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
There were 4 people in our party. We were grouped with 8 other people we didn't know. Add the host and the zombie and you've got 14 people in a small room. I've done escape rooms before and am fairly knowledgeable at figuring out clues. However, with that many people (especially people we didn't know) it was too chaotic and hard to work. Add the zombie and people running from it and you get your feet trampled on. The concept is good. But I'll stick to smaller groups. P.S. The "critique" at the end was a bit embarrassing. We were told we were the cheerleaders aka sideliners. We were told we did nothing. I didn't pay money to be humiliated...not sure how that's considered team building.
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Carrie G
德克萨斯州Little Elm1 条分享
Trapped in a room with a zombie
2016年6月 • 好友
The concept is cool. We had fun. There were 7 in our party and they added 4 strangers. If we could have been on our own, I think it would have been more fun. The 4 extras made it hard to interact. In the end we lost but almost did it. The hosts ended up praising most of the group for things they did except two people she couldn't remember names for. One being me and another person in my party. She called us "cheerleaders aka sideliners" to which one of us was sight impaired and the other, she failed to note any contributions that were actually made. I left feeling a little humiliated and embarrassed and I paid $19 for it lol. I WILL go again but next time I will figure out how to reserve a spot for a group of people we know. I just found the backward humor very odd for a team building event. Again still had fun.
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tahlequah276 条分享
Loved it!
2016年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We solved 4/5 riddles and had a blast! Check on groupon before ordering tickets to see if there are discounts. There is a maximum of 12 people in each group. We had 4 so we were with people we didn't know, but we still had a blast.
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Mark Q
俄克拉何马州马斯科吉167 条分享
Glad it was a gift and we didn't have to pay for the tickets.
2016年1月 • 家庭
For the amount that they are requesting per ticket, we were expecting a lot higher quality entertainment.

We were a group of four joined by a couple close to my age plus a group of six teens.

The teens took over the entire room. They didn't communicate with anyone other than themselves. But that wasn't the business's fault. I would recommend that if you decide to do this room escape, book the entire party with people you know instead of taking the chance with strangers.

The "room" was nothing more than 2x4 framing with fiber sheeting inside a vacant store front located in a nearly empty strip mall.

The "zombie" was a guy in scrubs and a little face makeup. You get better quality special effects from the Halloween isle at Walmart. Just saying.

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俄克拉何马州Claremore14 条分享
Difficult and fun
2015年9月 • 家庭
Went today w entire family of 14 range kids, teens and adults...we had a great time, it was difficult, ur gonna have to think while being distracted by the zombie. Definitely would do it again!!
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