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Delaware11 条分享
Fantastic tour of Peru
We had originally booked to travel to Peru for a self guided tour in April 2020 and due to covid shutdowns we needed to postpone. Lars and Geert were always very helpful and kept in communication about when we were comfortable rebooking. My cousin and I just got back from Peru and it was really a trip of a lifetime. The tour path enabled us to see so much of the country and culture. All of the hotels were very comfortable and the bikes were in excellent condition. The people of Peru were not only super friendly but they really take covid safety seriously. I would not hesitate to book with Ride Adventures again!
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Chris M
俄亥俄辛辛那提2 条分享
Best Week in Oregon 2021
After postponing our trip due to COVID we finally made it out to Oregon for their Best Week in Oregon route. It was definitely worth the wait and did not disappoint. Communication with Eric and his team was very good, the bikes were flawless and the GPS routes took us on some absolutely amazing roads. Definitely the best 5 days we've spent on a motorcycle. Can't recommend Eric and his team enough. If you get the chance do it.
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纽约州Clifton Park7 条分享
Great ADV Tour Company!
If you want to ride an adventure bike in other countries and don't want to deal with shipping your bike or dealing with the logistics, then I can't recommend Ride ADV enough. The whole process was smooth and my guide was amazing. The bike was clean, maintained, and worked well during the whole trip!

I will be using Ride ADV again in the near future.
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J4465, thanks so much for taking the time to share this feedback, and we look forward to your reaction to the next trip!
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Dan W
2 条分享
The best way to travel
What a great experience! If you are looking to "try before you buy" or need a do anything motorcycle for an adventure, this is the place to go. The Ride Adventures team is professional and friendly. There are no egos here. The bikes are immaculate and perform as they are supposed to. It was easier than renting a car, and way more fun because its a motorcycle! I will be using them again in the future.
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Much belated, and therefore not sure who this was from (Trip Advisor stopped sending us notices apparently) thank you very much for sharing the good word! Yea, I mean, who would rent a car when one could rent a motorcycle, right? Ha, ha.....thanks very much for your time in this note.
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Chris L
1 条分享
Covid 19 (When you need to be sure you are booking through professionals)
A big thank you to Christine, Eric (and Lars in Peru). Three of us coming out of Australia had planned the ride of a lifetime, riding the length of Peru from top to bottom for July 2020. The guys at RIDE Adventures could not have been more accommodating in setting up a customised iternary to take us over the Andes and South through all the main attractions starting in Trujillo in the North and exiting through Aqrequipa in the South.

Covid 19 hit the planet and threw all our hopes and plans into disarray, (along with everyone else's). The guys at RIDE had no problem in placing pause on the trip, to be resumed another time of our choosing. Unfortunately due to reasons that I wont go in to, it was not possible for us to commit to another date at this time. Due to this unforeseen circumstance, RIDE happily returned our deposit, and wished the best for us in the future.

If you are looking for professionalism, agility and the best bikes, I would not hesitate to recommend RIDE Adventures.
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Chris, thanks for the note, and yea, tough news for everyone that this didn't work out on time. The whole world affected. - Fortunately, the non-refundable expenses we incurred allowed us made it reasonable to eat those amounts, and offer the refund. RIDE on!
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Anthony K
13 条分享
Northern Patagonia self guided tour that never took place but I was charged for..!!
I purchased the self guided tour on March 06th of 2020 for over $4550.00 to go to Patagonia first week of April 2020. I only purchase this service after RIDE Adventure told me there were no Pandemic issues in Chile or Argantina at that time and that they will be flexible if issues arise. About a week later there were issues is Chile and Argentina and RIDE Adventure told via email me to cancel the trip because the borders were now closed for Chile and Argentina. Then they kept my $4555.00 and refused to return my money blaming it on the Pandemic and cancelation of the trip. They had provided no services at this point to me at all, no reservations for hotels or motorcycle or any custom maps, but would not respond to my emails and refused to refund my money. Fortunately, I had kept records of all the communication and escalated this issue to PayPal for their intervention, and after a careful review PayPal ruled in my favor and reversed the transaction with this company. During this process in talking to PayPal I also discovered that RIDE Adventure had illegally charged me a PayPal transaction fee separately of $136.65 on top of the $4555.00. In my opinion RIDE Aventure is not a trustworthily company, and I would not recommend this company to any traveler.
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This is another example of why Trip Advisor's credibility is disintegrating, as they continue to allow people like Anthony K. to tell lies instead of the truth.  First, to suggest that RIDE Adventures was supposed to predict that any country, border or other would be shutting down due to a global viral pandemic, is of course ridiculous. If we were supposed to know something that's never happened before would suddenly happen, then why didn't you know, Anthony, and why did you call us and insist on booking your trip given the risk? Instead of being like our many excellent Customers with integrity who accepted our rescheduling offers, or those who waited for their refund to be arranged, Anthony K. turned out to be one of the short-listers who immediately filed for a chargeback from his credit card company. We went from discussing his rescheduling, to a zero-warning notification that he had initiated his chargeback. Yes, when people take this approach, we thereafter lose interest in "working" with them.  Despite our recommendations to purchase Trip Cancellation insurance, our offerings to reschedule, or waiting for his refund, Anthony K. placed himself on that special short list of people who just won't take responsibility for their actions, but who feel better about themselves by posting things like this. The part about us illegally charging a PayPal fee is false as well, as their terms allow merchants to charge handling fees, and Anthony K. was made aware before purchasing of this charge.  The only semi-truth in Anthony K's review? The part about us not having provided the services he purchased. Why is that true? Because Anthony K. cancelled his trip, BEFORE the trip was set to take place. All was reserved and ready for him, with our long list of non-refundable expenses. Again folks, please consider the credibility (or lack thereof) in these Trip Advisor reviews. Unfortunate as it may be, some folks choose to lie like this instead of telling the truth for whatever personal shortcomings they have. As always, I'm willing to discuss the proven credibility of RIDE Adventures, and the manner of integrity in which we operate with anyone, anytime. 
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Atlanta4 条分享
Northern Patagonia 8-day self guided tour
This tour was epic. The scenery was something off of postcards. Living in the Southeast, we just don't see mountains, volcanoes, high desert and rain forests. Even the ferry ride was beautiful as you can see snow capped mountains in the distance.
The route had some very long days due to the gravel. We took it easy on the washboards and divots, etc. as it is a long way to get help if something happens. Unlike some tours, you have the option to go with the route that is provided or choose your own. We programmed the recommended route into our MyRoute App so that we could focus on the scenery and be sure we got through the small towns or the traffic in the resort towns.
The hotels were mainly good. Some days ended in quite remote towns. There weren't many options in those towns. We generally ate dinner close to the hotel as we just wanted to shower and eat at the end of the day without traveling far or having to put on motorcycle gear again.
The motorcycles held up well to the pounding of the gravel. We definitely went faster at the end of the trip than early on. While we had taken off-road courses and practiced on forest service trails, it's another thing to do 70 miles of gravel with no cell service and little opportunities for help. We took a Garmin InReach satellite communicator. I recommend that to anyone riding unsupported.
Overall the trip was epic. It was beautiful and felt like an experience that I will talk about for a long time.
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Atlantariverdog, we're glad if you enjoyed! Wish we would have earned a full 5 Star rating, but the main thing is that you finished your Patagonia trip safely, and got see yea....just how remote some of this riding still is. Come on back for other adventures anytime, and by the way, when I lived in Vinings years ago, someone found an alligator on the Chattachoochee in town nearby. Careful there : ) Eric
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Kath C
英国北约克郡141 条分享
Extremely helpful and informative
A big thank you to Eric for all the help he has given us planning our trip to Patagonia. He's very informative and has given us some very sound advice!
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Kath, thanks for the note, glad if the info helps! See you in Patagonia : )
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加利福尼亚圣何塞12 条分享
Didn't take guided tour
All I did was rent the motorcycle via RIDE Adventures (brokers, not the actual motorcycle owners) and did not pay for any kind of guided tour. Hence my review is limited to the pick-up and drop off of the bike and interactions with RIDE Adv. themselves.
I toured both Chile and Argentina on a 500cc Honda. I booked my own hotels and picked my own restaurants. I appreciate RIDE Adv letting me set my own schedule and itinerary. Both of which I adjusted on the fly due to weather and other interests. The Honda was newer and rode without any flaws. The only spill it took was when it tipped over while on the ferry. The clutch lever broke, but I repaired it well enough to not lose any travel time.
The pick-up and drop off of the bike could definitely use a coordination upgrade. Both were a pain in the rear with the logistics being so poor. They advise you to stay in Pucon, but they don't meet you at the hotel like other companies I have dealt with. You will have to take a taxi to a house way out in the country; a house without an address by the way. Good luck getting a taxi that can find the house on the first try. Guess who pays for the taxi? Leaving was even worse, no one knew the phone number for a taxi and their advice was to walk a mile and a half to bus stop on the highway.
I was not happy to be paying even more money at the pick-up. When the balance said zero in October, I thought I would be done paying. No matter how RIDE Adv justifies it, you will be paying more than you think for renting the motorcycle.
I don’t know if my experience would have been different if I had paid the big bucks for a guided tour. I haven’t heard back from RIDE Adv since I emailed them with the same concerns listed above.
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Cameron, thanks for the review, for which we guess a 3 Star scoring isn't so bad. I just wish the truth was being told in your comments though. As such, Trip Advisor Staff and anyone else watching: Please continue to consider the credibility of online reviews.  First, RIDE Adventures does own motorcycles and yes, we also act as an agency in some cases...just like every other international Motorcycle Tour Operator around the world. So especially when a Customer approaches us close to peak-season, in a time when our own bikes may be sold out, we do work with our regularly contracted Partners to best-serve the Customer's request. Such is explained clearly in our Terms & Conditions, which are available before we ever accept payment, and all is part of why we are 100% successful providing the vehicles services we promise on schedule. Also, we send our Customers to a professional motorcycle shop that also happens to have personal residences on the multi-acre property, and not just to some 'house' as was indicated.  Furthermore, RIDE Adventures provided exactly what was promised in your Quote and Invoice. While we do offer airport/taxi services with other packages, your request was specifically to remove those added features (only wanting a rental and the least amount of service possible from us) and so I'm disappointed to see that we're now accused of not providing services that were not promised or paid for. Also, it's true, the postal service in Chile does not have specific addresses for our shop (such is true in many parts of rural Patagonia) but everyone else seems to find it just fine with the clear instructions and maps we provide. Although it was New Year's Eve and an extremely difficult time for taxis anywhere in the world, I've learned that one of our very busy Teammates did drive you to the bus pickup location, (unfortunate that such was left out of your comments.) In closing: We received payment for and provided exactly what was requested, and there were no further obligatory purchases after that, or 'tricks' as indicated. Can't say how disappointing for our hard-working Team to provide exactly what was requested and paid for, and then have to read these comments. (We will be requesting that Trip Advisor removes this entire review, as it's inaccurate, and a waste of any reader's time.)
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Mark W
1 条分享
Awesome Patagonia Ride
Just returned from a 12 day Patagonia trip with Ride Adventures. Most amazing experience of my life. The bikes, hotels and itinerary provided by Ride Adventures were incredible. All aspects for the trips by far exceeded my expectations. The bikes were almost brand new and preformed flawlessly the entire trip. Had brand new tires so not even a flat tire over the 3800 kms we rode. The hotels booked by Ride Adventures were clearly the best in town for every stop we made. The Itinerary book provided by Ride Adventures was very helpful and provided good recommendations for gas stops and food along the way. Eric (Ride Adventures owner) has clearly rode the route and knows the recommended distances to travel each day based on the terrain.
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S3629YWmarkw......thanks so much for commenting, and we're so glad you enjoyed! Sincerely, the best news we get in the office is that folks are enjoying the experiences we suggest and arrange, and so thanks very much for reminding us we're 'on track.' :) Come back any time. Lots of other good stuff still in the Andes Mountains, and beyond. Eric
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