Cannon Beach History Center and Museum

Cannon Beach History Center and Museum

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Seattle, WA158 条分享
2022年8月 • 独自旅游
This is the best small town museum I’ve seen. The exhibits are really well done and there’s great artifacts such as the original cannon that gave the town its name. I learned about the cannon, the shipwreck it was from, the geology of haystack rock, and the history of the town and its past problems with a tsunami and septic problems that drove its incorporation.
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Alan M
德克萨斯州休斯顿298 条分享
If you have come this far, do ensure that you visit this history center, it's worth it's weight in gold.
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50 条分享
We met with the new manager Andrea and Deanna to see what they had on our Lighthouse at Tillamook Rock and realized that this museum is the historical ground zero for Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. We will be donating more items about Tilly. The large replica of Tilly was built to scale and donated and can be viewed 24 hours a day through the glass-windowed house that surrounds it. I was surprised to see a porthole that I had donated in 1980 with a lighthouse picture loop. By supporting this museum you support "Terrible Tilly".
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俄勒冈泰格德33 条分享
I am a native Portlander (Oregon) and grew up going to the Oregon Coast. Yet, I somehow missed the history of the "Daddy Train" which I learned about at the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum. I also attended a lovely jazz concert there for an audience of 30. Cannon Beach is known as the artist town of the Oregon Coast, so it would be easy to focus on the galleries and quaint restaurants along front street. However, going a couple blocks inland to the Museum is a must. There is a long history to Cannon Beach, long before it became a very wealthy coastal town known for its art galleries. The power brokers of Portland vacationed side-by-side with the homesteaders of Oregon -- a story worth knowing told by the staff of this charming museum.
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加利福尼亚普莱森顿119 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We spent an enjoyable hour here leaning about the area. The museum building is beautiful and new. We walked from our lodging which was great as Cannon Beach has lots of traffic. A very busy town so a quiet museum was a real treat. I think this is a museum for adults more than kids. I would go again.
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Robby G C
加拿大多伦多78,235 条分享
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We wanted to learn about the Canon Beach before we went to the beach.

It was well displayed.

Canon Beach was named after a canon from a schooner.

On September 10, 1840, the USS Shark wrecked. Luckily no one died.

Lots of people come to Canon Beach.

Lewis and Clark came here as well.

They also talked about the first settlers.

This region is called thr Graveyard of the Pacific. The ocean can be very dangerous.Lots of boats went down.

Every year there is a Sandcastle Contest from people around the world.

They also explored the Great Depression, WWII and native American longhouses.

I learned a lot in the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum.

Worthwhile to explore!
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华盛顿奥本99 条分享
2019年4月 • 家庭
We always hit up the History and Museums when we travel, even if we've been before, but this was our 1st time to this facility. It has a lot of great information and even how the town got it's name. Worth a stop if you're needing something to do on a rainy day. Staff was friendly and helpful.
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俄勒冈Forest Grove171 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We came here on a Saturday afternoon acter spotting it from the road driving towards Tolovana area and Haystack Rock. We are native Oregonians and had never seen it before. The museum is FREE with suggested donation of $3.00. At first it looked like a lot of reading without any artifacts. I started reading and soon got hooked on the stories of local history, government, Lewis & Clark, Native Americans, shipwrecks and Cannon Beach tourism. They do have some fascinating shipwreck artifacts: bells, a compass, beeswax and other items. There is also a minimal gift shop with books, buttons, tote bags and notecards.
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Neil R
伊利诺伊州Glen Ellyn80 条分享
2018年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Well worth a visit if you are interested in local history and the hardy souls that built Cannon Beach before it became a vacation spot. The museum is nicely designed and you can easily walk from display to display......all were very interesting and informative. The Museum staff was very welcoming and well informed. While we certainly enjoyed the Museum, the high-point of our second visit was to listen to a talk by Dr. Cameron M. Smith (from Portland State University) concerning new (and old) theories that address how and when the Americas were settled. A most informative presentation. When you visit the Museum ask if they have any upcoming speakers. While Dr. Smith may not be scheduled, I'm sure other speakers (and other topics) are of his caliber. My wife and I were so impressed with the Museum (and its mission) that we became members even though we live in Illinois. We are of the opinion that local and regional museums that are really informative deserve financial support more than similar institutions in large metro areas.
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Portland421 条分享
2018年4月 • 夫妻情侣
With the rain pouring down and a cold wind blowing, we sought out an indoor activity in Cannon Beach. We were pleased with our choice.

We were warmly greeted by a docent who was more than willing to answer questions. We have visited Cannon Beach for over 40 years but never stopped into the museum before.

The history covers the living conditions of the First People who lived here when Lewis and Clark first visited.

There is the history of the horseback mail run from Astoria to Tillamook.

The Daddy Train from Astoria to Seaside.

The discovery of the cannon from the vessel Shark that wrecked off the mouth of the Columbia and its cannon floated on wreckage to what is now Cannon Beach.

It took 71/2 hours to travel from Portland by ferry down the Columbia and then overland from Astoria.

And there is much more. It’s worth a visit as it is free. They do ask for a small voluntary donation.
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