Willamette Coast Ride

Willamette Coast Ride(Carlton)

Willamette Coast Ride
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华盛顿埃德蒙兹5 条分享
Fantastic Riding for Fit & Advanced Equestrians
Lindley and Justin Leahy are a finely tuned partnership that made my ride last week absolutely wonderful! They even managed to have the weather gods cooperate! This is a an amazing experience for advanced and FIT riders! We did a ton of cantering on the beach and walking in the woods and forest on some of the most fit horses I have ever ridden. The accommodations, food, emphasis on fun and SAFETY were always paramount. Logistics of moving the horses and us were well organized and smooth. I loved it. I had the chance to ride three different horses, all of them just excellent. I have done many equestrian trips all over the world and this was definitely one of the best!
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Dorothy E
乌干达坎帕拉1 条分享
Choose this ride!!
It doesn't get better than this. Great horses, incredible hosts, stunning variety of terrain: wild wind-tossed beaches, perfect for cantering through the salt spray, stunning mossy stretches of shady old growth forest, sunny well-groomed vineyards...incredible! The ancient Ghost Forest of Neskowin is a highlight. This ride introduces the best of the wild Oregon coast, the majesty of towering spruce, fir, and redwood forests, and the bounty and epicurean delights of the fertile Willammette Valley, all seen atop willing, lively horses-- a variety of interesting breeds and crosses, and many good jumpers-- expertly trained by Justin. Lindley also runs a breeding business specializing in Connemara/TB crosses (see Bally Carlton on FB). Justin and Lindley are perfect hosts: friendly, knowledgeable, wise and thoughtful to the max. They ensured that everyone on our trip was perfectly mounted and 100% comfortable. The vineyard tours, B&B's and restaurants were great, and happily accommodate special requests. Really one of a kind! Don't miss it!
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内华达里诺6 条分享
Great Ride
I have taken several riding vacation. This ride is at the top of the list. I have ridden there three times and it keeps getting better. I am older and ride two to three times a week. That prepared me for the long days in the saddle. In 2019 I did a horse drive in Idaho again long days in the saddle the only downside was the food and the attitude of our hosts they were for the most part very stand offish. They included the tip in the price of the trip most of the staff was family so that rubbed me the wrong way The Willamette Coast ride had great food, caring hosts and the best English riding to be found on the West Coast. What impressed me the most was the attention paid to the safety of the guests. I have been on rides where wearing a helmet was the exception. For the most part you are riding with strangers who may not have the riding experience expected for these ride one unsafe rider can endanger the rest of the group. I have seen the hosts at the Willamette ride evaluate the riding skills of the people and match them with horses that will keep them safe and still preserve the fast pace of the ride. I am going again in Sept.
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Margo S
肯塔基列克星敦11 条分享
Perfect riding adventure.
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I came in August after COVID cancelled our previous vacation plans. Lindley was very accommodating of our short notice and helped me determine if the ride would be suitable for my husband who has horse experience but isn’t an expert rider. The first day we were welcomed and paired up with our horses. They had a few options of sturdy steeds and quickly found a nice match for each rider. The first morning we settled in with a ride around the property and hopping over a few ditches and then moved on to a winery in the afternoon. Each day of riding was fantastic, different from before and progressively more advanced which made for a perfect week. We had a blast and learned a lot from Justin on our rides. Galloping on the beach was such a treat and we can’t wait to come back.

They were very thoughtful about social distancing, wearing masks and always having hand sanitizer.

Thanks to Neiko, Peter, Sapphire, Primrose and Peter (aka White Lightening) for the rides!
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3 条分享
Wonderful ride, wonderful horses, wonderful hosts!
2020年8月 • 好友
This weeklong, english, riding vacation was wonderful! I have taken multiple riding holidays to Europe and this experience with Justin and Lindley ranks right at the top. Vineyards,coastal mountains and hand gallops on the beach were fantastic. Each day surpassed the previous! If you are a serious rider, this trip was designed for you!
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明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯7 条分享
Best trip ever
2019年9月 • 好友
My friend and I who are both fox hunter people signed up for this trip. Unfortunately I broke four ribs six weeks before the trip so I couldn’t do the full amount of riding, however I was very well accommodated with a fabulous horse who took very good care of me. This trip was superb in every way. The gorgeous upscale accommodations, the beautifully curated meals, And above all the fabulous scenery including deer, elk, Eagles, owls, seals, and a black bear. All close up and personal while riding through the forest, several vineyards, and the Pacific coast beaches. I highly recommend this trip for an experienced, strong English rider.
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Harrisburg9 条分享
Everything I signed up for
If you are looking for an adventurous multi-day ride and enjoy spectacular scenery and amazing food and drinks this ride is for you. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed every day of this ride and was very surprised by the diversity in the region. Lindley and Justin have curated a wonderful blend of comfortable accommodations, wonderful meals and wine tasting experiences on top of challenging, breathtaking rides. The accommodations were so enjoyable that I felt I had two vacations in the same week.
There were absolute treasures to be discovered in each property we stayed in, and there is just enough extra time in each day to do a small bit of exploring.
As a bonus, I enjoy immensely learning all about the local flora and fauna of a region as well as the ecology of the area and Lindley is able to share an enormous wealth of information! I dub her the Galloping Naturalist!
Be sure to read the ride requirements, don't exaggerate your ability, this is advertised as a ride for a strong intermediate to advanced rider. It's good to challenge yourself but remember that if you are not that level of rider you may be disappointed or injured and others in your group are expecting to ride at the higher level of challenge. My friends and I are a bunch of dinged up foxhunters with international riding experience. This was a challenging ride but worth every minute spent in the saddle.
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Tuija N
丹麦哥本哈根2 条分享
2018年9月 • 独自旅游
I was on this horse riding trip exactly one year ago. This is by far the best horse riding holiday I’ve ever been to. The horses are very well trained, and both Lindley and Justin are true professionals.
I personally would have been rather upset, if there were inexperienced riders on this trail, and I am glad that Justin and Lindley emphasise the importance of the riding skills needed on this holiday.
Accommodation and food were also amazing.
I really want to experience this again and recommend this holiday for experienced riders. The owners take great pride in the horses and their training, so it’s important to that you’re humble enough of a rider to receive instructions. In this way this holiday will be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had.

Tuija from Denmark / Finland
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Cherie L
路易斯安那州卡温顿13 条分享
Fabulous experience
Fabulous experience.

My husband and I have a strong background in horsemanship and have taken riding vacations for the past several years. The Coastal Ride is one of the best rides we have been on. Justin & Lindley have the experience and level of horses that made it special. Justin worked to make sure we were mounted on a horse that suited each rider’s needs, & Lindley’s choice in accommodations were fabulous and the food exceptional. This is not a ride for novice riders, but for those with a background in riding it was outstanding, most days you did extended canters of a few miles.. The “fern forest and beach ride” took our breath away. To add to this, our wine tastings were at magazine level venues and we came away with a great deal of respect at what goes into a fine bottle of wine.
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶1 条分享
Willamette Coast Ride is a winner!
2018年9月 • 好友
This is an amazing ride! Justin and Lindley are truly talented and gracious. They have trained brilluant, strong and happy horses, and take the time to make sure you are a good match with your equine partner.
If cantering on the beach is on your bucket list, this is the place! Bring a good skill set, a good attitude, and be up for a challenge, and you will have the experience of a lifetime!
Thank you Justin and Lindley, you have created something truly special!

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