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Fox Theater(Dallas)

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Melissa M
俄勒冈Dallas7 条分享
Great small town theater
2020年3月 • 家庭
Great prices. W are always pleasantly surprised with the movies that are available. Food and snacks for purchase if needed that won't break the bank. Can't beat it.
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俄勒冈Dallas761 条分享
Ran Poorly
2019年6月 • 家庭
The first time we came here it was not bad. We watched Captain Marvel. The theater is pretty old school, but it was kinda cool. We had enjoyed it and how cheap in price everything was.
It was the second visit that left us bitter that we probably won't go back for awhile. We had gone to see Avengers. I thought it would be great with all the locals enjoying the movie until we realized the owner had advertised out of town in Salem. We did buy our tickets a few weeks in advance and showed up 30mins before what we thought was suppose to be when doors opened. Doors were opened way before and the movie previews were already playing. It was so packed in the lobby we could barley open the doors and get through to the theater. Almost every seat was completely full. I found two seats in complete darkness for my kids and I had to stand in the back trying to use the light from when the door opened to try to find a seat. It was 10 minutes till I decided it was ridiculous. I kind of got anxiety from the situation so I stepped out of the theater and the lobby was still completely full of people getting snacks who probably weren't going to find a seat either. I made it outside to see a few people asking for refunds. So I decided to do the same. The owner Jeff, (goes by Jeff Mexico on FB) tells me to go grab my kids. So I did and he just handed me my money back. Not a single apology. Seemed a bit bitter, perhaps because so many were asking for refunds? He totally over advertised and never put a sold out sign or anything. Us, along with several other's went to Independence, waited in line for a little bit, had a good comfortable seat and enjoyed our snacks and movie.
Probably won't go anytime soon to the Fox theater. The owner of this theater is also the owner of the one in Stayton.
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Jason S
俄勒冈Dallas100 条分享
2018年12月 • 家庭
Relax in this quaint little theater. Way cheaper than going to Salem in the heart of downtown dallas. The food is good too
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Micah P
俄勒冈Monmouth4 条分享
Love this theater
I love this little Dallas theater. They serve booze and food items and they are very inexpensive. They only have one theater but it is gigantic and it's a great way to escape the crowds in bigger surrounding theaters.
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俄勒冈塞勒姆98 条分享
Local Older Style Theater
2017年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Had the occasion to see a film here Christmas Eve 2017. This theater is of the wonderful old style that many people might remember from their childhood. This theater is older and a bit worn but for us that's a part of its charm. It's very small and local so do not go there expecting the latest technical thrills. However, this theater does offer a wonderful local experience at an extremely affordable cost that will take you back to the gold old days of movie theaters.

The snack bar is affordable and does a brisk business due to it's affordability. You can actually go to the snack bar without breaking the bank and that's a nice touch in today's world.

A hint is to see the afternoon movie as it's less busy. You can park on the street by the courthouse and walk around a bit of the Dallas downtown waiting for your show to start.
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Alison J
俄勒冈Dallas9 条分享
Great small town theatre
2017年8月 • 家庭
We love going to the theater here in Dallas. The owners work hard to bring good new movies at a very affordable price. They recently added food options to add to the appeal. The kids enjoy going, getting a very affordable kids meal, and watching a movie.
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俄勒冈Dallas45 条分享
fun old style theater to go see a new movie.
This theater is one of the oldies. Good popcorn, and fun atmosphere to see a movie old or new. We have beeen there many times, and the small concession stand reminds me of a young chilld going to the movies. It's clean, and comfortable too.
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Donn A
俄勒冈Dallas21 条分享
2016年11月 • 独自旅游
Dallas is SO fortunate to have such a wonderful first run movie theater located as part of its historic downtown Courthouse Square. The owners, Jeff and Robin Mexico, love small towns and local movie theaters, and it shows! With prices significantly less than other theaters in nearby Independence or Salem, and some of the best priced concessions to be found anywhere in our area, you can't go wrong. Add in a state of the art digital projection system, a brand new highly reflective screen, and digital surround sound and you will enjoy a movie viewing experience equal to anything you'll find in much larger communities! The Fox Theater is a Dallas, Oregon treasure!
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Donn A
俄勒冈Dallas21 条分享
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
The Dallas Fox Theater features a special reflective screen for optimum video projection quality, surround sound stereo, first run films in 2D and 3D, and very reasonable movie and concession prices. We are SO fortunate to have a movie theater of this quality in Dallas!
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Melissa G
华盛顿肯特3 条分享
Forever a Fan
2015年12月 • 家庭
I always enjoy going to this movie theater. Growing up, this and the bowling alley was the only things we had to do around there. The Drive-in is my especially favorite place! So many memories made :)
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