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Oregon Lox Company
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爱达荷楠帕134 条分享
Salmon Lovers - Check This Out!
I've driven by this place numerous times on coastal trips without stopping. Big mistake! From now on it's a must!

Tried their Smoked Salmon on a stick. Although farm raised, it was excellent. Super moist and seasoned with garlic pepper. A great value too. 2 skewers, over a half pound for 10 bucks.
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Douglas H
犹他州莱顿31 条分享
Salmon on a Stick
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
If you want great smoked salmon this is the place to go. The first time I went there we were headed to the coast. We stopped and bought a salmon stick each, by the time we hit the coast somehow it had all disappear. There have samples of garlic smoked salmon, double smoked, honey smoked and regular. the great things is they let you sample every kind. We go from Utah to Oregon a couple of times a year. So far we haven't missed stopping there in about 5 years.
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Don’t miss this smoked salmon!
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
You made to go during the weekdays, but it is totally worth whatever it takes to get here. The salmon sticks are fantastic! Free samples too so you can pick one of 4 flavors you like. In addition to the traditional ‘oregon’ smoke, they do great lox too. I have hunted great smoked salmon from New York to Oregon, and this is the hands down winner! They will pack it on ice for local drives, or box it for air travel too. With clean bathrooms, and drinks, it’s a perfect stop before your vacation even starts!
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Sharon D
俄勒冈尤金178 条分享
Best Smoked Salmon I have ever had, so Good!
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
What I love is their smoked garlic pepper salmon on a stick. Moist, great flavor, no fishiness if you know what I mean, it is better than anything I have ever tried. I used to buy smoked Salmon from Costco, but life is short and for a buck more, I want the best. I am lucky enough to live close to Oregon Lox so will treat myself once a week. One salmon stick (about $8 to $9) can feed three people or more. Its moist and delicious. I am hooked.
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加利福尼亚沙加缅度440 条分享
Smoked salmon heaven!
2017年10月 • 独自旅游
If you want smoked salmon this is the place to go. I visit here every time I am in Eugene. The lox is also very good. Try the salmon on a skewer. Though not local, nevertheless it is great.
Friendly folks, prices not unreasonable.
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马里兰波托马克286 条分享
Yummy and Kosher Too!
We just happened upon this store while driving from Eugene to the Oregon Coast. Boy, are we glad we did! This simple storefront has a nice selection of smoked salmon. The variety includes Garlic Pepper (I ordered this), Teriyaki, Double Alderwood and others. Basically, you order some salmon and either take it with you or sit at one of the tables available and enjoy it. They told us they do not ship because they cannot guarantee a perishable product. However, there is a UPS store nearby and a bagel store across the road. Also, it is kosher certified. We enjoyed our salmon very much. We wish they did ship.
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David S
科罗拉多戈尔登24 条分享
Best Lox and Smoked Salmon
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We just happened upon this driving into Eugene from the West side. It turns out that they have a large operation there with a small store in the front. I can say the the lox and smoke salmon were the best we have ever had. They use a special method that makes for the most moist and tender fish.
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