Woodmen of the World Hall

Woodmen of the World Hall(尤金)

Woodmen of the World Hall
WOW performers at WOW Hall!
不要被这个地方的外观的基本骨架,普通Corner Building, 还有健身房的室内座位和正式的向你打招呼Broken Lush缺乏开创了。 相反,被广泛多元化的显示/ Events可供选择 - 其中包括从本地乐队到Star国际表演。 如果你想要一个私密的体验,这是一个宝库Eugene里的各种表演艺术中心! 座位前面的舞台 - 市中心有许多新近装修了,要选择适合自己的座位,第一次来的时候开着门前一个小时的表演时间。 我们得知,"在到Black Mambazo”一站Sang, 拥挤到这里之前,我们住了两个晚上。 我们都很激动我想参加"国际吉他Night”采用Lulo Reinhardt, 麦克Dawes, 而且Brian Gore Andre Krengel。 对了,这一夜! 对于许多观众木地板,踩在这个华丽的安可Group! 这些国际知名的音乐家来表达的高素质的"世界伍德曼Historic”(WOW)大厅! 客人可以很容易的看到表演者High平台Stage。 和一个额外的福利,所以到近! 感觉就像一个宏伟House Concert, 令人激动&舒适的朋友。 停车是在大街上,还有免费的平日6下午后,和在周末。 虽然外面街上的人晃来晃去,我们感觉很舒服。 到达Hall WOW, 使用一个条目的时间戳手GETS。 楼下是一个酒吧的啤酒/红酒(只喝允许)一个小休息室,里面有一个电视Monitor Stage。 增强了大厅的艺术品销售是一个狭窄的区域每个月不同的艺术画廊E-support Artists。 楼上还有小吃店,还有一个表可能具有特色的走廊Artists CD Sale, 工作人员非常友好。 我们当然希望这个志愿者经营的"社区中心表演艺术"持续的成功! 一定要去看看他们的网站,哇Hall Notes新闻稿,哇Facebook Page更新!

  • Eugene Station • 步行 8 分钟

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俄勒冈克拉马斯福尔斯433 条分享
WOW performers at WOW Hall!
2016年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Don’t be fooled by the bare-boned look of this venue, with plain corner building, and gym-like interior lacking lush permanent seats and formally attired ushers to greet you. Instead, be amazed by the wide diversity of shows/events to choose from - which include the gamut from local bands to star international performers. If you want an intimate experience too, this is a treasure chest in Eugene’s eclectic mix of performing art centers!

Seating is directly in front of the stage - with rows of folding chairs centrally arranged, inviting you to choose your own seat, on a first come basis when the doors open an hour before show time.

We learned that “Ladysmith Black Mambazo” sang to a standing room, packed crowd two nights prior to our visit. We were thrilled to attend the “International Guitar Night” featuring Lulo Reinhardt, Mike Dawes, Andre Krengel and Brian Gore. And oh, what a NIGHT!! The audience stomped the wooden floor and clapped for many encores of this magnificent group! The high caliber of these internationally renowned musicians attests to the exceptional venue of the “historic Woodmen of the World" (WOW) hall! Patrons could easily see the performers on the high-platform stage. And what a bonus to be so CLOSE to them! It felt like a grandiose house concert, exciting & cozy among friends.

Parking is on the street, and free after 6 pm on weekdays, and on weekends. Although street people wander around outside, we felt comfortable. Upon arrival at WOW hall, your hand gets inked with an entry stamp. Downstairs is a beer/wine bar in a small lounge (drinking only allowed there), with a TV monitor of the stage. Artwork for sale enhances a narrow Lobby Art Gallery featuring different regional artists each month. There is also an upstairs snack bar, and a hallway table may have the featured artists CDs for sale by the friendly staff.

We certainly wish this volunteer-run “Community Center for the Performing Arts” continued success! Be sure to check out their website, WOW Hall NOTES newsletter, and WOW facebook page for updates!
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Bob S
Springfield75 条分享
A hidden gem
A fine and funky place, exemplifies some of the uniqueness of Eugene. Small and intimate. Parking is on the streets or in a city stadium, not all that far. It is a throwback but the entertainment is up to date.
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俄勒冈梅德福229 条分享
Always a Great Time
2014年9月 • 独自旅游
Have seen many shows here over the years and I always have a great time. When I was younger (20s) I was not always thrilled with the all ages scene. Now in my 40s it does not bother me. This is usually a standing event and there is not a bad spot in the house. There is a downstairs bar, beer and wine, that is fun but can be challenging. Gets crowded and hot and one must wait inline for a beer. Makes for some great random conversations and new friends. Looking forward to the next time!
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俄勒冈波特兰40 条分享
great place to catch the music!
2013年11月 • 好友
For about 10 years now, my family has enjoyed catching favorite underground music Acts at this old venue. The wood benches that are built into the outside walls have always been interesting to me. When a packed crowd is dancing on the wood floor the place really rocks! I would say the acoustics are better than most other similar sized venues, perhaps due to the wood construction and how different music resonates through. :) They Key to really enjoying this place is catching some music that you really already love! Don't go to a show just for the sake of checking it out, make sure it's music you already like!
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Eugene84 条分享
A little too trashy for my tastes
2012年10月 • 夫妻情侣
I liked this place when I was younger. Now it just feels too loud and too grimy. Better for the younger set looking for a good doom metal venue
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俄勒冈尤金98 条分享
My favorite music venue in town
This is a mid-size venue with about 300 standing capacity. I just love the ambiance and the acoustics are great. It's in an historic building with wooden floors and lots of character. If only walls could talk....
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俄勒冈尤金136 条分享
Great community asset
2011年1月 • 商务型
A great alternative hall. Some performances are a bit funky, but that is cool.
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