Old Scotch Church (Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church)

Old Scotch Church (Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church)(希尔斯伯勒)

Old Scotch Church (Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church)

Old Scotch Church (Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church)

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Harold M
俄勒冈格雷舍姆354 条分享
It’s a beautiful church in a lovely setting
I love taking photos of older churches. I stopped by on a week day to take some photos. It’s a beautiful old church. Several parking spots along the main road. It’s located close to hyway 26. There was a small sign on the front door indicating It was closed due to COVID
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俄勒冈波特兰33 条分享
Idyllic Time Travel Setting
2017年8月 • 好友
They rarely, just don't get any more Idyllic then this 1870's country church. Great place for seeing Americana in its true original setting. Great location for the taphophile in the gang too, as it is the final resting place of one of Oregon's great forefathers, Joseph "joe" Meek, and many other Oregon Pioneers. Ideal peaceful place to reflect, travel back in time, and/or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. A must see location for the; Oregon, local, or 1800's Americana history buff!
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Inez G
俄勒冈希尔斯伯勒20 条分享
Historic Church
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侣
I attend this church most weeks. My husband's family has gone here for many years. We are fourth generation to attend. It is a thriving small church. There is a wonderful choir through out the school year, taking time off in the summer. Some one said it is locked up. There is someone in the office at least 9-1 daily. Schools bring children out to see the church and see the many historic people in the cemetery. This church was built in 1873 and the congregation has taken very good care of the building and cemetery.
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Janice C
俄勒冈希尔斯伯勒36 条分享
Lovely setting
2017年5月 • 好友
This is historic church with a long history. The setting is beautiful. Many family members are buried in the adjacent cemetery.
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俄勒冈波特兰1,278 条分享
Huge cemetery
2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
And a lovely old church. Historical placards around the properties. From 1844 so beautiful white clap board. One addition not visible from the road has remarkable stain glass windows. But you can not go in unless they are having a service. It is now Presbyterian (kind of Scottish in the US). Scotland has all their churches opener friendly.
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Inez G
俄勒冈希尔斯伯勒20 条分享
Old Scotch Church (Presbyterian)
2016年1月 • 好友
This church is very welcoming and it is small, seat approximately 150 people. The congregation has young people and a youth pastor as well as middle age and older. It is like going to church with family. The church was started in 1873. My husband and I are 5th generation, our daughters 5th generation and grandchildren 6th. Very pleasant place to worship.
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DickandMary R
俄勒冈波特兰230 条分享
Interesting Historic Church
2015年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Worth a stop on Zion Rd in Hillsboro. It is an important part of Washington County. Have never been inside but expect it to be a nice wooden structure.
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亚利桑那Oro Valley1,826 条分享
Old Scotch Church – History Lying In The Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Cemetery
2015年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Not only is this a beautiful church but this is also the location of the Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Cemetery where Trapper, Explorer, Pioneer, and Politician Joseph Lafayette Meek is buried. Born in 1810 in Washington County, Virginia, Joseph Meek is an important Oregon historical figure in that he was very instrumental during the year 1848 in urging then President of the United States of America, James K. Polk into making the “Oregon Country” into the Oregon Federal Territory of the United States (Meek's cousin was President Polk's wife, Sarah Childress Polk). This influence occurred only after the 1847 Whitman Massacre in which one of Joe Meek’s daughters by his first wife, Helen Mar Meek, age 10, died in captivity. The following year Joseph Meek was appointed as the first Federal Territorial Marshall for the United States Oregon Territory and served in that position for five years.

In 1840, Meek and fellow trappers Caleb Wilkins and Robert Newell met up with and guided some emigrants from Fort Hall to the Whitman Mission near Fort Walla Walla. This group of emigrants was the first ever wagon train to make it that far west on the Oregon Trail via that route.

In 1829, Joe Meek is also credited for being the first white man to discover the area that is now known as, Yellowstone National Park, when he accidently stumbled into that region after a band of Blackfoot Indians had scattered his trapping party who were camping along the Yellowstone River.

Joe Meek died in Washington County, Oregon 1875. As Meek said "I want to live long enough to see Oregon securely American... so I can say that I was born in Washington County, United States, and died in Washington County, United States."
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Aloha51 条分享
What a lovely Church this is!
2012年5月 • 好友
If you consider yourself a photographer, you should visit this lovely old Church if you live or vacation in the area. I won first place in the Washington County fair for photography many years ago taking a picture of this church, and the scene is still the same today. The trees surrounding it frame the church beautifully. It's a beautiful setting and well worth stopping to take a picture and appreciate the quiet surroundings.
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Warren C
俄勒冈希尔斯伯勒35 条分享
Great place to reflect
Old Scotch Church is wonderful to visit and reflect remembering those friends and family. Tualatin Plains Presbyterian does a great job in keeping the facility and grounds fresh.
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