Mirror Lake Trail

Mirror Lake Trail(胡德里弗)

Mirror Lake Trail

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伊利诺伊州Crystal Lake545 条分享
Mirror Lake Trail is great! The trail is well maintained, and they have added new bridges across some of the creeks. The weather was not great when we were there, so when we got to the lake it was covered with fog, hence no views of the lake or Mt. Hood unfortunately. We had a lot of fun hiking though, so it was still a great experience. They have improved the parking lot, and there are toilets available.
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宾夕法尼亚伊斯顿2,159 条分享
My husband and I hiked the Mirror Lake Trail on a trip exploring the west coast. We had hoped to continue on to Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain but the visibility was poor so we decided to only hike the lake. There were other hikers but it wasn't overly crowded. We were mostly alone on the trail and were able to find a quiet spot to sit by the lake and take it in for a while.

This trail is relatively easy and provides lots of beautiful forest views of all of the greens the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We enjoyed hiking through the grasses along the wooden planks. We would have loved to have seen Mt. Hood but it was lost in the clouds/fog that day, though the lake was crystal clear and it was nice to see the trees reflected in it. We were able to see the bottom where crawfish were moving around.

Our only complaint about the hike was that the restroom at the trailhead was absolutely disgusting. The restroom at Government Camp a few miles up US 26 had plumbing and was perfectly fine.

We'll definitely be returning in hopes of seeing Mt. Hood next time we're in the area.
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俄勒冈麦克明维尔309 条分享
I'm happy to report that the improvements to the Mirror Lake Trail are done and you can tell they put some serious money and effort into it with good results. A wide paved trail down the first gentle hill, then 6-7 really sturdy bridges over every little stream in the next section, and a widened set of switchbacks up the next and steeper section make this trail a socially distancing-worthy hike for the even the most concerned will be able to do. The switchback section is moderate in difficulty so parents of small children be warned. The lake itself features a good trail all around it, plenty of little beaches and viewing area to see Mt. Hood and take great pictures of it and its reflection in the lake. My strongest possible advice is to arrive at the trailhead by no later than 8am. We did and saw few people along the way up to the lake. Going back two hours later, at 10AM, we met many people going there and found the parking lot full when we arrived back at it.
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俄勒冈波特兰8 条分享
People usually don't go on hikes to pick up other people's trash, hear loud music, or deal with the general unpleasantness found in dealing with some people. But - this particular hike attracts people in the droves. Granted, the mirroring view of Mt. hood from the little lake (and it is a little lake) is picturesque - on a nice, clear day. But even this, for me, doesn't make the hike an enjoyable one. You will get a good work out and you'll see some pretty views, but you will also see crowds. And therein, lies the problem.
All in all, the takeaway of the good points of this hike is that it is a good workout with some lovely views. The Tom, Dick, and Harry trail has even better views. It is not an easy hike and can be a bit strenuous at some points, but you'll get a decent workout.
The bad points? A crowded parking lot, a lot of people, crowds, noise, blasting of music, jerks, and no solitude.

In other words, this hike is not for me.
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Joe Hamilton
1 条分享
Love the new trail section that eliminates the parallel trail along Hwy26!
Our early start gave us the added pleasure of breaking trail through 4-5 inches of fresh snow that fell over-night. We had planned to snowshoe to the top of Tom, Dick and Harry Mt. but lost the trail on the lower slopes of TD&H. Spent a good 45-60 minutes searching the lower slopes of TD&H Mt in search of it. Heavy snow fall the last few days, and the snowdrifts covered the trail to TD&H.
The hike around the lake....eeerrrrr pond was pleasant though.
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158 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Nice hike in and out. Wide trail. Well traveled. Lake was smaller than we expected but it was a clear beautiful day and Mt. Hood was beautiful and reflected well in the water. SUPER disgusted by the bathrooms at trailhead. They are right off main highway and look pretty new. Inside was disgusting and no toilet paper. Seriously?
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Pennsylvania236 条分享
This hike is one to take in the morning so the lake will be calmer to see Mt. Hood's reflection. It is almost a 5 mile round trip and lots of ups and downs. We just took our time and actually spent some time just having a snack at the lake and enjoying the view. Make sure you walk clear around the lake so you can see Mt. Hood head on. I have to admit my knees were a little tired till I got back but all in all a nice hike to see the mountain.
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Darren D
2 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
Given the reviews I was expecting a lot more. This is nothing more than a large pond. Definitely not worth the several hour hike.
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Craig A
Wisconsin174 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
This is a beautiful place! However, it is a workout. The trails are very clean and kept up; they've done a lot of work here. But don't think you're just going to hop out of the car and hike a bit to see this beautiful place. Take some water as you will exert yourself a little bit just plan for the hike and take your time. The lake is not large as others have said. We did not see any mountains as it was very overcast and the cloud ceiling was low. Still, we really enjoyed this remote place. It is wheelchair accessible to a point so everybody can enjoy some of what this place offers. Restrooms are available in the parking area. There is a fee for this area as well.
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俄勒冈胡德里弗14 条分享
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Easy hike around lake, with great views on far side. Nice spots to sit and /or picnic near the water.
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