Lost Lake Resort

Lost Lake Resort(胡德里弗)

Lost Lake Resort


9000 Lost Lake Rd, 胡德里弗, OR

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伊利诺伊州芝加哥437 条分享
We did not stay here but we walked around in winter. It was breathtaking! We walked for 20 min after the gate to the river and looked at the incredible snow capped mountains reflection on the lake... it was amazing.
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Helen C
华盛顿伦顿795 条分享
Best on a clear day
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
The north side of the lake offers a tremendous view of Mt Hood, but we had to battle the weather to get it. The are a few mud puddles and a fallen tree on the north lakeshore trail.
The grill is closed, and the only toilets I found were vault toilets.
The east lakeshore trail consists of both paved and boardwalk trails, so we really enjoyed it.
We tried the west lakeshore trail before and found it a little rough for older persons.
Boats and cabins are available for rental. Admission is $9/vehicle.
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1 条分享
Not good
2020年8月 • 好友
Been camping there for 18 years. I will not be going back anymore. We were enjoying conversation with family members from a different camp site from f loop when one of the staff members came to tell us that only six people were allowed per site. We explained that more than half the people there were from another site. He then goes to tell us if any other camp site complained he would ask us to leave. This happened after dark so for us to try and pack everything in the dark would have been impossible. I felt we were being harassed for no adequate reason even after explaining the situation. Will not be going back. It’s a beautiful place but it’s not the only one.
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俄勒冈麦克明维尔309 条分享
Fantastic Trails, Variable Weather
We left early and arrived at Lost Lake at 8:30AM, beating the crowds as we had hoped. Our reward was plenty of day use parking and very few people on the lake loop trail until we were almost done 2 hours later. What we couldn't defeat was the weather, which was a very blustery, cool transitional day from a heavy marine cloud-layer to being hot and sunny the next day. The lake valley acts like a wind tunnel. Mt. Hood was also not visible the entire time we were there. The point is to consider the weather when deciding which day to visit Lost Lake. Undaunted by conditions, we put our jackets on and hiked both the lake loop and the old growth forest trails. They were both excellent. Unlike the eastern side, the western side of the lake loop trail had a few rocky and tree rooted, and/or steeper areas on it, so that part is NOT for everyone. The old growth trail, on the other hand, contains many lovely examples of old growth Douglas Fir Western Red Cedar--which were majestic. There's educational stations that teach about forest ecology and which make it well worth a family expedition. Campers will find a great many spots which are well-spaced and with access to the lake. The general store is well stocked and restrooms are found all around the developed areas. The lodge itself and the cabins look a little dated and well loved, but it's the stunning view folks come here to see not the decor. I highly recommend a visit!
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paolo d
意大利博洛尼亚18,460 条分享
Bellissima zona.
Tutta la zona è molto bella e tranquilla, il lago è pieno di punti panoramici, ci sono attività da svolgere, passeggiate e canoe, ci si può avventurare nel bosco e camminare sui sentieri per ore.
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Michala W
俄勒冈阿斯托里亚12 条分享
spring trip
very small and cute, easy to find and a great drive, amazing french fries at the grocery stores, good campsite with lots of room.
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16 条分享
When the camp closes down it's the time to go.
My hiking group took the lake trail with hood peeking through clouds Saturday. It's an easy trail with a couple of paths branching off one heading for huckleberries (during the season). A week ago the lake was ensconced in fog, then five minutes later clear, sun glistening. There was no one else on the trail.
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Helen C
华盛顿伦顿795 条分享
Beautiful lake and trails
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We arrived at 10.30am and managed to get a parking spot on a Sunday. We barely caught a glimpse of Mt Hood n the north side because of the clouds. The lake was beautiful and boat/kayak/canoe/paddle-boat rentals were available for 2 hours minimum. The north side trail was easy. The west side was more uneven and had a few difficult places for the physically impaired. The east side Old Growth Trail had a boardwalk which made it easy. I had printed a map of the resort but wasn't sure exactly where we were on the return trip. So we asked around. Vault toilets only. Cafe was small and had limited variety. Entry fee is $9.
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俄勒冈波特兰158 条分享
Camping trip with friends over four days!
Beautiful scenic spot, especially once you're out on the lake in one of their row boats or canoes. No power boats allowed which makes it a lot more peaceful. The iconic views of Mt. Hood from the lake can't be missed.
Several negatives pertaining to the reservations and the store. We made reservations for two nights because that's all that was available. Loop "F" is now first come, first serve without reservations this year. This is the original look closest to the lake and preferred over the others. When we arrived on a Wednesday, we drove through the loop and found a better camping spot than the one we were going to take in Loop "A". When we went to pay for the three days in the campsite in Loop "F", the office in the general store said we would be able to get a credit for the two nights we reserved in Loop "A" which was $80.00 total. We had to call the reservation number to do this and did it at the store. No such luck. They keep your money and we paid an additional $100.00 for the three nights in Loop "F". So we're out the $80.00. Bad PR. The store is expensive!!! $10.00 per canister for propane, $8.00 for a small bundle of wood which lasts about two hours. They request you don't bring in your own firewood. If we go back, we will be bringing in our own wood. It's the same species as is in the campground. Ice is $3.50/small bag. If you need gasoline, it's $20.00 / gal. No kidding. Besides all the negatives in this post, it would be a nice day trip from Hood River.
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Greg Stassens
1 条分享
Once a local hidden gem, now overrun by inconsiderate families with shrieking children
Lost Lake was once a relatively hidden (ie, "lost") gem in the Mt Hood wilderness. It had views, serenity, and majesty. Now, it has grown too big for its britches. It still has views, but it has replaced serenity with cacophony and majesty with misery.

This place was once home to nature lovers seeking a nice place to float around and admire the osprey. Now, it is full of people blasting crappy music through cheap bluetooth speakers and the revving engines of oversized trucks. Unsupervised children are running down the narrow paved roads playing tag or swimming in the boat launch. Dogs are barking (and sometimes fighting) everywhere. The boat launch is so crowded that you wait thirty minutes for a spot to unload, only to nearly get run over by some dude in a massive truck who either doesn't see you or doesn't care. There is trash along the shore. The bathrooms are seriously gross. It's loud, messy, and miserable. I honestly feel bad for the people who work there and have to put up with it day in, day out.

As an example: we decided to take a break from boating to have some refreshments and enjoy the view, so we found an area of coastline to tie off and have a snack. We chose the spot because it was away from other folks, which allows them and us a bit of privacy. We were there for not even ten minutes before a massive family three rental boats strong boated directly for us (despite three miles of coastline to choose from, including a spot thirty feet away that had its own little beach, they just had to chose the spot we happened to be in), threw their kids in the water, and tied off close enough to us that their boats actually knocked ours loose and set them adrift. They didn't apologize or even acknowledge us. We bailed for another spot a short paddle away, only for them to do it all again a short time later. Seriously, what are these people doing?

Maybe I sound like a snob, but unless you want to drive two plus hours from Portland just to spend time at the worst public pool in the Mt Hood forest, go elsewhere. Honestly, except for the views, a public pool might be preferable to this.
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