Lake Theater & Cafe

Lake Theater & Cafe(莱克奥斯韦戈)

Lake Theater & Cafe
上午11:30 - 下午9:00
上午11:30 - 下午9:00
上午11:30 - 下午8:00
上午11:30 - 下午9:00
上午11:30 - 下午8:00
上午11:30 - 下午9:00
上午11:30 - 下午9:00
上午11:30 - 下午8:00
2-3 小时
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Just Mike
俄勒冈波特兰1 条分享
Verbally Assaulted, Management Doesn't Care
I was verbally assaulted while watching a movie at this place. When I asked management to intervene, they did nothing. As a gay man, I am not used to being treated this way in Oregon. I left the deep south to get away from this outrageous hatred. Do NOT spend your money at this place! It is not safe, and they do not care.
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John B
8 条分享
They’ve Changed (and not in a good way)
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
The beer list is small, but good. That said, we come specifically for the pizza, which was authentic New York. There was nothing like it in this area. Thin crust and just full of flavor. However, they recently changed the recipe; it’s now a more conventional style and smaller. Nothing special. Too bad!
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华盛顿Brinnon457 条分享
A fun way to spend a summer evening
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We come for the early movie and enjoy dinner out on the deck overlooking the lake. You have to order at the counter with the movie goers so it can be quite a wait. We enjoy the view and people watching so much it's worth the wait. The movies are always enjoyable and the food is locally sourced and delicious.
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马里兰巴尔的摩53 条分享
Perfect afternoon
2018年7月 • 好友
What an awesome experience. We were in the area for the farmers market, hot day, looking for something cool to do for the afternoon. My nephew insisted we check out the theater and we were all so glad we did. We relaxed with a drink, watching the activities on the lake from the lobby. Sat comfortably and enjoyed our movie. Was a fun surprise that they play old movies during the time you're being seated. Afterwards we enjoyed delicious gourmet quality food for dinner. I'm talking homemade roasted tomato ketchup to go with those fancy fries. And meanwhile more excitement was happening on the water to watch while enjoying their wonderful food. Was a wonderful experience all the way around. Next visit to the area, I'll be returning for sure!
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Lynne C
俄勒冈波特兰268 条分享
Inedible hamburger
2018年5月 • 好友
We stopped at the Lake Oswego Cafe with a group of friends early on a Friday evening. We were early enough to easily find a table. The line to order food and drinks was not too long and it seemed to move well. The patio is lovely.
We didn't order alcoholic beverages, but the cocktail menu looked interesting. We appreciated that they had Mexican coke.
I ordered a hamburger and my husband had a BLT. Our friends ordered salads and the soup of the day. My husband's BLT was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Our friends said the soup was okay, but not very flavorful. The salads looked fresh. The french fries were good.
My hamburger took the prize for the a bad way. In came on the largest bun I have ever seen and was a strange yellow-orange color, almost as if it had been brushed with butter and paprika and baked on. It was hard to the touch. I picked off the crust as best I could, but it was still almost impossible to bite through. The meat was okay and the toppings were generous, but hard to appreciate. I asked the server for a fork and knife twice, but she never brought them.
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Reading22 条分享
Fun spot!
I have been to the movies, eaten dinner and gone to concerts here. Very enjoyable. The food is good and the beer is really good. A neat place to visit !
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Krista S
俄勒冈莱克奥斯韦戈31 条分享
Love this Theatre!
Great remodel offering a traditional tiered theater setting, or a second theatre with tables where you can eat and drink. The outside patio on the lake with live music (from the restaurant bar next door) is also a 10! Fabulous!
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俄勒冈波特兰11 条分享
Needs a more diverse menu....but what's there is good.
Nice little movie theatre with a cool patio on the bay...Pizza is real good...small, with an excellent crust...and not too spendy...(snack food up a notch.) Self serve, but when it's busy workers can come by and ask if you want anything...if it's's back to the bar, where you may be a while... when the movie is set to begin.
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俄勒冈莱克奥斯韦戈107 条分享
Surprisingly good food with a great patio overlooking the lakd
I enjoy coming here for a burger or whatever and sitting on the deck watching the lake. The food and cocktails are surprisingly good and I recommend this to anyone wanting a casual meal.
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俄勒冈莱克奥斯韦戈19 条分享
Great food and films and outdoor dining on the lake!
Several years the Lake Theater did a complete remodel of its 1920s historic landmark theater in downtown LO, situated right on Lake Oswego. They added a separate event space theater for foreign and independent and oldies flicks, while keeping the main theater for the big Hollywood films. No crowds of teenagers and lack of parking like at Bridgeport, so if I have a choice between the two theaters, I pick the Lake Twin.

Food is excellent and varied with a full bar of craft beers,, ciders, wines, and interesting cocktails. Even if you aren't seeing a film, the outdoor patio with a direct view of the motorboat dock and the lake makes the Lake Cafe a wonderful place for casual dining. If you are seeing a film, and arrive without time to eat, you can have your food delivered to seat while viewing the film. Drinks can be taken into the theater also. A wonderful asset to downtown LO.
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