Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge(Lakeview)

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

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Nicolas S
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Beautiful, but very remote
We rode in on adventure motorcycles and camped near the open hot springs. Great way to relax after riding all day. This is a 100% pack in, pack out place (though there was a portapotty). Be sure to bring all the food and water you need and a way to carry out your trash. The mosquitos were plentiful too, but so were the amazing views of the plateau and the antelope. We travelled there in June 2018, not 2019.
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Ann BK
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Spectacular scenery
Wildlife were out of view except for one pronghorn and a rabbit, but the views of the cliffs, mountains, lakes are breathtaking. Road is graveled but driveable. We were hugely disappointed to drive to the Refuge headquarters, only to find them closed--not for the day, but semi-or permanently. We'd hoped to pick up brochures, view exhibits, talk to rangers. We're not hikers, but a short, 600' trail to a Warner Lakes overlook is doable for Old Folks.

It's hard to imagine Warner Valley as a 360' deep lake 10,000 years ago.
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Sublimity228 条分享
Good for photographers
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Hart Mountain Refuge is a good trip to view wild life There are plenty of pronghorn antelope to view. Besides wild life there a wild country vistas to see and photograph,
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华盛顿费德勒尔韦778 条分享
Hidden Gem
2018年4月 • 独自旅游
I approached Hart Mountain from the west (Lakeview, Oregon) and glad I did. The road is fully paved until you get right to the western side of the refuge. Along the way, you will pass high plains, and wetlands areas with plenty of wildlife, and secondary roads (four-wheel-drive paths) into some of the canyons that are well worth exploring on foot if you have the time. Once you get to the gravel road, you will encounter a campground (no utilities) with picnic tables, water, fire rings, and a covered area. If you camp here, you'll have great views of the surrounding peaks and lakes, but you'll miss much of the majesty of the area on the east side of the refuge. If you continue on the gravel road, recognize you'll be climbing several thousand feet in elevation over wash-boarded gravel roads. Any SUV can make it, but pulling a trailer will be a chore. Just go slow (under 30) and you'll be fine. If you want to go faster up these roads, be prepared to rattle the fillings out of your teeth. Once you are on the east side, you can stop at the refuge headquarters, get a map and water - the headquarters is often unmanned, but it is a good place to stop to learn a little about the refuge. I chose to camp at the hot springs campground that is 4 miles from the refuge headquarters. There are 25 sites - no fees, no reservations, situated among trees - plenty of peace and quiet, and the hot springs were a welcome respite after some long days of hiking and shooting pictures. During my stay, I saw only two other people - this was early April - warm days, crisp nights, still snow up on the higher peaks. Saw plenty of wildlife, especially in the morning and in the evenings - deer, antelope, big horn sheep (at a far distance), and many varieties of birds, especially raptors. During my hikes I also came across some ancient petroglyphs - apparently the native Americans who roamed the area thousands of years ago left plenty of petroglyphs throughout the refuge. This is a primitive camping area - you can get water at the refuge headquarters, but otherwise, you need to take everything with you. There are outhouse-style toilets and fire rings at the camp sites, and one of the hot springs has a concrete pad and benches around it for some comfort, as well as a ladder down into the warm depths. It felt amazing! I sipped wine (out of plastic cups - no glass allowed near the hot springs), and enjoyed the evening sounds all around from nature, Again, there were virtually no people there and it was peaceful and heavenly. The place is obviously used a lot, and maybe I just got lucky and encountered no people, but even if the place was full, the camp sites are far enough apart that you can still enjoy some solitude. Take along a camera with a good telephoto lens and good binoculars. I got within 50 feet of herds of mule deer, and got within 50 yards of antelope, but the sheep were high up on ridges and only visible with binoculars. There are no fees, and they don't take reservations. The nearest gas is at the small country store in Plush about an hour drive down the mountain from the refuge headquarters. You probably won't get cell phone coverage in the refuge, and my GPS coverage was spotty as well. Glad I printed out driving directions in advance as many of the roads are not well marked. I did see a landline phone at the refuge headquarters, so I suspect you could use it in an emergency. If you decide to camp or picnic, please pack out all of your trash and help keep the place beautiful. They don't have any trash receptacles in the refuge. Enjoy!
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Gina R
俄勒冈Lakeview43 条分享
Hidden Canyon
An unusually warm spell combined with cabin fever got us out to explore one of the canyons that lead into Hart Mountain from its western foothills southeast of Anderson Lake.

Entering the canyon, a narrow hiking trail above the stream eventually takes you to the top of Hart Mountain (south of the campground).

What stood out was a lack or minimal amount of invasive vegetation and a great spread of natives, especially bunchgrasses, barely browsed. In the fall, the aspen and willows would provide a burst of color. Spectacular geology, hawks in the thermals way above us, and an easy hike with a steady gentle incline. It was the first of hopefully many more trips and a potential through hike with options to leave a car on either end of this long incised drainage, one of many in these mountains. No people, no trash, lots of opportunities to explore, either the rugged steep western face or the gentler plateau on the top.
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Tad S
俄勒冈胡德里弗30 条分享
Awesome views!
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Drove up to the hot springs quite the elevation gain coming up from the valley floor! Not recommended for standard passenger vechiles although passed several on the road.
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Katrina A
澳大利亚北悉尼36 条分享
Too dry and gravel road
Not much to see and ended up doing gravel for 67 miles from Frechglen direction. Nice view on the Plush end. Didn't see any antelopes even though on a motorcycle
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Joe Alejo
加利福尼亚南太浩湖198 条分享
if you're looking for peace, quiet and solitude this is the place to visit!
2017年7月 • 独自旅游
if you want to see antelope, jack rabbits, coyotes, and lots of birds this is the place to come and visit. It's located in a remote corner of Oregon and one needs to make sure you bring your provisions in when you visit. There's a small country store in Plush in case you forgot to bring provisions and a Safeway in Lakeview if you need to go to a larger store... make sure to bring your camera...there's plenty of photo ops along the way....
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Maryland43 条分享
About as wild as it gets
2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a pretty isolated refuge that we cut through when travelling between Malheur Wildlife Refuge and Lakeview, where we stayed. The roads are fairly good if unpaved, so plan accordingly. We did see antelope several times, so there is truth in advertising. The eastern part of the preserve is basically desert, but the mountain itself has some interesting spots, generally revolving around isolated forest groves. The view coming in from the west is definitely the mountain's "good side".There are two isolated graves from soldiers who did in the 1860's at the Blue Sky area. The amenities are sparse, but they do have restrooms at the visitors center, which is unstaffed.
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俄勒冈波特兰17 条分享
Gorgeous, the roads are appalling
This place is great but the roads are awful, worst I have every seen. The washboarding will shake your car apart. Congress needs to fund natural resource management commensurate with its value but in the meantime the unit could reprioritize activities and make the place more welcoming for its owners, namely me and the rest of the tax paying public.
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