Bear Creek Park

Bear Creek Park(梅德福)

Bear Creek Park
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Gem Burke
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Pleasent park to visit
I live very near the park and am constantly traveling through it. I find it relaxing and particularly like riding my bike along the well kept bike lanes.
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加利福尼亚维斯塔361 条分享
Wow - where to start with this one? A great place to visit
We had a great time at this park while on a road trip up into Oregon. There is so much at this park - a lot of grass, trees for shade, a skate park, tennis courts, kids climbing playground, bathrooms (clean for public park), paved path for walking/bike riding. There is no main entrance (that we are aware of) just many entrances that are along residential streets. There was one parking lot that we found close to the tennis courts & skate park. The skate park was very cool - oh to be younger to enjoy this w/ a few friends. Couldn't wait to tell my grandkids about this.

We ended up visiting this park 2 days. We brought our bikes with us and rode the paved bike trail that goes along the creek. The trail was plenty long for us - I think it goes for 30 miles or so - down to Ashland.

A few people have commented on people that appear to be living in the park. Yes, we saw people - some said hi and others didn't but never had any fear or bad feelings. Felt as safe as we do anywhere else.

One of the best things was when we came across the farmer's market which was setup alongside the park. What a great treat that was to get our lunch and continue our bike ride. Next time up we will ride back the other way. Bring some food, some drink and enjoy part (or all) of the day.

A big shout out to Medford for creating such a space to enjoy.
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华盛顿Camas52 条分享
Beautiful area, lots of trash and vagrants
We were on a business trip and thought we would stop and walk the trails next to the creek. It's lovely scenery, but it just didn't feel safe. There were lots of piled up trash and belongings and a few obviously homeless persons milling around. We weren't approached, but it's not somewhere to take the family.
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加利福尼亚Brentwood207 条分享
Cool Skatepark
2019年10月 • 家庭
Cool, larger skatepark. Lots of locals, generally friendly. Fun deep bowls and hips. I wouldn’t leave my kid here alone though. There are some sketchy people here and there - some homeless and some just hanging out in cars. Nobody bothered us and I didn’t feel like we were in danger - just made sure to keep an eye on my kid. Bathrooms and a water fountain nearby.
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俄勒冈Mulino15 条分享
Fantastic City Park in Medford
2019年10月 • 家庭
Only a few minutes from Medford’s City Center, this park offers unique climbing fixtures that remind me of tree houses, including 2 children’s zip lines, a merry go round with seats & handles. I like that the play ground is fenced in and has plenty of seating for picnicking and resting. The park is beautiful with paths and lighted tennis court. The rest of the park does get dark after sunset so plan your visit during daylight with children. The paths are not well lighted and parking is a little distance. A very beautiful park in the city with lots to explore.
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Scott C
俄勒冈格兰茨帕斯16 条分享
Looking to ride bikes
2019年8月 • 家庭
Trail it self is nice but the whole time it's full of homeless people living in the bushes and trash everywhere. Just kind of gives you not the safest feeling on the trail. I wouldn't necessarily recommend taking my family again you definitely see a different perspective of central point and Medford when you ride that trail.
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Ann B
密歇根底特律20 条分享
Biking on the Greenway
We visit Medford every couple of years and have periodically biked the Greenway adjacent to Bear Creek Park. Today we entered from our hotel at the Larsen Creek extension and rode 8 miles north. I have to say we were pleased to see that a lot of good work has been done to make the Greenway heading north a beautiful ride. Kudos for the people of Medford and adjacent towns! I would definitely recommend riding or walking on this stretch!
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亚利桑那图森7,872 条分享
Didn't Feel Safe
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We stayed overnight in Medford and were pleased to see that there was a greenway trail near our hotel. We went out in the late afternoon for a walk along the creek. There were many vagrants camping under the trees next to the path, some of them obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We didn't feel safe and left quickly, although no one approached us. Their focus was on a charity that had arrived to distribute food. We wouldn't walk that route again.
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俄勒冈梅德福71 条分享
Nice walk
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
The path is asphalt so easy to walk next to Bear Creek. Have not been to the new playground for kids, but looks good, will take grandkids when they come for visit.
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Vernon B
俄勒冈Jacksonville32 条分享
Lots to do for the family
2018年9月 • 好友
There are many activities for the entire family. My grand kids race BMX and the track is great, skate board park draws a very large crowd and with the new playground it is just getting better. could patrol a little bit more.
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