Waldo Lake
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宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡50 条分享
Waldo Lake is a MUST SEE! The lake is so clear that on a good day, you can see 100 ft. down. The colors are amazing. Nice places to picnic. Bring the bug spray!
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uk725 条分享
There is limited vehicle access but fine for camping and non-motorised water uses. Parking available and lots of water. Go and enjoy.
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加利福尼亚罗斯维尔8 条分享
We kayaked here. Unbelievably clear and blue. Campgrounds are OK. Best to visit after August 15 as the mosquitos are gone by then.
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Laura E
1 条分享
2020年8月 • 家庭
Shadow Bay camping Aug 2 to 4, 2020. Some mosquitos but tolerable. Bathrooms were very clean, sprayed with bleach daily and no strong ammonia smell. Camp host was a very nice woman. We would definitely go again to this beautiful quiet paradise. But certainly in late aug or sept to avoid mosquitos.
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Nikole E
俄勒冈泰格德25 条分享
We did a dispersed camping trip at Waldo Lake in late July. We had been warned about the hordes of mosquitoes that attack visitors until late August/September, so we opted for the drier and windier northern shore (and took all precautions -- DEET, pretreated our clothes with Permethrin, had hat nets, etc.). Our campsite was on a little windy peninsula, so the mosquitoes weren't too bad. The second day, we kayaked to where the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River starts and there were quite a few more mosquitoes (if only we had thought to bring our hat nets!).

The water is breathtakingly beautiful -- so many different shades of blue and exceptionally clear. We will definitely be returning in years to come.
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alison t
1 条分享
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Waldo lake shadow bay areas was the worst time camping I have experienced. The mosquitos were absolutely horrendous, which can’t be controlled, but the rest could have:
The chemicals used in the bathrooms were mixed ammonia and bleach, making you gag and eyes water. It was so bad we chose to not use them.
We were harassed by the camp host for four days straight. He came and let us know that our fire was too big, which we obliged him and fixed it. He drove back by again and decided it was still too big, which at this point it is was exactly the way he told us we could have it. Instead of saying anything to us him and his girlfriend marched on to camp with a bucket of water. He proceeded to completely destroy our camp site and fire. He took every single lot out and dumped five gallon buckets of water directly next to us flooding our entire camp site. We asked him to leave several times profusely explaining that we will take care of it ourselves because people were soaked and so were our dogs.
He then picks up our tools against
our wishes and broke a hatchet that my friends father had for almost forty years that he loved. He didn’t apologize, he just said, “he can go get it fixed somewhere...” which is completely besides the point.
He finally leaves and proceeds to sneak around our camp site in the middle of the night To watch us for anything he could gather on us.
The next morning he yells at us like he’s the police and demands us to get out and line up so he can yell at us for being loud and say that he got complaints from the other campers (which there were none around us at ALL) pointing his finger in our faces like we were 16.
The camp host then proceed to tell us that he observed us all night and confirmed that he had been essentially stalking us.
The manager then a few hours later who has caught wind of this, drives by our camp and some loud noise happened. He gets out of his truck and asked abruptly if there was a firecracker shot at his truck. (There were six dogs scared of fire crackers so the answer was no.) we proceed to explain that it was not and then accuses us, and tells us if we do it again we are gone. The manager did come back and tell us that he would take care of the camp host, and tell him he’s no longer allowed by our camp. The camp host then waited until night time and sat in the bushes to watch us again and was caught by two of our campers running away. This trip was absolutely terrible because of this man and his girlfriend who also has absolutely no reason to be yelling at nice campers who just wanted to mind there business, enjoy our company and have a vacation. Instead, we walked on eggshells, scared that we were going to get kicked out for absolutely nothing. Our group was absolutely respectful until they were yelled at and addressed like children for something that could have politely been taken care of as adults. I will never recommend this camp ground to anyone.
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俄勒冈La Pine101 条分享
2018年7月 • 家庭
We have visited this lake many times. It's one of the deepest high mountain lakes in Oregon, and it's in the top three clearest lakes in the world, with views of upto 100 feet deep. The lake is motor free, and makes for a great kayak, sail or canoe venture. There are a number of hiking trails. Mosquitoes can be a problem in the spring and early summer. This isn't a fishing lake, since there is no underwater vegetation for them to eat or hide in. They quite stocking this lake over 20 years ago, due to poor fish habitat.
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俄勒冈威尔逊维尔59 条分享
2018年7月 • 家庭
This is the most gorgeous place i have ever camped at. It’s so clean and well maintained. The water is pure and clear. Bring your family and your kayak for an ultimate experience!
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俄勒冈尤金39 条分享
Went in October to look at the lake and it was very cold but it was beautiful. We will definitely be back in the summer!
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俄勒冈太阳河28 条分享
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Waldo is one of the most beautiful and peaceful lakes in central Oregon. Lots I mosquitos in June and July
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