Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom(波特兰)

Crystal Ballroom
上午11:00 - 上午2:30
上午11:00 - 上午2:30
上午11:00 - 上午2:30
上午11:00 - 上午2:30
上午11:00 - 上午2:30
上午11:00 - 上午2:30
上午11:00 - 上午2:30
上午11:00 - 上午2:30

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vittono t
华盛顿西雅图4 条分享
concert at the Crystal Ballroom
This was the worst concert experience we have ever been to. The entrance process was very disorganized and people were pushing and shoving to get in and staff did nothing to prevent this mess. The security gate was also a mess. As we attempted to go through it., the crowd was actually pushing at our backs and again, staff only made the situation worse. It was so unsafe that we chose to leave and never saw the concert. We were not the only ones to leave. We had never been tot this concert venue before and will never go again.
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Scott M
17 条分享
Crowded beyond reason
Attended the Marcus King band show. Bands started 45 minutes late and the venue was so crowded that it became quite uncomfortable. Unable to move, very rude people pushing through the crowd. much too warm inside (even in Feb). Peoples tempers began to flare with all the pushing and tight quarters. I have no idea what the capacity of the venue is but it sure seemed to be way overcrowded. It became unbearable and we left, went downstairs into Ringler's bar and watched the live feed from the show. We love concerts and attend 10-12 a year, this was far and away the worst concert experience in our memory. Hope it was an isolated incident.
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华盛顿奥林匹亚28 条分享
Hard place to see a show
2019年12月 • 家庭
Neat older venue. For concerts open admission with separated area for over and under 21. As other reviewers mentioned it gets crowded early so get there early. Stage is very low for a standing room only crowd. If you are under 5’10” I would not expect to see any of the performance especially towards the back. Although the venue is kid and family “friendly” I would not recommend bringing youngsters to a show unless they are prepared to spends several hours starring at the backs of concert goers.
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥2,006 条分享
Bouncy dance floor
The Crystal Ballroom is one of the best venues in PDX to see a show.It's a historical music venue with a floating wooden floor. They had fast entry with plenty of security and metal detection. There are several stairs up to the stage and a small elevator for those who need it. Street parking only, free meters after 7pm.It's such a fun venue for events, from 90s night at Lola's Room, a holiday event, or a concert. I love the bouncy dance floor.
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澳大利亚昆士兰626 条分享
2nd visit. Great place to visit
2019年5月 • 家庭
The food and beer of course good. Service was quick. Got to take a free tour of the place and walk on the main dancefloor that has rockers and ballbearings under it to give it a bounce.
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俄勒冈波特兰6,303 条分享
An Awesome Beats Antique Experience
2019年2月 • 独自旅游
It was a joy being able to see Beats Antique at the Crystal ballroom. Always a pleasure and the highlight of my year if I can make it to their concert here.They put on some wild and awesome dance routines mixing belly dance with various other influences along with the music the band plays.

You can drink and watch the show from up in the balcony. You can stand down on the floor in the over 21 area and watch the chow closer up with your drink. Or you can go to the all ages side and try to get as close to the stage as you can. This is what I always end up doing after I've had a couple great McMenamins drinks to get primes and ready to embrace the music and show.

The decor of the Crystal Ballroom is amazing. you have round murals of people dancing and musicians playing. There are two impressive chandeliers hanging from the ceiling It is like a music palace beyond compare. Nothing like it anywhere. It is such an icon. It is truly an amazing venue for life music.
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俄勒冈波特兰6,303 条分享
Dropped in for the 105th Birthday Free-For-All and have ticket for Beats Antique
2019年1月 • 独自旅游
I was down town to go see Arthur Brown at the Star Theater and heard about the 105th Birthday Free-For-all Sunday. Great. So I went downtown early and enjoyed some time in the Crystal ballroom, the Lola's Room, and the Ringlers Pub on the ground floor.

I have been to the Crystal ballroom so many times for concerts and have had some great times here. I just bought a ticket to see Beats Antique in FEB. have seen them play here a couple times and am looking forward to seeing another one of their brilliant shows again.
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43 条分享
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Bartender and event staff were great. Drinks were yummy. Love the look of the place and how old it is.
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加利福尼亚尔湾4 条分享
Not much concern for women safety, only for their “rules”
2018年8月 • 好友
Don't accompany your women friends out so that they can be safe, especially toward the end of the night. They won't let you back in. Actually, we hadn’t even walked out the door. So much for ensuring safety of women in a sketchy neighborhood of town. Ruined a perfectly nice night otherwise, just because the staff was unaccommodating to a simple request to go get our friends upstairs. Despicable.
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Skip H
加利福尼亚圣克鲁斯120 条分享
location for our daughter's wedding
Wonderful- hosts were great, worked with us for any needs, worked out very well! lots of room, tables/chairs, etc. all in great shape
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