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Vivian M
英国Dundonald8 条分享
2018年8月 • 独自旅游
As a float centre owner from Northern Ireland I was in Portland for the annual global float conference.
Since the 'float on boys' have hosted this conference for the last 7 years I had to stop by for a float, I was not disappointed.
I was welcomed by Corry then introduced to float room 4.

Totally eliminated my jetlag and ensured my time in Portland was as chilled out as could possibly be :)

Great place, beautiful vibe and a credit to the industry
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Kelly C
俄勒冈波特兰22 条分享
2018年6月 • 独自旅游
If you haven’t tried a deprivation tank float you are missing out! I like to float at Float on in Hawthorne and it’s by far the best place in town, very calm, quiet, nice waiting area where they have high quality tea or Kombucha. The staff is very friendly and really great at explaining how things work for you first timers. Floating has been known to reduce stress, anxiety, help with meditation and also help you tap into your creative side. Highly recommend this place!!
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2017年12月 • 家庭
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Sarah C
俄勒冈波特兰20 条分享
2017年8月 • 独自旅游
Not necessarily an ideal location but they make it work. Lounge is set up nicely, with nice teas etc. Prices are reasonable, staff are nice. They use the rooms instead of pods so you're not quite as insulated, and if someone comes in late you might hear them getting their orientation while you're already floating (doors don't keep out noises). They have an excellent online scheduling system and they offer extended late-night sessions, which is great. Temps were a bit on the low side I think, they only circulate the water between sessions so it's not as consistent as other setups. Definitely worth a visit!
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Ronan P
华盛顿奥林匹亚19 条分享
2017年8月 • 独自旅游
It was a great experience. Kind and helpful staff and high quality equipment. I went here for my first float and it was truly grand. I felt so refreshed afterwards.
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Brian K
俄勒冈波特兰14 条分享
2017年1月 • 独自旅游
I had an amazing experience at Float On Friday night. I had looked into this zero gravity experience several times over the years but had never taken the plunge. My wife got me a gift certificate for a 90 minute float and this was the night. I paid a lot of attention to my experience both for my own purposes and to share with the surprising number of people who reached out with stories and questions of their own based on my post when I made my reservation. I'm going to be pretty detailed but the bottom line if you don't want to read it all is that I can't recommend it highly enough! I think it could be a life changing experience for me and I hope you will take the opportunity to try it for yourself! The people and facilities at Float On were fantastic, so I certainly endorse them!

Over the last 10 years or so I've read and heard a little bit about these "float pods" or "Sensory Deprivation Tanks" and have been intrigued. I wanted to try them out but for one reason or another just never had, and I had never spoken to anyone who had.

I don't advertise this fact, but it is important that I share it here for putting this topic and my experience in perspective. I have a degenerative spine condition that has resulted in my having a 5 level fusion in my lower back. This means I have 5 vertebrae fused together as one using bone grafts and titanium screws. My first back surgery was as a middle schooler and I had a second in my early 20s. It also means that my normal state of being is one of pain. I have documented pain tolerance that is off the scale and I do quite well (if I do say so myself) at living a mostly normal life. But, the simple fact is I have not experienced a moment without pain in nearly 40 years... until tonight...

My wife gave me the float for Christmas. Since then I've devoured the Float On website and literature. I watched the documentary Float Nation on YouTube, I read testimonials, and I watched VLOGs from people who had recently gone to Float On for the first time. I wanted to pick the perfect time to get the most of my experience and the investment that Michelle made. I figured tonight, after a crazy few weeks of nutso weather, stressful work, blown tires, world and national events, missed Blazer games, neverending chest congestion & cough, and commutes from hell would be a perfect opportunity.

I called and made my appointment very late Thursday night and spoke to a wonderful young woman who took time to answer questions for me and help me choose the perfect tank. She was incredibly helpful; I was sure I made the right choice of day, time, and room after consulting with her. She guided me to the Evolution Pod (Room 3) because it is the warmest which really appealed to me. She gave me a couple of great tips, most profound was to bring fresh socks so after the experience and cleansing shower you aren't putting on socks you've worn all day. I took it one step further and brought comfy flannel pajama pants too to wear home afterwards.

I arrived for my 9pm float (they are open 24 hours a day!) about 15 minutes early and found a comfy chair in the waiting area where they provide tea and water. A young gentleman checked me in and explained briefly the process. He let me know he would call me in a few minutes when the 9pm rooms were ready.

When the time came he gave me a quick tour of the space and took me to room 3. He explained the functions of the Evolution Pod, showing me how to operate the lights and clamshell door. He showed me about the earplugs and other toiletries provided and gave me tips about how to prepare for and maximize the float. The tips he gave me that helped the most were a series of techniques to relax the neck, which is often the hardest thing to do on a first float (and proved so for me). Most importantly he suggested arms out and overhead to help relax the neck and shoulders.

Now the time had come. After placing the earplugs and taking a cleansing shower I took my first dip into the roughly 10 inches of heavily salted water. I laid back and immediately realized my right earplug did not have a watertight seal, so I aborted and replaced it. I also took this opportunity to close the lid and take the picture of the inside of the closed pod. Then I laid back, turned out the light, and started my float in earnest.

The floatation was effortless. There are about 1000 pounds of specialized epsom salts in the tank so you couldn't sink if you tried. I found it very easy to get to a first level of relaxation for my body, but struggled finding that relaxation for my neck. It was just as had been foretold, my back was instantly at least as comfortable as when first laying down on my bed after a long day but my neck was tense and I couldn't find the right angle for it. I found the first bit of comfort for it by interlacing my fingers back behind (but not touching) my head and forcing my head back further than seemed normal. The water line at that point was on my forehead an inch or so above my eyebrows. That felt unnaturally far back but started to bring relief to my neck and shoulders.

Meanwhile I could feel the muscles of my spine starting to release. I could literally hear joints popping like popcorn from areas all around my body as the muscle tension started to subside. While this was happening I was also experimenting with my eyes, there was really no difference perceptually between open and closed but I found it more comfortable with them closed. Finally, my neck and shoulders also started to pop and a second level of full body relaxation was upon me. This was about 20 - 25 minutes into my 90 minute float.

The Evolution Pod is really quite roomy once inside. It is the smallest of the tanks at Float On but also the warmest. I love a hot shower, sometimes several times a day, to relieve some of the muscular pain in my back so that was the reason I chose it over the larger and more open options. I would lightly bump into the walls from time to time as I was adjusting positions, but not once I was stable. I also started to lose a sense of what portions of my body were submerged and which were exposed to the air. Aside from my face and toes the rest of my body was just weightless and unaware of the water line as if floating in space rather than water.

By about 30 - 40 minutes into the float my neck was no longer fighting relaxation and starting to settle into a similar level to the rest of my body. I released my hands and let my arms drift while keeping them above shoulder level. I had to consciously keep my head back or I would default to raising the back of my head to a level similar to how I sleep on my bed with a pillow under it. By this time my legs were completely relaxed, my hips and pelvis were getting very close to that state, and my shoulders had come a long way. My back was continuing to relax and stretch out. I could feel and hear small pops and truly feel muscles relax that probably hadn't been in that state in decades. In the documentary it was stated that some people's spines expand by a full inch during the course of a float simply from relaxation and not having to fight gravity. I could feel that similar things were happening to my back, it was already as relaxed as any time I could remember. I experimented with bringing my arms down to my side but gave up on that in a matter of minutes as I could feel my neck and shoulders start to tighten back up.

About an hour into the float I was letting my arms drift up above my head. I was feeling truly relaxed and could feel my breathing change. I was not falling asleep, but it was as if my lungs and diaphragm were! Deep and effortless breaths felt much more like during deep and restful sleep. My neck and back still were not 100% comfortable, but I think the rest of my body was very close to there. I became conscious of the fact that at that moment I think my neck hurt more than my back did, a strange sensation indeed! I played with slightly adjusting the positions of my arms to try to find the right balance of position to my neck, the two were clearly dependant on one another.

Roughly 70-75 minutes into the float I interlaced my fingers behind my head again. This time I had my hands resting on my head. I tipped my head back the furthest I had all evening, the waterline now just above the eyebrows. For me, this was the magical position! My neck took another step towards full relaxation. My back felt warm and that feeling flowed all of the way to my toes. The only feeling I can compare it to are the super strong post surgery epidural drugs controlled by buttons in the hospital. I'm sure it had to be a natural release of endorphins. I just kept my eyes closed, my head back, and drank it all in! It was an almost euphoric feeling.

What felt like several minutes later about 80-85 minutes into my float something truly unprecedented happened to me. My neck had just a slight amount of pain but it really was minor and very localized. I was near total relaxation and had a strange feeling I just couldn't place or quantify from my back. It suddenly dawned on me that strange sensation from my lumbar spine was not something I was feeling, it was something I WASN'T FEELING! My back was 100% pain free! I'm not even sure I know what that is or what that means! It is something so foreign to me that I didn't even recognize it for what it was. It has been literally four decades since I've experienced such a thing. It was a mind blowing thought to process. I actually have tears welling up in my eyes just writing this right now!

I barely had time to process the thoughts and tell myself to lay back and soak in the experience of it when the light came on. I didn't hear the music and wondered if maybe it was a mistake, this can't be over! Soon enough the music started to come up as well, I started to get up and decided to lay back for 30 more seconds and just make sure the feeling was real before proceeding. As I started to sit up and reach for the lid the proof presented itself. My life companion pain made it's return home to my back, certainly much calmer than normal but just enough to assure me that gravity is back in business.

I showered and dressed using all of the supplied necessities. As soon as I started the shower that was the cue for the filtration pumps to start their job for the next patron. The float experience is pure silence, but they take sanitation very serious and filter all of the water between guests. I took my shoes and socks (fresh socks thanks to that great reservation call tip) to the waiting area to put on. I wanted to make sure they had time to turn the room over for the next appointment. I took a few minutes to relax there and enjoy drinking some cold water.

Being a rookie at all of this I waited for the staff to return to the front after setting up the next guests in their rooms. I wasn't sure if I was good to go or not, nor what the leaving protocol was. Turns out the first staff member back was the wonderful young lady who had taken my reservation. She asked about my experience, I was still trying to understand it myself, but I told her and a few other staffers about my spinal situation and the last 15 minutes of my float. They all seemed genuinely taken by my story.

It's been 3 hours now since I left Float On. My drive home was still in the glow of the experience. I almost felt as if I hovered home. I can definitely feel the realities of my body coming back home to roost, but this was an experience that may well alter the course of my future. I'm anxious to go back and take the things I learned from my first float to accomplish more than 5 or 10 minutes of that strange and blissful feeling, or should I say lack of feeling, in the future.

I hope my experience might encourage someone else to find a similar joy for themselves!
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哥伦比亚麦德林2 条分享
This guys know what they are doing...Floating was just beyond anything that I could've thought. Very relaxing and unique experience, that help open my mind to a word full of opportunities.
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华盛顿温哥华19 条分享
2015年10月 • 夫妻情侣
If you want to float this is your place. I found the people super nice and the facilities clean. It's very casual and friendly place.

Nice winter time trip.
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弗吉尼亚罗阿诺克15 条分享
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Like a previous reviewer, we wanted to try something different and Portland -y. This seemed to fit the bill. It's run by a few (predictably) laid back dudes and was professional and clean. Kombucha is no longer free, but hot tea was and was very good. The waiting area was full of books on "natural highs" and float inspired art to browse while relaxing before and after your float.

Since we were visiting during the weekdays, we did not have to book more than a week or so in advance to reserve a session. If you are picky about what room & time you want, you'll want to book 2-3 weeks in advance and significantly more than that for a weekend.

As for the experience, the other reviews go into good detail so I won't repeat. But both of us enjoyed our floats and were very relaxed afterward.

Just a tip: a less crowded branch of Por Que No is less than a block down the street, and made for an excellent post float lunch.
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J and d.
华盛顿西雅图303 条分享
2016年1月 • 独自旅游
While in PDX I wanted to try something weird. This was it.

First time floater and I have to echo the comments of others that Float on makes you feel welcome and are patient in explaining how it works.

By now you've done some research so I'll skip ahead to my impressions. The place is clean and not skeevy in any way. The experience was peaceful and the results lasted throughout the next day. I would definitely do this again.

They do book up, so I'd recommend booking ahead for an appt. The website is pretty quick and easy to use.

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