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Oregon151 条分享
We paid extra to have a king bedroom with a living area. The bathroom was like stepping back into time, the TV was an early edition flat screen and the furniture was so tired. We actually left a day early to get back into the current decade.

I had expected the "resort" in the name meant a bit of an elevated experience, but next time in the area it will be the last resort.
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Duncan L
1 条分享
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Guys in the pro shop were very grumpy and unfriendly, course Marshals are even worse. They drive down the middle of the fair way and act like they are better then their own customers. Absolutely ridiculous, they were very mean telling us to play faster and proceeded to snark at us when they watched us hit a bad shot. Not coming back strictly from poor customer service. Very sad
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爱达荷默里迪恩22 条分享
Great location and extremely quiet. The room, which had a living room, adjacent kitchen (stocked), a king bedroom and a balcony was very clean but somewhat outdated. With that said, our stay was very enjoyable that included playing golf, renting bikes, and laying by the pool.
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爱达荷爱达荷福尔斯18 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
We stayed for a week in 2 chalets. # 136 and 127. 136 was a five. 127 had no business being rented. No railings on front and back deck that were over 2 ft tall. Our little Yorkie fell off and started limping real bad. Took her to vet at cost of $250 . She will need ligament surgery on back leg. No estimate yet. Stains on chair, couch, two bedspreads. No stick pan to cook on had most of non- stick off. Both bathrooms had very slow drains. Cracked tile in entry way. Tear in upstairs bed skirt and when you walked on carpet barefoot downstairs your feet turned black. The money you pay for this and you get something in this condition is unacceptable. We called several times to the manager and left messages with no response. That is totally unacceptable. I would not go through this resort for vacation rentals. Use Vrbo units or private parties. Would not give Eagle Crest another penny in my lifetime. They don't care. My place and manager would be fired.
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俄勒冈塞勒姆86 条分享
We stay for a week at Eagle Crest (every year since 2014) during January via an RCI Exchange. In general, the resort is very quiet (sparsely populated) this time of year, but this year had more visitors than I can remember in any past year. All but one year, we ended up in a condo on the lodge (east) side of the resort. We always exchange for a 3 bedroom unit because the 2 bedroom units do not have hot tubs. Every year, we have had issues with TV's/Electronics/WiFi. We always bring some Blu-Ray discs with us, and occasionally, though not recently, we have been assigned units that do not have Blu-Ray players. Other times we have brought our own Blu-Ray player and gaming console, only to find out there is no TV remote (just a "universal") and there is consequently no way to change the TV input. More recently, we have brought an Amazon Fire device so we can access our YouTubeTV subscription to watch previously recorded content, and also to have the ability to pause live TV which really comes in handy when watching the NFL playoffs and we need to pause to make a meal or go for a walk. HOWEVER, every year for the last 4 years, we have had connectivity issues, both wired and wireless that results in disruptions in our viewing and general accessibility. So we disconnect the device and go back to live TV. SO ANNOYING!! Other deficiencies include no writing instrument anywhere, no liquid hand soap for the kitchen, no coasters (we looked everywhere) and the outside entryway was noticeably dirty. The unit was not as clean as in years past, but they did manage to get me in at 4:00pm rather than the normal 5:00pm check-in time which I really appreciated. Here's the good stuff: There were plenty of decent towels. There was a nice gas fireplace, There is an extraordinary amount of glassware, and just about everything one could think of in the kitchen and bar sink area. Very well stocked with the essentials and some pleasant surprises. The HVAC worked very well. Décor and appliances were adequate, but showing their age. Needs to be refreshed. There is ample evidence that they have been refreshing units at the resort for several years, so eventually, we should end up with one. The oven runs hot in each of the last 6 different units we have stayed in. In spite of the average rating assigned, we still love Eagle Crest in general. It's a great resort in a great location. We will continue to visit. Please note that when a vacationer reserves a "fractional" unit via a timeshare exchange, the unit available at that moment is assigned and the traveler(s) do not have the ability to change units. Additionally, the resort staff have been instructed to not tell the traveler where the unit is located, and are also not willing to confirm if the unit has a hot tub so if it is for some reason not operable, then they can say it was not guaranteed and are not accountable to get repairs taken care of immediately. When a vacationer books a rental via various competing services such as VRBO or AirB&B, the vacationer knows everything about the rental via the pictures and detailed descriptions. That is NOT the case here. In years past, we have been assigned a "Chalet" unit which was a significantly different experience that we did not enjoy as much. Not knowing what we are getting or where it is located until we actually arrive, in spite of a specific unit being assigned months in advance is very annoying. Getting an early check-in time is hit or miss. One year we left early to avoid a snowstorm on the Santiam Pass and we were able to check in at noon unexpectedly. Another year, we waited in the lobby after visiting the grocery store, until 5:00pm. Most of the time, check-in is available at about 4:00pm. Everything we need (groceries, restaurants, brew-pubs) is close by, either in the resort village or a few minutes away in Redmond. Check-in & check-out were swift and pleasant. This is truly a wonderful place on the planet to visit and in spite of the deficiencies, I am comfortable in recommending it to others.
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加利福尼亚旧金山7 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
I’ve read good reviews about this hotel on various travel sites so when we got to the room I was a little taken aback. There was black mold above the shower, the shower walls had globs of hair, and there was pink mildew all over the grout. Super gross. I requested a new room. The entry light didn’t work on our new room so that was kind of annoying since the room was pitch black. There was not any black mold in our new room but it stunk like dog pee. The new bathroom had a rusted shelf, holes in the walls by the outlets, and heavy soap scum build up on the shower head. For some reason they have carpet (old!) in the pet rooms. Given the very strong smell, that said carpet must be full of old dog pee. Although the bathroom was free of black mold, there was a bunch of dead ants on the floor (in November?) as well as alive ants. The ants were also in the folded clean towels.

Unsure if the non-pet rooms are any better but I would never stay here again to find out. Absolutely disgusting. Plus the resort restaurants are equally as bad.
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俄勒冈Keizer389 条分享
2021年7月 • 好友
Purchased a week with a 2 story condo from an owner for $500. The room was next to a golf course, peaceful, and recently updated. We got a “deal,” so I don’t know how I’d feel at full price. It was a nice setting, and truthfully, did not take advantage of the pools, golf or anything on site except one trip to the restaurant for a drink. The walls seemed thick enough for sound issues, and capturing views of deer, made it special. It was a chill time for us.
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Randy H
加利福尼亚圣马特奥10 条分享
2020年11月 • 家庭
We checked into a three bedroom unit on Friday to spend Thanksgiving week with our immediate family. As soon as we walked into the back porch we could smell the strong odor of propane. We called maintenance, who responded, checked the BBQ, and said it was probably just the main tank venting propane. The maintenance guy also said the fireplace had been broken for over a week and it appears that no one ever fixed it.

We called the front desk who claimed they could not move us to another unit and we would have to call owner services. But they continued on saying owner services was gone for the weekend, I could call them in Monday, but they probably wouldn't move me because of a broken fireplace.

This place used to be great, and we have had many happy memories over the years, but if this is how they treat their customers I definitely would NOT RECOMMEND this place.
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Sherry P
俄勒冈West Linn1,088 条分享
My husband & I reserved a spacious one bedroom suite. The suite included a small kitchenette, living room, kingsize bed, full bathroom and bonus bathroom sink. Our room overlooked the golf course. Upon check-in, we found the front desk friendly and accommodating. Deer, quail and prairie dogs are everywhere! Instead of waking to an alarm, we were pleasantly awaken by the resident doves. The bed and selection of pillows were comfortable. We found our suite clean and well-maintained. We did hear some noise from other guests, but when it was time to retire the hotel became quiet. We were attending a memorial service so did not have an opportunity to explore the resort. My husband & I will make a return visit and enjoy all the amenities.
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加利福尼亚埃尔克格罗夫30 条分享
The golf course offers different lengths due to the different tees you can play. Really enjoy the combos one day and the forward tees the next time I played. Very enjoyable round - and very scenic .
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