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Sandy Island(Sandy Ground)

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Olivier B
3 条分享
Bel îlot mais restaurant a fuir. Bizarrement plus d’avis depuis 2017. Rien d’autre a dire je ne conseille pas l’expérience beaucoup d’autres endroits à découvrir sur l’île
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Kay C
8 条分享
Every time we visit Anguilla, we make a stop to Sandy Island! The food is always great, drinks are yummy and best staff! It's such a unique place to visit. Do you know that they have to rebuild the island every time a hurricane damages it? It's like nothing we've ever been to! There are chairs and hammocks - you can relax or meet a new friend and dance! Always a fun experience and never disappoints!!!!
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Tricia G
纽约州布鲁克林12 条分享
The 8 min boat ride was fun. The bartender was friendly and attentive. My husband and I had the lobster platter for two. The slipper lobster was not to our liking the cray fish and the spinney lobster was good. We had a rum punch which was not very good and a Johnny walker with coke. The beach was a bit windy but we still managed to enjoy the blue clear water. When we got our bill the two drinks was 40.00. The lobster was 130.00 the boat ride was 80.00 and here comes the shocker 28% tax👀which was 70.00 in taxes where in the world do you pay 28% tax on food and a boat ride. This is proposturous. Don’t think I would be visiting again.
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Veronica C
3 条分享
Short words we will never return there!
We took a small boat and I asked for the price the lady told us 5 dollars per way so $10 both ways (is 8 min boat ride), she told us pay in the restaurant on the island, the beach is not great is small the food is not really good, we was just 1 1/2 hours belive me, we ate chicken $26 and ribs $ 36 I think, 1 rum punch and and virgin piña colada, when we went to pay my bill was $204 (not incluid tip), they charge us 80 dollars per boat trip of 8 minutes when told me before will be 10 per person round trip, anyway really more than 200 dollars for be there not a good beach, not good food? Definitely overpriced,I understand is a cay and is hard the logistic of food and drinks to there but they charge you what they want in short words, not waste your money there.
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Brooklyn9 条分享
This felt a bit over-hyped. It was a quick boat ride from Sandy Ground. Once out there, it was windy which made it feel less relaxing. The wind also made the water rougher here than elsewhere on Anguilla, and most people did not go in the water or get to snorkel because of it. My favorite part was walking around the small island, and looking at what lurked in the tide pools.

I found the restaurant to be over-priced. I paid $63 for a lobster - one half was small and dried out, the other a decent size and moist. They basically charge you whatever they want as they say it's by the pound. That felt like a wasted splurge, as it was one of my least favorite meals and the most expensive on Anguilla. Also, they didn't have a drink menu and charged $10 for a beer. Yes, they have to transport everything to the island. I get it. It would help if they were more upfront about prices so you knew more what to expect. All in all, it wasn't as interesting or relaxing as I thought it would be. It's not a must see and do, in my opinion.
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marthasvineyard1 条分享
Just got back from spending an afternoon at Sandy Island. Our group was charged a 12% GST. This new government tax does not go into affect until July 1, 2022. Hope the government sees that money that came out of our pocket months before the tax actually goes into affect. Not sure we will ever be going back unless there is a good explanation for this charge that does not exist yet.
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Tim R
卡罗莱纳州罗利623 条分享
neat half day experience. take the boat ($40 each way) from Sandy ground to this island with nothing on it but the restaurant. Grilled crayfish, chicken and ribs all good. Excellent rum punch. Our waiter "Star" was attentive and entertaining. Worth the splurge once--it was about $300 for the boat ride, 5 drinks and two lunches. Don't let the price scare you away--you should try it at least once.
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Ally Capriotti Grant
纽约州布鲁克林11 条分享
We really enjoyed our day at Sandy Island off of Anguilla. It was a short boat ride and we took the first ride over, so it felt like we had the entire island to ourselves for about an hour! We really enjoyed Dion who runs the restaurant there. He took our lunch order right away and got us drinks. We explored the island and had lunch around 1PM. Food was homemade and delicious. Great seafood. We were the last boat to leave because we enjoyed our convo with Dion so much! Definitely a fun half day we'd recommend.
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PESARO13 条分享
Parliamoci chiaro... se uno arrivasse dall'italia e ti portassero su questa isoletta, ne rimarrebbe estasiato.... ma onestamente, dopo 1 settimana / 10 gg, a spasso per le spiagge di Anguilla... la vedi e dici... "vabbe'.. niente di che.. " .
Insomma.. ad Anguilla (in parte anche a sxm) ci sono spiagge e scorci molto, molto.. ma molto piu belli di questa sandy island.
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Melanie J
17 条分享
a quick boat ride with Sammy and you jump off onto pristine white sands. chairs and umbrella will be pitched where you choose, also beach beds available. pre-order lunch from large menu, arrive at seating at your chosen time and your food appears. great choice of beers, wine and cocktails. yes, toilet facilities are clean. the sea was quite rough on the day we went so couldn't go snorkelling, we will need to go again one day :)
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