Mountain Valley Golf Course

Mountain Valley Golf Course(Barnesville)

Mountain Valley Golf Course
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skip m
宾夕法尼亚Douglassville707 条分享
We played this course for years and always enjoyed it. WHAT HAPPENED !!!!!. The course was horrible the sand traps were like cement with grass growing in them,The greens had bare spots and the back nine on the mountain course had barely any grass on the greens. The back nine greens were so bare the ball flew across them . I bet the course manager who was there for a long time either quit or retired.
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Harold K
1 条分享
1st off i liked the course. i would give the course 4 stars but that's where it ends! The old guy in the pro shop was miserable & over charged me for green fees the 1st time i played there. I found that out the 2nd week i played there. The maintenance workers there ARE A HUG PROBLEM!! This would be MANAGEMENTS FAULT. In 50 years of golf i have never seen a crew with zero awareness of any golf etiquette! The 1st week i had 2 of the workers (on 3 holes) walk right onto the green to fix ball marks while i was over the ball to hit into the green. Of course safety should be in there mind so they don't get injured but NO, These were all shots from 90 to 150 yards. It's like having someone walk in front of the hole while you are putting! I had to get out of there after my round so i didn't complain (now wish i did). So i go back with my golf buddy the next week & the guy cutting the fairway on a par 5 starting yelling at us to get off the fairway because it was wet? THERE WERE NO CART PATH ONLY SIGNS AS ON A PREVIOUS HOLE! Also we saw no water on the fairway at all & it was firm. Then later he drove down to us & started an argument for 10 minutes which i ended by telling him to just get the hell out of here!! RIDICULOUS!! We complained after the round & you could tell it was going in 1 ear & out the other. There is no doubt it is a systemic problem of zero etiquette awareness in the maintenance crew & it will be my last time at this course unless there is a management change!
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ryan g
1 条分享
2020年8月 • 好友
They were extremely ignorant on the day of my brother in-laws wedding. They knew we had a large group of glofers which ended being small than expected. Which the date we played was scheduled 3 weeks in advance and ask what would be easier for them. We tee off first thing in the morning then stacked 4 groups of 2somes behind us. And expected 6 golfers to stay in front of all the 2somes. Then the ranger came and told us to hurry up and all 2somes we let play through and they were all really understand and had no issues. Then hole 10 the guy in charge of the golf course came and had a yelling match with the groom and the groomsmen golfing tellling us to play fast and it is our fault that we holding everything up. During this argument we said he should have not scheduled tee times 4mins behind our time and should have allotted more time for the bigger group. We not slow playing by any means. But on pace with a normal group of 4. Shortly after that the manager of the whole establishment came out and started to apologize then it quickly turned into our fault they had tee times so close. And we came to find out they had a tournament that day. My thought is they tried to squeeze as many groups in before this tournament to keep the money coming but had no regard to the wedding group they just paid thousands of dollars to get married there. If we were not a wedding group and just a large group i could understand in their anger. However, this was to be a special day and it was ruin by ignorant employees on there part. Now not all there employees were nasty. There were some employees that understood our situation and they were sympathetic to our position. So thanks to the inconsiderate course manager who ruined the attitude and day of the wedding and golf outting. Maybe next time they should try to not scheduled tee times so close. Which the GM did said should have been time according.
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Tom H
1 条分享
Played June 28th 2020’ paid $46 to play the valley. We teed off at 10:30 and finished after 3:30. Why because they had an 8-some playing as a group in a scramble style format. We got the number 12. There were two foursomes on the whole and we were waiting behind them on number 13 Tee A group was waiting to tee off while eight guys were playing a scramble in front of them holding up the entire course. The pace was so slow we waited 3 to 4 minutes per shot and when we got to 12 we called the clubhouse to complain they said three other groups called in and he had the Ranger go check it out. The Ranger did absolutely nothing and was scared of the eighth some group. He actually told us they were not the group holding everything up said sorry never even went up to the 8 some but acted like he did when they had it up to the par thee 14th hole he drove toward the tunnel and headed toward the clubhouse the course is nice but they charge $46 and allow And ate some to play is ridiculous every golf course I’ve ever played on discourage five sons they did nothing about it and it’ll never ever be played by me again or recommended by me again to all my golfing friends do yourself a favor and stay away from Mountain Valley golf course if this is the way they’re going to treat their patrons. and ate some to play is ridiculous every golf course I’ve ever played on discourage five sons they did nothing about it and it’ll never ever be played by me again or recommended by me again to all my golfing friends do yourself a favor and stay away from Mountain Valley golf course if this is the way they’re going to treat their patrons. The other thing is we never had a chance to say anything to the eight people but the nerve to do something like that is just unbelievable however for the course not to enforce their policy of play is just ridiculous and shows that they’re all in it for the money
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Tony C
Hellertown2 条分享
Both times we played about 2 months apart the course was in great condition.I played both courses. You must keep the ball in the fairway. Plenty of trees and elevation changes. A fun course for handicaps 80 to 95
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宾夕法尼亚Hazleton16 条分享
2018年8月 • 好友
Was told the valley course was extremely wet from recent rains. So where did they put us out to play : the valley course. Tee boxes were terrible, and greens not much better. As for the traps, most were either eroded or were like concrete. Not much prep was done by the grounds crew, if any was done at all. They have problems keeping 1 course in shape let alone 2.
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Hank W
宾夕法尼亚Orwigsburg1,039 条分享
2018年1月 • 好友
This is an average gold course that is not challenging or scenic. Its ok if you are a local golfer who shoots anywhere from 80-110, but definitely not something worth a drive from farther than 20 miles max. Not a good place to be boozing due to rural and twisty roads.
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Massachusetts119 条分享
2017年7月 • 好友
Course was in very good condition. The clubhouse staff were extremely helpful, as we arrived for our tee-time 2 hours early, and was able to get us out on the course when we were ready. Greens were nice and smooth, fairways were well maintained, and the tee boxes were in average shape.
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宾夕法尼亚Schwenksville153 条分享
2017年6月 • 好友
We were staying at the Locust Lake State Park recently and stopped here for breakfast. The campground gave us a coupon which was really nice. Then when we got here we were very surprised. The food was really good. The strawberry waffles were amazing with fresh strawberries. Very friendly service, overall good experience! Also, we walked around outside afterward and noticed a pavilion out back. You can see Locust Lake from this location and it is a very pretty view!
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Andreas26 条分享
2016年12月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I have been here numerous times for Christmas parties, bands, and now New year's eve. What a beautiful place for have an event. Food is great. Great atmosphere. Looking for a place to golf, hang out, or celebrate an event....check out Mountain Valley Golf course!
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