Perkiomen Trail

Perkiomen Trail(Collegeville)

Perkiomen Trail

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宾夕法尼亚Southeastern7 条分享
Decent Bike Trail
The trail was good for my bike with mtn bike tires. Lots of walkers/runners even during the week. Mostly shaded most parts near GL Park. People not too friendly here and I'm local to the area, but noticed.
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新泽西Kinnelon29 条分享
Great Trail with Lots to See
We did the north end of this trail from Collegeville up to Green Lane. It was a hot day so we started at 6 am and rode until about 9:30 am. We carried breakfast sandwiches with us as we could not find an place near the trail that was open early probably due to Covid. Trail was mostly shady for us, but it did come with a few hills- one was very steep and long- but it was a great 22 mile R/T ride. We did not do the southern half of the trail because it appeared to be very sunny and along side the road for much of the trail.
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新泽西14,172 条分享
Long enjoyable hiking and biking trail through the heart of Periomen Valley.
The Perkiomen Trail is 19-mile-long (31 km) and the quality of upkeep and surface somewhat varies. It starts in Lower Perkiomen Valley Park and continues all the way to Green Lane area. It leads through the heart of Perkiomen Valley. It partially follows the old railroad tract. We hiked many parts of it. It is probably the best for bikers but walking it is fun too. You will encounter many interesting landmarks on your way. It can be combined with visiting the Audubon center.
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Rodney W
10 条分享
In Need of Love
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
The Perkiomen Trail needs to be updated. There are many grooves in areas where there is gravel Making it treacherous for bikers. There are many areas where water sits. If taxpayer money pays for parks and recreation then this should not be a problem to correct.
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宾夕法尼亚伯利恒6 条分享
Earth History in Your Backyard - Central Perk Park to Spring Mountain
The Perkiomen Trail passes through the geologic history of the Perkiomen Valley. It is a great teaching tool. If you start at Central Perkiomen Park you are in some of the oldest part of this trail.

As the ancient super-continent Pangaea began to pull apart, rift-valleys formed and the land in those areas subsided and filled with water and sediment. Those sediments hardened into the red-brown sedimentary rocks. In different parts of the trail you can see exposures of this rock; but it's softer and older so it doesn't hold up well when exposed at the surface.

As you head north, just above Schwenksville you might catch a glimpse of some darker purple-red rock called Hornfels. It's a very narrow band here. Soon you'll be in the forests that flank Spring Mountain and the landscape is very different. Spring Mountain is millions of years younger than the surrounding landscape. It actually formed deep underground and has been exposed by weathering and erosion of the rock that existed above and around it. As the Pangaea continued to pull apart, magma from deep in the earth pushed into the existing sedimentary rock where it cooled and hardened into large igneous rock structures (sills and dikes). Estimates differ, but the surface of the Earth was at least several miles above your head here at the time this occurred. That's how much rock has eroded away over the past 160 million years or so. The narrow band of hornfels rock is a remnant of sedimentary rock that wasn't melted by the magma, but was so severely heated and altered by it, that it's properties were profoundly changed (metamorphosized).

At Spring Mountain, the harder igneous rock rises steeply. Huge boulders are everywhere. After a brief departure just north of Schwenksville, the trail once again, closely follows the creek and the forest is deep and wonderful. Anywhere along the creek you might see enormous blue herons swooping down along the water to snag a meal.
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Kathelleen P
宾夕法尼亚梅迪亚23 条分享
disappointed with trail for regular bike user
I had high expectations for the trail. I was very disappointed to find that the trail was more than a normal bike use. The trail is more for mountain biking. I biked the whole 18 trail up and 18 back for a total of 36 miles. YES the 12% grade slope is a doozie. Need to have powerful legs to get up the grade. Other than that, the scenery was great. Like the little eateries on the side to stop for a bite or drink. If I consider the trail again, I may have to stop at the OTTS garden center. I just wish the bike trail was more paved or smaller gravel instead of the very mixed medium which included bigger rocks/stones that was not forgiving for my normal biking.
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4 条分享
The trails were beautiful. There were lots of different place we could park. I enjoyed going over the bridge and seeing the water at many different places. Everywhere we went it was clean and well maintained.
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Gill O
英国Ascot565 条分享
Great for outdoor activities
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We wanted a walk in a different place and tried this out for size. Lovely shaded walkway alongside the creek busy with walkers, cyclists and joggers. Only downside is the noisy road but there are several other walkways which we’ll explore next time.
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宾夕法尼亚Collegeville32 条分享
Wonderful place to walk or ride your bike
ON a warm summer day or early fall, this trail is super to be up front with nature.
My husband and I really enjoy our time spent in the park
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John B
宾夕法尼亚Norristown224 条分享
Great Trails
I go here quite a bit and enjoy the walk every time. There are several parking areas that go from Green Lane Park to Oaks. The trail is well marked, so you can easily find your way back. The trail is for walkers, runners, bikers, and horse riders. What I like best it doesn't have a lot of people and it isn't overwhelming like Valley Forge Park. I highly recommend this trail and I am glad a friend showed it to me.
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