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Chris A
英国Heath Charnock536 条分享
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2022年5月 • 好友
My self (62) & my brother (64) did the walk over 6 days, starting on Sunday 15th May. We were lucky with the weather as we only got wet on one day, the Monday.
The night before we stayed at the Best Western Hotel which was fine.
Our first day we walked from Ilkley to Grassington, staying in The Foresters Arms. It was around 18 miles and the first place we managed to book digs. The pub was fine & the walk just perfect.
The 2nd leg was Grassington to Buckden & The Buck Inn (11 miles), which is a lovely pub & very walker friendly.
The 3rd leg was Buckden to Shepherds Cottage, not far from The Ribblehead Viaduct (13 miles). This place is highly recommended with a fantastic hostess but only has 3 double rooms.
The 4th leg ended at The Dalesman Inn at Sedburgh (15 miles), which is very nice but a little more expensive.
Leg 5 ended at The Jolly Angler at Burneside (16 miles). This is a no-frills very friendly locals pub with a great landlord. The rooms need some TLC but they are clean & it’s cheap. The pub food was excellent, including the best breakfast of the trip.
Last leg was to Bowness (10 miles).
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Sallyanne B
英国斯肯索普6 条分享
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We aren't big hikers, so we only did a short route and cant really advise about the whole Way, there is some beautiful scenery.
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英国斯温顿755 条分享
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The Dales Way is (mainly) a long distance path that winds its way along the bottom of the valleys often alongside the river. There are a few "up and over" bits but not many and few and far between so enjoy!
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Beatrice H
英国埃克塞特2,744 条分享
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2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
This section is a dream along the river through gorgeous villages. We stayed at The Buck Inn in Buckden, very walker and dog friendly
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Maxine G
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2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
I was due to stay in March but because of the current situation obviously had to cancel I tried to book again for Aug Bank hol wkd but it was full so popped in for a beer really cosy with a laid back country feel friendly staff and the food looked fab dog friendly which is a bonus will defo try and book again
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英国谢菲尔德1,660 条分享
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Jenny and I have done about half of the 78-mile route so far, from Ilkley up to Cam Houses (at the western end of Langstrothdale). We're making it harder for ourselves (but cheaper) by staying in a campervan rather than B&Bs: this does mean using 2 vehicles to get to the start of each leg and back to our campsite at the end of each day, and reduces the time available for walking - or means late finishes. We're not rushing though and the scenery has been delightful as we've headed north up Wharfedale. The route is mostly well-signed though having a decent guide makes it significantly easier: we're using the very clear Cicerone one, which we'd strongly recommend. And the route isn't too demanding, though you can make it more so by aiming to average 12 or even 14 miles a day and finishing in 6 or 7 walking days - we'll probably take 8. Some highlights are well-known - Bolton Abbey and the Strid just north of it, the particularly pretty stretch near Burnsall and then through Loup Scar, and the picturesque villages and hamlets in upper Wharfedale like Kettlewell, Starbotton and Buckden. There've been other treats to see too, like St Peter's Church in Addingham with its blue and gold clocks, the old and rarely-used Farfield Quaker Meeting House, Linton Falls near Grassington, the lovely moorland section from the town there to Coniston Pie and then down to Kettlewell, Hubberholme and the Robert Thompson wooden furniture in the church there, the extensive Natural Flood Management scheme up at Oughtershaw, beyond Beckermonds, and the striking views of Ingleborough from an unusual direction as you reach Cam Houses (if the visibiility is good). There've been some extra limitations because of Covid - like having to eat or drink outside at most cafes, but there've also been fewer people out and beyond Buckden the route has been delightfully quiet. We're very much looking forward to coming back in a few weeks' time and walking the second half of the route.
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Chris H
英国格洛斯特150 条分享
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2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
At times hard going and poorly marked but in the main very enjoyable, if you want to walk 80 miles in beautiful countryside.
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Alex W
英国利兹20 条分享
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2019年6月 • 独自旅游
I've only managed to get to Addingham so far on the trail but that walk alone is absolutely stunning. I do live in Ilkley so I'm probably biased but the scenery is so beautiful, and the walk is relatively easy.

For those without maps, the trail is fairly well signposted but you should use maps for the whole journey obviously.

My dog also loved this walk and I can't wait to go further when I have more time.
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Balaji G
印度班加罗尔18 条分享
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2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We did this in the last week of June 2019 from 24th to 29th.
The start from Ilkely to Burnsall was very pleasent though we got caught with in heavy shower near Bolton Abbey.

The second day from Burnsall to low raisgrill was very long with the stretch from Grassington to Kettlewell, with a lot of climbing accompanied by wind and rain.

On the third day from Low raisgrill to Cowgill, the weather was very pleasent. We took the alternate route from Camhouses on the Penine bridle way to Dent head and to Cow Gill. The day's walk involved a lot climbing.

On the fourth day, the weather was very hot and a shorter walk to Sedbergh.

On the fifth day, the day was very hot and the walk to A6 pick up point was very exhausting. Finally the pick up point was reached and the ride to Kendal.

On the 6th day, the short walk from A6 drop point to Bowness was easier, though the day was warm.
Bowness was brimming with tourists as it was the weekend.
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新西兰Sheffield30 条分享
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2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I decided to do this walk after visiting a farm in the area two years ago on our last trip to the UK. We are a fit 60 & 58 and did the walk in 6 days starting at Ilkley. We found the variation and beauty of the landscape truely wonderful as we traversed east to west.

Our accommodation was organised by MacsAdventure and varied from excellent to adequate. Doing the 130km in 6 days meant an average of 20km a day, but they ranged from 14km to 27km. On the two longer days 27km and 25km, about 6.5 to 7.5 hours walking time, we were really starting to feel it. The leg from Hubberholme to Cowgill was particularly trying in places and we were lucky we had fine weather, I would hate to try and do it in the rain as it was very wet underfoot.

Highlights were the wonderful beauty of the landscape and the very friendly people we met on and off the trail. Be warned that there are very few toilets on the Dales Way so go prepared, and if you wish to visit any of the adjacent villages you often have to deviate off the marked path. We ran into remarkably few people on the less populated parts of the Way, and arriving into the Bowness on Windemere and the tourist hordes was something of a culture shock.

All in all a wonderful adventure in a glorious part of England that walking through has given us a real sense of achievement.

If you are so inclined I would highly recommend.

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