Sur La Table Cooking Class

Sur La Table Cooking Class(普鲁士国王)

Sur La Table Cooking Class
上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午11:00 - 下午6:00
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Barbara M
宾夕法尼亚Collegeville81 条分享
Croissants 101
2016年5月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband , for something different, took me to Sur La Table for a cooking class making croissants. Greeted by a staff member at front of store and made us each an expresso before class started. Facility is clean, bright, and the chef running the class was friendly and informative. We learned each stage in making croissants from scratch and we're given complete written instructions. Our class was small so each stage was very hands on. We made plain, savory and sweet croissants and each of us took home a dozen delicious croissants. While they were baking we were given time to shop the front store and received a discount on any purchases made. We also received a discount for booking any additional classes. I highly recommend. I'm taking my daughter this week for a Thai cooking class.
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Jennifer G
宾夕法尼亚Paoli60 条分享
Informative and Hands-on!
We've taken three classes here (knife skills and macaron making). I love the small class sizes and the hands on experience. The instructors are great and there is always a packet of information and recipes for you to take home. We use the skills learned in the knife class all the time, and while I haven't made my own macarons yet, the ones we got to take home were scrumptious!
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宾夕法尼亚普鲁士国王5 条分享
Must See
Great destination for a historical visit or for a walk in the park on one of several paved or earthen trails, something for everyone. Be sure to stop at the Visitor Center and George Washington's Headquarters. Excellent views of the Valley Forge area. Also a good place for some bicycling.
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Anna J
Eastern PA121 条分享
Fun night out
2016年1月 • 好友
Great night out with friends and or spouse. Learned an entire meal without having to clean up the mess. Bringing wine to share at the completion of the class earned us some new friends as well.
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Dana S
宾夕法尼亚费城564 条分享
Love this place!
2016年1月 • 好友
I have been to several cooking classes, each one better than the last. The instructors are great, and the recipes are incredible. It's super easy to follow along and it's fun to mingle with other foodies who like to eat. It's a great date night or place to go with a friend or parent. I highly recommend!
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西维吉尼亚Pipestem99 条分享
Why aren't there more of these stores?
Although we did not attend the cooking class there was one in session when we were in the store. If you love cooking as I do, you will love this store! So many hard-to-find gadgets, spices, tools, etc. for the kitchen. I could have spent hours here but did not have that much time.
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Mindy D
佛罗里达马可岛241 条分享
2015年5月 • 好友
Had heard good things. Wasn't as good as other classes I've taken. Was crowded....and although you can BYO, you can't open it until afterwards....and then is it rushed. Felt very much like an infomercial for their products.
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James S
西班牙锡切斯7,772 条分享
I Didn't Learn Much
2015年7月 • 独自旅游
I have taken a number of classes at The Sur La Table in San Francisco and hoped for the same level of class here.
The room was basic. It was a bit crowded. The instructor was short handouts and seemed a bit scattered and unorganized. The assistant was messy and seemed more interested in being a student in the class. There were too many people for this class and I mostly just watched.
The appetizers we made were bland, unimaginative and basic. I got home and tossed the paper with the recipes in the trash.
This was no where the same level as the San Francisco Sur La Table classes.
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宾夕法尼亚Glen Mills182 条分享
Too crowded and quite a bore
2014年12月 • 好友
It wasn't fun - there were 8 of us and we can have fun in a brown paper bag but the chef that night was about as dry as the chicken we cooked and the recipes about as inspiring as the tone of his voice. To be fair, it must have thrown him for a loop when 10 of the 18 people they had jammed in there that night said we didn't eat pork (they never asked in advance, I don't think!!!) and he did a good job of pulling out a couple of whole chickens and butchering them in front of us - 20 secs flat - but that was about as impressive as it got. Ho hum boring. Trying to fight for space at the table when you've paid $140 isn't my idea of fun. I do want one of those Scan pans, though, just in case I ever cook again!
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wynnewood31 条分享
Soup for Nuts
2014年12月 • 好友
we learned to make four soups...two of them were high calorie with cream as a prime ingredient...the other featured shellfish, which I cannot eat because I'm vulnerable to gout. The students were friendly and we had a good time, but I won't be making any of those soup at home.
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