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Tower Theatre(Upper Darby)

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宾夕法尼亚Gwynedd51 条分享
Van Gogh, the immersive experience, was an amazing three generation outing!
Van Gogh, the immersive experience, was an amazing three generation outing! A combination of information on Van Gogh's life, a fabulous panoramic display of his art set to music, with a finale of hands on artwork (our 4 year old granddaughter's favorite) proudly displayed along side Van Gogh!

Logistics were also very well done. All wore masks, presented id and proof of vaccination. Timed ticket entry made for light crowds. QR codes throughout helped keep the crowd moving. Easy free parking down the street.

Overall a delightful way to spend 2-3 hours.
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宾夕法尼亚Glenmoore4,911 条分享
Van gogh immersive experience !
2021年10月 • 家庭
This is such an amazing experience. We booked tickets in advance. You need to show your vaccination cards and mask up. The parking was free on sun on the street. There are drinks you can carry around in the experience. We enjoyed learning about Van gogh. The prints are beautiful and well organized. Its the experience u enjoy. The vase with ever changing flowers painted by van gogh. The sunflower series. Van gogh structure when u enter. The experience of sitting in an open theater watching the arts, lights and sounds of van gogh. Its a must do!
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密苏里斯普林菲尔德5,711 条分享
It was at this theater that we had VIP Tickets for Van Gogh - The Immersive Experience. The theater itself is not in the best neighborhood, but we felt safe enough. There was a huge covered parking area just around the corner as well as street parking if you can find it.

Masks were required and vaccination cards were checked at the door. The theater is old, but they seem to be putting it to good use. We felt they did an exceptional job of presenting "Van Gogh" The Immersive Experience. Of course, seeing his real art at a museum would be wonderful. But not everyone can manage that. This was the next best thing.

Paintings lined the walls and information about the artist himself and the different periods of his life and work. After taking as much time as we needed, we entered the "Immersive Experience." There were enormous cushions on the floors and pillows if viewers wanted to recline for the show. Reclining lawn chairs as well as benches were also available to view the show. It is 40 minutes long and travels in time through his life and how his moods affected his art, throughout the time he did most of his work. We found it absolutely breathtaking, accompanied by music, and at times, an actor speaking for the artist. His sunflowers dance across the walls and petals fall from flowers. It ends with his darkest period.

Purists I suppose would want to see his actual paintings. We have seen some of them in Europe. We enjoyed this presentation more because his art was brought to life, if only for 40 minutes. Unfortunately, I captured most of the Experience in video and I was unable to post it here. I'm sure it can be found on YouTube.
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Frank G
新泽西Pittstown48 条分享
Tower Theater
A bit of a pain to get to but once you are there the theater is a delight. Old fashioned movie theater created into a rock emporium. Great acoustics and highly accessible parking. Highly recommend.
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宾夕法尼亚Yardley3 条分享
I remember when they showed movies!!
I would go there as a kid to watch movies, as a teen to see rock concerts, and as an adult to see other shows including comedy. great sound and fair sight lines. Saw the remaining Beastie Boys show most recently. a lot of others including Queen and Heart before they made the big time.
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Kai B
1 条分享
2019年5月 • 好友
We paid 114 dollars per person to come to this venue for a fraternity formal with high hopes. They (the staff) tried their absolute hardest to ruin it for us. Constantly yelling at people to move to different places and generally making the night as poor as possible. Then, we dont even get what we paid for! All of the food was mediocre at best, and it definitely was not 80$ quality. Absolute garbage venue, and I hope no one makes the same poor mistake we made last night. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.
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Lindsay F
宾夕法尼亚费城35 条分享
Average Theater
I went to the Tower Theatre last night to see Jonathan Van Ness. The theater wasn't anything special. We sat in the orchestra, and the seats were difficult to see when people were sitting in front of us. The seats are barely elevated, and they aren't spaced appropriately to be able to see around people sitting in front of you. We purchased food at the venue- hot dogs and waters. Both cost $4 a piece. I did go to the bathroom before the show. It was dirty, but not the worst I had seen. Overall, it was an average theater. I would probably avoid going in the future just because it took about an hour to get there and return home by SEPTA.
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Debra R
Philadelphia90 条分享
nice family outting
2018年9月 • 家庭
NIce outting for the family. good food and nice movie screen.
THey bring your food to your seat while you are eating and don't distrub you when they pass by.
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Miranda D
宾夕法尼亚梅卡尼克斯堡5 条分享
Tower Theatre
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侣
On Friday, February 1st, my boyfriend and I visited the Tower Theatre for the first time to see a comedy show. Let me start off by saying, they have NO on site parking. You either want to get dropped off, take the train (it spits you out maybe .10 miles away) or park down the street at the place that says “Tower Parking” it was only $5. We weren’t really sure which line to get in as they have a box office where you could get in line and then separate lines on the left side. Since we bought our tickets ahead of time, we got in the line to the left. The process was clustered because the venue is on the smaller side so it was difficult to navigate with all of the people that flooded in. The workers were kind and informative to keep the flow of traffic moving though. The place is a little run down, but it has a really nice charm to it. I enjoyed all the old headlining posters and you could hear everything clearly. The bathrooms were disgusting, as usual when it’s public and drunk people are just flooding into them- I advise to go the bathroom before you get there or put lots of toilet paper down. The show overall was really fun and I enjoyed the seats, they weren’t uncomfortable or cramped. I would have liked for the heat to at least be on since it was the beginning of February and it was freezing cold out. Overall, I would recommend this if you are looking for a comedy show or concert for a cute date night or a friends outing.
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Hello Mirandaaaayo- We’re sorry you felt unsatisfied with your experience at The Tower Theater. Like many performance venues in major metropolitan areas, we do not own or operate any of the parking surrounding the venue. However, as you mentioned, there are parking garages within a block or two of the venue along with on-street parking. The nearest train station to The Tower Theater is .1 miles away (about a 2-3 minute walk from the venue). Our bathrooms are cleaned before, after, and during all events. If you notice that there is no toilet paper or any ‘mess’ that should be attended to, please tell a member of our staff. We will alert the cleaning crew to take care of it. Our heat was on and working, but in polar vortex conditions, the temperature is difficult to keep evenly set with doors constantly opening to the outside. We did our best to keep the venue at a steady temperature that was most comfortable to our attendees.
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宾夕法尼亚费城76 条分享
Skip this venue
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
We had tickets to a show that was scheduled for 7:30 with doors to open at 6:30. Doors didn’t open until 7:20 which made for less than happy people waiting in line.
We had 5th row seats except there weren’t enough chairs in our row so they added a rickety folding chair to the end of our row for my husband.
Not that it mattered... we couldn’t see anything because of people standing right in front of us then the venue just allowed anyone to stand any where they wanted!
The aisles were jammed with people- we ended up having to stand and still had limited view due to the crowd encroaching on the front orchestra level. The balcony actually looked like a a better vantage point. So much for all the Guest Services staff that did nothing.

The sound was way too loud for the size of the hall.
We had pre-purchased a parking pass for the garage but the only option is to pay an extra $30 for overnight shipping which we didn’t need since we purchased well in advance of the concert.
There are just so many better venues in the Philadelphia area. I won’t be back to the Tower.
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